Back to iOS after years of Android use

31 December 2021

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  • Ryan

Love this article.. i just recently switched to ios also cause of the camera performance and app optimization. Switching from android to ios has been inconvenient due to the things that you pointed out. If you think about it those are only minor software issues that apple can change easily, but i guess it's just the apple way. Typing in my old android has been a breeze but on ios the story is different. Number rows are missing and punctuation shortcuts are not there as well. I'm hoping they could implement this in future updates, but judging from what my friends say about this issue, I'm a bit sceptical that this change will soon happen.

Not a good idea, mam

Just a point about entering numbers from the on-screen keyboard. Microsoft's SwiftKey allows adding a separate line for the numeric keys.

  • Jai

Exactly how I feel except the wallet part. Because I hardly carry any cards, waste of money IMO for wallets.

Every point he mentioned is same for me also.

This is the first time using IOS, that too on 13 pro💕

  • AnonD-492870

I have been using iphones since the iphone 4. I know exactly what they have to offer. Own an iphone se newer model. I will never use an iphone so long as there is another option...i have enough background to know the difference

  • Nizu

iPhone are costly and not suitable for every consumers. I have been a user of iphone for 7 years since iphone 3S but recently switched back to Android due to its cost factory . And there are too much restrictions in iphone. While Android is more user friendly and economic. Only thing I don't like in Android phones are its size. Too much bulky. The screen aspect ratio is not good. Rest all things works fine for Android phones.

  • Nick

You used all the horrible Android phones
Try ONE PLUS....

  • Golu awasthi

Note7 owner, 01 Jan 2022Word up! People who use both iOS and Android daily don'... moreGood 👍2022

  • Docsan

Great article. As a migrant from Android (pixel, one plus, Samsung from the days of iPhone 3GS ) to iPhone 12 pro recently, I FEEL every word of the article. Home screen and ios rigidness is known to all. But you are Spot on on the keyboard and touch issues while typing. A major source of irritant to me still. Another feature I think is strangely missing is a lack of a pause button in video recording!. Can’t understand why it would be missing. If someone interrupts an event (cake cutting for a birthday) I have to stop and merge 2 videos later!
But I agree to the points made in the ‘feel’ - and even to the fact that I would not change this phone for a while and for no know reason I can put a finger on! - . Though the pixel 6 is tempting. Unfortunately not available in my part of the world.

  • BengGaBoy

Why didn't the author talked about how iOS handle pictures and extracting them to his/own PC without paying for expensive cloud by simply a cable?

  • AK

There is an option to delete screenshot on sending for android, at least I do on my Note 20 ultra

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 01 Jan 2022Word up! People who use both iOS and Android daily don'... moreActually, it's very silly that some people who like both platforms think that they are superior than people who have a preference. Just because you have no preference, it doesn't mean that you opinion is better.

  • Anonymous

Anup Sur, 31 Dec 2021"If you speak the truths, you get criticised" –th... moreWho said this stupid thing? If you're a racist and you say that you're racist, you expect that you shouldn't be criticized?

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2022and there’s nothing elitist about androids either, the end.... moreWord up! People who use both iOS and Android daily don't get into these silly OS wars. It's really the low-end phone users and sadly most Android users that get into iOS is bad arguments.

my biggest wish for android is to have more major os updates

I constantly switch between iOS and Android, and to be honest both does the job. Using either one for too long gets boring. Really wish my new fold 3 sim slot was on the bottom, taking the front case off is making the sticky tape that holds the front case loose. Crazy but true the front screen case is held by sticky tape on the inside lol

  • Anonymous

The main criterion is the price, and at the price of the iPhone, I can buy 4 devices with acceptable specifications for my children

  • Anny

oko, 31 Dec 2021I have been using iphones for 4 years now and I don’t want ... moreYou can use your ios no problem. I dont even remember the last time i switched off my galaxy note 10 plus.
Its about taste,what you may like ,i dont even want to look at it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Dec 2021Interesting article and an interesting reason or two for ch... moreand there’s nothing elitist about androids either, the end.
people buy phones to use, not to compare, I don’t buy something for its hype, but looks like you did. i use IOS and Android on a daily basis, there’s pros and cons on each one, but not enough to make me like one over the other,
Just like this article, is always the android users making a fuzz bout switching, i don’t get what’s the big deal at all. I have a flagship iphone and a flagship android, best of both world, but if you don’t carry 2 phones then why even care about the other one?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Yes. Read the article.