Realme 9 Pro+ review

18 February 2022

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  • 25 Jan 2024

Tambudso, 30 Jul 2023Did you adjust the automatic brightness of your phone backl... moreThis happened to all realme number series (maybe GT series too). Screen will get dimmed agressively of phone or screen temperature gets high. It is realme problem and really annoying. I have tried realme 11 Pro+ amd same thing happened. I wish realme could solve this problem soon.

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    • Tambudso
    • v1x
    • 30 Jul 2023

    Tejaswi, 02 Jan 2023I bought real me 9 pro plus which cost me 30k and it's... moreDid you adjust the automatic brightness of your phone backlight. We got same smarthpone RMX3363 realme gt master... Mine is good brightness whem i use outdoor direct sunlight very visible all the text in screen...if still got same issue after you set to AUTOMATIC BRIGHTNESS maybe you have a hardware issue... One thing 1,000 nits i think its gimmik just a number, i compard to my REDMI NOTE 11 PRO 5G, during outdoor use under the sunlight a little bit Dim Even auto brigtness os ON and 100% BRIGHTNESS... I use same kond of TEMPERED GLASS CLEAR IBYWIND BRAND.

      same as you after a year i also get 6 hours SOT after normal to heavy games (maybe 2-3 hours of pubg mobile)

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        • 03 May 2023

        Ariktos, 12 Apr 2022Realme is the most overrated and advertised mobile company ... moreHello, I really liked your comment because I am looking for a new cell phone. Could you advise me of one within 400 euros that meets all the essentials to have a good experience with a cell phone?

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          • 02 Jan 2023

          I bought real me 9 pro plus which cost me 30k and it's been 8 mnths but now I feel some nervous....when we go to sunlight very very worst about brightness really bad becod my cousin bought realme some other version and it cost 15 to 19k only but coming to brightness extraordinary hyper brightness in sunlight...very dissapointed after seeing his phone

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            • 18 Nov 2022

            Anonymous shadow, 18 Sep 2022one similar prices which will be better? Realm... moreRealme 9 pro plus has a better main cam, but mi 11 lite has a better design, if the phone is not going to be used to play that's the main difference

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              • 16 Nov 2022

              Anonymous shadow, 18 Sep 2022one similar prices which will be better? Realm... moreRealme. Because proximity sensor on Xiaomi is piece of crap

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                • 14 Oct 2022

                Anonymous, 08 Sep 2022This phone is really good the battery backup of this phone ... moreNot good

                  one similar prices which will be better? Realme 9 pro+ or mi 11 lite ne 5g..
                  P.s the phone will be used by my parents.. so no game but full multimedia, yt, hotstar, and photography to some extent..plz suggest..

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                    • 08 Sep 2022

                    This phone is really good the battery backup of this phone is really good

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                      • 04 Aug 2022

                      biilym, 28 May 2022What's the point in having ultra fast charging when it... moreThe battery Life of this Phone is really strong, more tham 6 houres of Screen on time( realisticly by normal to heavy usage)
                      Those comments who said that the battery is bad are Fake, i use the Phone 3 monthts now.

                      Don't believe those Fake comments

                        What's the point in having ultra fast charging when it discharges just as fast? Battery drain is so fast on this phone it's ridiculous and realme won't even acknowledge

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                          • 21 May 2022

                          Sam, 21 May 2022Request to GSM ARENA team , please do add AUDIO OUTPUT QUAL... moreIs bascially the same.

                            Sam, 21 May 2022Request to GSM ARENA team , please do add AUDIO OUTPUT QUAL... moreGSM Arena doesn't test for these things, you're better off looking at forums. Check if other Dimensity 920 phones have Bluetooth dropout issues. I have had a dimensity 1100 phone previously, and now run a dimensity 8100 phone - no Bluetooth issues here. The quality of your wireless buds is more important.

                            For the quality out of the headphone jack, unless you get a phone that boasts about a good quality DAC/AMP you can assume that it won't be amazing. I've owned a xperia 5ii and Samsung a52s, and the output out of the jack is worse than out of a usb C dongle dac(tempotec sonata).

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                              • uux
                              • 21 May 2022

                              Request to GSM ARENA team , please do add AUDIO OUTPUT QUALITY via wired , wireless earphones... definitely it will help audiophiles

                              Can some one help me !! Almost it ticked all my requirements
                              Good camera , 256 gb , decent Antutu score chip but Iam confused over this phone and moto edge 30. 778+ chip which provides snapdragon sound

                              So I just want to know how's the audio output inthis phone , 3.5 mm jack , good camera and 256 gb in less than 30k is really tempting me a lot..but the mdeiatek chip is the only stopping point..cuz I believe snapdragon is always the best for Audio output clarity

                              Help meeeeeee....plssssss!!!!

                                Anonymous, 27 Apr 2022Position of speaker in this phone please.Down firing and earpiece.. Full stereo

                                  Antutu benchmatk score is 499176. In version 9.3.8

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                                    • 28 Apr 2022

                                    Did GSMArena make a mistake at the Antutu benchmark? It's kinda weird to see the 9 Pro+ has a significantly lower result in Antutu v9 than in Antutu v8.

                                      @Ariktos - Yes , Realme has smartly given a more compact screen ( Whereas screen size increases incl. width with expensive model ) , so since this is premium Midrange Realme has stuck with 6.4inch , & vertically more height & low on width with Big Chin to tell you to purchase GT2 Pro.

                                      But in other aspects its a Upgrade.

                                      Regarding Camera , IMX 766 is an excellent flagship sensor but it gets limited range due to 12Mp. resolution , 50Mp. on Full , instead of 20Mp - 108Mp. or 16mp - 64mp setup , therefore detailing is on lower side & hence it has Good 2x Hybrid Digital zoom (50Mp. shots ) , instead of 3x Hybrid zoom on 8 Pro ( Its the 108Mp. image stacking with gave good 3x shots ).

                                      Now i have realme 6 pro & x3 Superzoom with me & 6 pro 2x Optical 12mp. is superior to both , or 5x optical in x3SZ. Yes , realme has smartly downgraded sensor options Possibly ( My Theory ) , Realme 6 pro imaging was born out of competition , because of Xiaomi's Poco X2 ( Which had an excellent 64mp mode aka IMX 686 ( See GSMARENA review )) giving out excellent 2x zoom shots ( each photo of 50MB size ( Whereas 50Mp shots of 9pro+ are 20MB) ) , also Redmi 8 Pro , so Realme introduced these 2 Models to make Zoom its USP ( Like Now Call Recording in Samsung ). Now , who is competition , no one is after 2x - 3x zoom apart from Realme , atleast in Midrange , so except same stuff (-) Telephoto Lens , the USP of IMX 766 is flagship night mode on Pro+ ( It eats everyone mentioned here & comparable to Samsung S21 or Oneplus 10 Pro ) , & low Noise in 12mp mode daytime , else others are superior. Note - Poco x2 now has weaker camera after software updates.

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                                        • 27 Apr 2022

                                        Position of speaker in this phone please.