Samsung Galaxy A53 5G review

13 April 2022

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  • rvc
  • 13 Apr 2022

Disgraceful device.

Here's hoping the A54 brings back the 3.5mm headphone jack and has the new SD 7 series processor when it comes out.

    Nothing here is actually better than A52s, the scores on tests for chipsets are literally smaller. The only thing that's new is that more minimal design and that's it.

      this one should be a 2.5/5 at most, not a 4/5...
      and it isn't a bit overpriced as you're saying, its way overpriced than it should've been, also, who in their right mind would buy a sammy phone at launch? they change their prices more than most people brush their teeth in a week.

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        • Shamesung
        • JHP
        • 13 Apr 2022

        This type of thinking on samsungs part is what keeps them behind the curb and declining with the a12 being their best seller.
        This is sad, given Samsung's many advantages especially now with 5 years of support.

        They should've dumped their exynos department altogether...these chips are plain awful.

        No one should purchase this phone at these prices.
        The a52s is by far a better deal.
        And the a73 will be a much better deal when prices will drop a little bit.

        Not to mention s20 fe 2022 if it goes global and gets 3 years of software support.

        This is just sad...they are practically pushing people to buy these closed iphones

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          • 13 Apr 2022

          Camera images are horrible yellow 🤮

            Peter UK, 13 Apr 2022So it's new device that actually performs worse compar... moreI imagine Samsung see this as a replacement for the a52 though.

              So it's new device that actually performs worse compared to its previous version? Well that's definitely something haha