Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro review

05 July 2022

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  • 06 Jul 2022

im really disappointed in this year's stereo speakers. they made the midrange louder by cutting out deep bass and high treble...last year's Rog Phone 5 remains the best speaker set to ever grace a smartphone. a real pity that they stepped down this year.

    Kangal, 06 Jul 2022Here's what I would sacrifice: - second USB-C - Wire... moreJust buy pixel, stock aosp is fast but lack brand identity and unique feature. Even pixel using modified aosp.

    And even if asus use aosp it doesnt guarantee fast and long update anyway.

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      • 06 Jul 2022

      Anonymous, 06 Jul 2022Why would you want to game on a curved screen?it aint curved

        Here's what I would sacrifice:
        - second USB-C
        - Wireless Charging
        - SkinnedOS with Custom Gaming Features
        - Active Cooling Fan
        - IPX4 certification
        - Edgy Styling

        Here's what I want:
        - microSD slot
        - User Removable Battery
        - Stockish OS with fast updates for 3-year minimum
        - Smaller weight, thickness, length, and width for better EDC
        - Built-in rails so it natively supports JoyCons/JungleCat like controller

        ...who agrees?
        ....who disagrees?

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          • 06 Jul 2022

          Where isnthe person that claims ROG was forst to have battery bypass option when it does not even have one?

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            • 06 Jul 2022

            I bought this Asus brand for gaming after spending fortune, 4 years back. I was so disappointed. All these Fancy phones works excellent for initial few months then you gonna use them to answer Whatsapp calls. I tried Red magic as well and it is disappointment as well. I think it has something to do with snapdragon chip it self. Now I am waiting for iphone although I hate apple for their wokeism.

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              • 06 Jul 2022

              Anonymous, 05 Jul 2022if only this device had curved screen corners like samsung ... moreWhy would you want to game on a curved screen?

                yalim, 05 Jul 2022battery life is not impressive actually. new chipset,huge b... morebut did you read that when you lowered it to 60hz, you get 18 hours and 53 minutes in web browsing? And dont compare it to s22 ultra and iphone 13 pro max bcos they have ltpo panels

                  And...., 05 Jul 2022And no wireless charging, that is a mustwtf? you still need a charger to power those wireless gimmicks. A true wireless devices like xiaomi's wireless charger that doesnt need to be plug and only uses AIR

                    fastanddubious, 05 Jul 2022Where are the TSMC fanboys? 😂😂 Check performance sectionnot a fan of tsmc. I think arm cores (a710 and a510) werent as efficient as cortex a78 and arm cores back in 2019. Add those power hungry cortex x1, x2 and the upcoming x3

                      Anonymous, 05 Jul 2022Just some lies there… Problem is the cores used in the c... morenew arm cores isnt as efficient as cortex a78 plus they added the power hungry cortex x series. Chipset back in 2019 dont have cortex x series thats why they run more stable and cooler than chipsets in 2020 until now

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                        • 06 Jul 2022

                        Baddroid, 06 Jul 2022That 60% is in Non X mode, it still scores 230K which is sa... moreCompare this one with the Asus made founder edition phone phone with 8Gen1.
                        You can't compare Asus-Lenovo phones with others in terms of cooling and SoC managements. They are one of the best Gaming laptop maker out there. So, they have a lot of experience that other companies do not.

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                          • 06 Jul 2022

                          Hemedans, 05 Jul 2022Usual they measure efficiency at same power level, so its 3... moreI know that. 5-10% is including that. The battery life is very similar.

                            redmagic 7
                            -has higher benchmarks score
                            -doesn't throttle but needs to clock lower at the start of the test for better sustained performance

                            rog phone 6
                            -better sustained performance
                            -throttles a bit in x-mode+ but almost stable and can maintain highest possible cpu clocks
                            -has lower benchmark scores than other gaming phones

                            P.S. hopefully the redmagic 7s(sd 8 plus gen 1) maintain max cpu clocks and doesn't throttle

                              Practically Dumb, 05 Jul 2022Thermal throttling is torture but I don't understand a... moreThat 60% is in Non X mode, it still scores 230K which is same as 8gen1, But look at X mode, it scored 315K that's the advantage TSMC brings, no 8gen1 phones can keep that kinda scores for 60 minutes. The heat felt is probably because they moved the SOC to the middle of the phone, if the heat transfer is too fast it'll be felt on metal frame, more important is 3D mark stress test, which better emulates gaming loads, I don't know why they didn't test it, but there are several videos on YouTube where it scores close to 100% without fan, again 8gen1 "gaming"phones doesn't even come close. forget all this benchmark scores, look at real gaming tests on bilibili, CPU don't really have to work at 100% for 60 mins while gaming, it maintains highest fps unlike 8gen1, It lasts longer than ROG 5 while giving double the GPU performance and 50-60% better CPU performance, that's only because of TSMC, remember they overclocked the 8gen1 which they didn't have to, if they kept the same clock speeds, the efficiency would be even higher and it'll run even cooler. I don't understand these people complaining about TSMC, TSMC is better than Samsung, period.

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                                • 06 Jul 2022

                                Anonymous, 05 Jul 2022Wow this is strange So in Xmode without the fan there is... moreStrange indeed. Do you think that it makes sense for a gaming phone like asus rog to do that? People might as well buy the competitor.
                                Only one logical explanation. Something is wro g with the test or they using an old build(firmware) at the time of writing. Loses to 8 gen 1. Its highly unlikely esp by that much.

                         Are we forgetting the Razer Phone 2 had IP67? That phone was the first (and only) gaming phone with IP67+, microSD card slot, and OIS on the main cam (I don't count IQOO now...)

                                    Confirmed ess 9280 dac on rog 6, same as last year phone, that makes it audiophile grade phone, that's really awesome

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                                      • 06 Jul 2022

                                      Anonymous, 05 Jul 2022WOW the energy efficiency is poor. Only 16hr web browsing ... moreV60 has 60Hz screen. That easily saves 5-6h for overrall score.

                                        I can see Dimensity 8100 doing some magics there