Xiaomi 12S Ultra review

15 July 2022

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  • 16 Jul 2022

Michalis, 16 Jul 2022For all its potential, those have to be some of the worst, ... moreWell, do not think is soo bad, at least they do not look like a sharpened mess like the Iphone or Samsung flagships, the rendition is pretty natural and plenty of detail.

I do not think is that bad, the bad thing is not coming to Europe.

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    • 8kP
    • 16 Jul 2022

    Terrible battery life. next

      For all its potential, those have to be some of the worst, most inconsistent colours on a modern flagship.

        Asphalt-nation, 16 Jul 2022Overall one of the best if not the best device of 2022 so f... moresoftware wise, no.
        Battery wise,also no.

        And if you import one, pray you will never need the warranty.

        Kind of disappointing,compared to last years mi 11 ultra.

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          • 16 Jul 2022

          The Android made the Leica better.

          iPhone camera doesnt get to this standard.

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            • 16 Jul 2022

            Anonymous, 16 Jul 2022Those night photos and day photos look so unnatural. I'... moreIf you enjoy artificial sharpening and scandoulous night mode of S22 Ultra then Imma just say go ahead. Also too bad fps drops hard while playing games because Samsung aggressively throttles down the chip to keep the temp low.

              I just compared the 12s Ultra with 11 Ultra and s21u/s22u in lab conditions app.
              Dear God, this is easily the best phone camera on the market now.
              I own the s22u and I don't like Xiaomi's phones, but I am man enough to say the 12s Ultra easily trumps it in photo department.

                rizki1, 16 Jul 2022yes import could be the problem, There's another reaso... moreI didn't read those comments but there are always those type of comments for every phone. Of course this phone is excellent and one of the better android flagships but it still won't be for everybody. Even the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun uses the Xiaomi 12s rather than the ultra model most of the time despite the ultra model beating it on most specs. Guessing he likes the smaller form factor as he also used the Xiaomi 12 before the launch of the s series.

                  KondriX, 16 Jul 2022Well, it's not for me because it doesn't have SD ... moreYeah the phone is not bad, that's my point. Isn't it funny the people in the comments last week's poll?

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                    • 16 Jul 2022

                    I really love the 12S Ultra's design. But the S22 Ultra is still my pick. I'm not really into photography THAT much, and the Spen is really necessary for what I do. But damn Xiaomi and Samsung are really battling it out and I hope the S23 Ultra is a bigger step up cameras, chipset, battery...

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                      • 16 Jul 2022

                      rizki1, 16 Jul 2022One of the best flagship to date.. Chart toppings almost ev... moreI'll explain why it's not for me despite the amount of pictures I take with a smartphone

                      1. A 23mm focal length is too wide for the main camera, by the time I walk closer, the Lamborghini I want to photograph is gone.
                      2. I like deep depth of field, I like a lot of the frame to be in focus especially since your can't control what you photograph on the street, without the ability to stop down, the depth of field is too thin for me on this phone.

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                        • 16 Jul 2022

                        Meh. There are good reasons why 11ultra's production was stopped. As a previous owner of one of that device I would never recommend that. It had its positives in cameras, that too not as great as these guys makes it to be. Cannot believe these guys still recommend an extinct device.

                          I like this phone

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                            • 16 Jul 2022

                            Anonymous, 16 Jul 2022'we can't say we understand its deliberate '... moreAs you said, you use it mostly on portrait shots. I also do that.
                            The problem here seems that they are applying the vignette irrespective of the subject. In the last 3 scenarios, it shouldn't have been applied or vignette should have been corrected , whichever is the case.

                            That being said, I do prefer the tonal properties and rendering of leica authentic mode over the other ones.

                              rizki1, 16 Jul 2022One of the best flagship to date.. Chart toppings almost ev... moreWell, it's not for me because it doesn't have SD slot and 3.5mm audio jack. I don't care that much about the latest procesor and camera because I am not a mobile 'gamer' and today almost all phones take pretty good photos, and in the end all pictures end up being compressed, filtered and uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and so on. For serious foto I have a Nikon. So the phone it's not bad, just it's not for me.

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                                • 16 Jul 2022

                                Those are the best full res samples from a quad bayer sensor in stock form. Almost rivaling the mi 10 ultra's optimized gcam full res sample. If this receives the same support from the community as 10 ultra, this is gonna be a beast.

                                  Asphalt-nation, 16 Jul 2022Yeah that's fine go play around with your K50 and its ... moreDimensity is cool on that phone, but goddamn you roasted him, nice job

                                    Overall one of the best if not the best device of 2022 so far.

                                    If you're not knowledgeable enough to import one and do what's necessary to make it usable where you live (which is perfectly doable) then it's on you.

                                      raminpro, 16 Jul 2022new SNAPDRAGON overheat again (last test), it's good d... moreYeah that's fine go play around with your K50 and its dumpster fire cameras.
                                      This phone is for big boys.

                                        Aierlan, 16 Jul 2022When doing a survey like that though, the answers to that t... moreyes import could be the problem, There's another reason that I read in last week's poll comment is because it's a Chinese phone, because it's MIUI which they say has lots of bugs, bloatware and a few more because it doesn't have 3.5mm and microSD slots. I rarely see them complaining about imports and more expensive than x80, find X5 in the comments.