Nothing Phone (1) review

22 July 2022

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  • 23 Jul 2022

Kangal, 23 Jul 2022I like how GSMArena team finally had the courage to compare... moreWhere is the Galaxy A52s for €250?

    TheWanderer, 23 Jul 2022> you can't make a €450 flagship in 2022 i wonde... moreLike what though? The Xiaomi 12 lite with snapdragon 778 is €450 for the base 128gb variant in Europe . The Xiaomi 12 which is their entry level flagship is €750 in Germany and Spain for the base variant after a price cut.

      Not a bad release for a first phone. The pricing in Europe is the same as the Xiaomi 12 lite so it is competitive. Very similar hardware. Similar chip, similar screens. The mi 12 lite has faster charging but the Nothing has better camera hardware and wireless charging. Can't really expect them to undercut the competition especially given component costs are always higher for smaller brands. Not outstanding value or anything but still very competitive

        Marco M, 23 Jul 2022I wasn't going to ask, and HW wise this is maybe balan... moreIndeed in this price range if it's like old flagship is a good thing.
        It would be even worst by some other similarly priced.
        Pixel 6a would be around 4xls quality too (same sensor improved Chip) .
        Pixel 6 has 550 minimum and yes it's beyond it's price on camera.

          Chrix, 23 Jul 2022I don't understand why it's receiving so many cri... moreMe too. But I came to believe that the majority of those people looking for un-balanced specs list. Gaming oriented phones with snapdragon 8+ etc. That's why the Gap between mentality.

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            • 23 Jul 2022

            Fitz, 23 Jul 2022All this cry babies comparing this to the Samsung A52s are ... moreI don't understand why it's receiving so many criticism, even ignoring light it's a cheap and balanced phone
            It has wireless charging.
            Metal frame
            Bright oled screen
            And good lightweight and stock os without bloatware.

            Find other phones in this price range with those feature

              I like how the biggest complaint is the one that can be improved with software updates which is the camera, the hardware is good so it underperforming is a software issue which can be improved. Everything else is pretty good for a phone if it’s price. Better processor than a53, better screen that iPhone SE, pixel and Nord 2t. Not sure how it compares to equivalent Xiaomi and oppo phones as their not as big where I am and there lineups are abit confusing. Overall seems like a pretty good phone at a pretty good price, hopefully the camera is improved with updates

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                • 23 Jul 2022

                All this cry babies comparing this to the Samsung A52s are dumb because that is a year old phone so it can be cheaper because it's cheaper to produce,why don't you compare this with it's real competition like the A53,the oppo Reno 8,e.t.c
                Cry babies fuming because the guy left OnePlus 😂😂

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                  • 23 Jul 2022

                  Marco M, 23 Jul 2022I'll give you a hint: It will greatly increase the ... moreCase with raise edge

                    > you can't make a €450 flagship in 2022

                    i wonder what xiaomi does then

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                      • 23 Jul 2022

                      these phone have the "it seems quite capable"
                      but right now it do not
                      -camera hardware and quality is nearly the same as a 200$ one
                      -battery is normal
                      -no sd or jack since these phone is a mid-ranger
                      -Soc could have been better a 870 one would be at least decent
                      -light's are just flashy nothing more all the lights will flickers when charging or someone calling
                      but guys i'm facing my phone screen on top not on table so it's useless.
                      don't get me wrong don't kill it its a bad phone
                      but its not the best in it's price range + give them the chance if they do listen they know their needs work to be done

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                        • 23 Jul 2022

                        trapper09, 23 Jul 2022No offense GSMArena but this review is quite biasedIt isn't. The phone has issues with it's audio and they did mention it. The list of cons also points out to lack of better IP rating

                        Overall, the phone is good for the price. I might buy it given that the other issues get sorted out (display, back panel)

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                          • 23 Jul 2022

                          Shame about the audio quality, deal breaker for me..
                          Also as someone mentioned, placing your phone screen down just increases the chances of messing up/ scratching the screen.. tipping the rear led light novelty would wear thin pretty quick
                          Front or side led notifications I'm 100% about, not sure why they've all but been forgotten about
                          If only I could get a compact high end andriod with a led notification and a physical mute switch like on iphones it would be the perfect phone..

                            trospe, 23 Jul 2022Wow how easy you find out so much to complain people? :) ... moreI wasn't going to ask, and HW wise this is maybe balanced, but wow how the camera under performs.

                            It's in the price range of pixel Xa series and no where close. And I wasn't joking when I said the camera performance is more like the old and cheap Mi Max 3 than even and old Pixel 4 XL.

                            Cheaper phones like the Xiaomi Note 11 pro and similar, despite lacking OIS, takes better photos. Don't take my word for it, just check it yourself. Hence my comment that they have a lot of work to do on the camera software, because they really do.

                              Fredwinia, 23 Jul 2022How am I supposed to see those leds? Phone in my hand or it... moreI'll give you a hint:

                              It will greatly increase the risk of scratching your screen, or screen protector.

                                Fredwinia, 23 Jul 2022How am I supposed to see those leds? Phone in my hand or it... morePut it screen down or rotate it in your hand... simple

                                  Kangal, 23 Jul 2022I like how GSMArena team finally had the courage to compare... moreDon't bother. They just jumped the hype bandwagon...

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                                    • 23 Jul 2022

                                    Kaloyan, 22 Jul 2022One clarification about the camera - the phone received its... morethanks for letting us know, even judging by results in your review camera is fine, mostly thanks to Qualcomm ISP which does the job.

                                      Better put notification light on the front. Like Nokia did.

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                                        • 23 Jul 2022

                                        Mikeromeoz, 23 Jul 2022So many of this device's hardware (IMX766 primary, One... moreyeah people were telling this from the first news about Nothing, just a BBK sub brand that calls itself "independent" with a talking head Carl Pei who supposedly decides something