Nothing Phone (1) review

22 July 2022

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  • 28 Jul 2022

Basically it’s a galaxy A52s that lights up on the back but with no waterproofing and probably crap software support

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    • 27 Jul 2022

    MobileMann21, 27 Jul 2022Nothing (1) is a Good Phone , SInce Camera is important to ... moreYes, and they're going to give them all to you, nice try, first go and find out what it's about, and not on a name

      Nothing (1) is a Good Phone , SInce Camera is important to me , Lets talk on that -
      (I have realme 6 Pro , 7 Pro , X3SZ , 9Pro+ , OPNord2 , Nothing (1) (Since these are available with me within my friends circle to check) , Samsung A53 , A52s (Borrowed) , to compare )

      1) Night Mode - Photos are similar to Realme 7 Pro ( It had 1/1.72" Sensor Sony ) users of samsung A53 , A52s or Realme 6 pro / 7 Pro are not going to miss much, Realme 9 Pro+ & GT2 Pro or OnePlus Nord 2 have better Night Modes.

      2) Daytime Photography - Excellent but i wont mince words , Its lacking depth , & Noise is heavier then 9Pro+ or Nord 2 (IMX 766 siblings) , Excellent Clarity but there are others out there , Realme 6pro , Samsung A53 , A52s users are not gonna miss this. Rather they might get better clarity ( 6Pro being budget i see the market reducing on cameras - 6 pro , x3sz had zoom lens but now ). Selfies are also good then 2 years old models (Marginally) but below 9Pro+ , OP Nord 2 as far as detailing goes.

      3) Videography - Its similar to Samsung A52s ( A bit lower still in Quality ) , its better then 7 pro , x3SZ in details ,the OIS in video is weak (Main Culprit for 4K) , Detailing is bit weak) , i say 1080p 30FPs is Sweet spot. 9Pro+ , OP Nord2 are better.

      In short the camera is marginally better then 2 years old models in videography , Photography and below OP Nord 2 , Realme 9Pro+ , GT2 Pro & similar IMX766 models ( I suspect reno 8 pro will also be better ). That's why Carl Pei is mum on Cameras. Apart from Macro which is best then all above models.

      Nothing OS is stock android , Glyph is unpolished , unused interface i mean many things can be done , off - screen gestures is one area. OS is fast , competition provides better chipsets , Sound Output has missing depth & Bass ( I read GSM review now i know why ) , i dont thing Nothing(1) can do anything on that , its a massive tweak in speakers.

      If you want simple phone with LED ( For Night time photography) , Notifications , calls etc . & Excellent Macros (Incl. Night Macros) , go for Nothing(1) Phone. For Macros there is no competition.

        Anonymous, 23 Jul 2022Performs many cuts and use low cost parts for K series. C... morenothing phone has cuts too twit

          Another major thing to worry about besides the overpricing, mediocre SoC and the poor audio to name a few, there is no guarantee VoLTE and VoWiFi will work out of the box, there is no clear data on what carriers Nothing have supported in their ROM and what their plans are for future support. Unlike what most clueless in the comments claim, this needs ROM level support first before you go complaining to your telcos for the lack of support. I know because I had to do it the hard way to make VoLTE and VoWiFi work with the LG V60. It involves unlocking bootloader and rooting your phone to fiddle with system files, not something most people would have the savvy or the time or patience to try out.

          Most regionally sold phones at-least cover this aspect because that's why those phones are officially sold in the your regions.

          There are so many things against this phone that it's a total joke they decided to cut corners to maximize margins when this is their first phone trying to make a good first impression in the marketplace.

            Abhay, 25 Jul 2022Talking about overpricing, have you heard of phone named iPhone?Irrelevant, that's an entirely different ecosystem and another overpriced walled garden at that. When comparing a stick to the same OS, in this case Android.

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              • 27 Jul 2022

              Charger have with phone box

                1. How could a phone with such terrible headphone performance receive a grade of 4.3! It seems the score is meaningless
                2. Apple has its fans and Samsung has its crowd, they could get away with such crap, but where does a company come off releasing their first phone without a charger!

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                  • 26 Jul 2022

                  I would have bought this instead of S22, but it had few major draw backs. Water resistance is key, I just so used to having it now, that I can't even imagine owning phone where I have to be afraid of water again. Secondly, it is kind of too big... I already would like to have smaller phone than 6.1" S22 (hence I didn't go for Ultra or 22+), flagship in ~5.5" would be perfect. so 6.55" is just too big (I am sure they did market research and found that to be optimal and I am just minority, but still). Finally, headphone jack - yes S22 don't have it either, but that would have been feature which together with water resistance could have swayed me away from Samsung. I hate wireless headphones. Finally it is the price - I got 15% discount on Samsung for my birthday and in June Samsung offered 20% discount if you buy "two mobile products"... meaning you could get S22 and screen protector for £9 and get 20% of both. So that is what I did - S22 for £769 and clear case for £17, -20% -15% and I paid £511 for both with 0% interest for 3 years (which you only get buying directly from Samsung as well as Graphite colour), which with inflation in mind (~7%) actually means I will pay effectively £462 (or less if inflation is higher, which is likely to be) after I finish paying for in in 36 months (you need to do compounding inflation math to get to this amount).
                  So - would you have S22 +clear cover for £462, which is flagship with water resistance, or would you rather try newcomer which is cool, but without water resistance for £389 (that is like for like 128GB models)? I am sorry, but S22 is just too good deal to mess about with some weird new brands. But again - make same phone in 5.5", IP 67/68 and 3.5mm jack and I am on board with it.

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                    • 26 Jul 2022

                    Hit like if your sick and tired of reading about this phone

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                      • 26 Jul 2022

                      A charger in the box might help marketing a first time phone.

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                        • 26 Jul 2022

                        Fa14bi, 25 Jul 2022S20 FE: Slightly smaller charging, 1/1.7 camera sensor inst... moreDon't even go there, (1) is "nothing" close to S20 FE. Not even to A53, despite minor HW advantages that you mentioned, just look at the photo comparison tool. Oh yeah, the glass back, right, good luck with it. I'll only give it credit for selfies where S20 FE clearly sux.
                        Not that I encourage to go with Sam, just don't confuse peas with pearls.

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                          • 26 Jul 2022

                          I'm going to buy this for sure if it is priced below 100usd

                            Gsma testers. Which would you say had the better speaker system? Nothing, or xperia pro-i? I found it hard to decide, because both are extremely low.

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                              • 26 Jul 2022

                              Worst brand ever... crap device

                                Marco M, 25 Jul 2022Better camera HW in the nothing phone, but as far as actual... moreTrue. It is definitely way better on the cropped in lab images. However, for the videos i think it's kind of the other way around. Wouldn't fully judge by the lab images/videos only though as they are useful for detail, sharpness and noise but we also need to see photos in normal everyday conditions to judge things like exposure, saturation, contrast and dynamic range and stabilisation for video. We can also crop in on photos of more distant items in the regular daytime and nighttime photos to see how detail is handled on more distant objects in everyday photos too. Having said that, I would expect Xiaomi to be ahead of Nothing in image processing. They have far more resources and years of experience after all

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                                  • 26 Jul 2022

                                  Tested it for a day. Everything was ok, I really like the futuristic look, but the screen was a dissapointment for me. In sunny conditions it is not enough bright.

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                                    • 26 Jul 2022

                                    Note7 owner, 26 Jul 2022@$199 this phone makes a lot more sense. how's it going with a mini grenade in your pocket

                                      @$199 this phone makes a lot more sense.

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                                        • 26 Jul 2022

                                        Fa14bi, 25 Jul 2022In that case there isn't a single company telling the ... moreWhere did you pluck the value range 800-900 from? Go read GSMArena's and DXOmark's reviews. No exaggerated claims from Samsung for S22 Ultra. They deliver what they claim.