Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra long-term review

25 November 2022

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  • 27 Nov 2022

what set of skills does this phone have? that doesnt clarify anything about this device... not to mention that it doesnt have the actual chipset of the snapdragon 8 gen 2

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    • 27 Nov 2022

    RomanZ4, 27 Nov 2022Except for the Zoom capabilities, the S22U has nothing spec... moreNo phones are special. They are just phones. People don't buy phones because they are special. They buy phones that have features they want.

      I've got the S22 Ultra 12/256 Snapdragon.

      All I can say is this is by far the best phone, bar none.

      I had my share of Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony and even iPhones.

      Both Xiaomi and Huawei were cheaper for similar hardware, at least they used to be, but the enormous amount of bugs, coupled with adds, has left a very sour taste in my mouth. My Xiaomi for example would randomly restart, and even had its screen light up for no reason.
      And don't get me started on the software.

      My Sony had a self cracking screen (the infamous Z1 and Z3), and just abysmal camera compared to the competition. I also didn't like the lackluster software experience.

      My iPhone 13 pro was all around great. No issues whatsoever, but I didn't like the lack of features and even at times stuff old Nokia phones had (like adding a numbers row on the keyboard, or basic file transfer via cable). I loved the video recording though.

      But nothing comes close to my Samsung experience.
      I had the S1, S2, S3, S5, Note 4, S6, S7, S8 plus, S9, S9 plus, s10e, S21 plus and now the S22 Ultra.

      I never had a single issue with these phones. Not a single one.
      Considering the fact I only use wifi I also have no problems with battery.
      I used to use Nova launcher, but now use GoodLock. The amount of features I have and get, the overall amount of quality, the 4 year software support, is just beyond the competition.

      Is everything perfect? Of course not.
      I still yearn for the headphone jack. Don't care that much about the sd card, but wouldn't mind having it back. Would love to also get back the ir blaster and heartrate sensor. Would rather have metal backs, so that I don't need a case. The original silicone case is trash. I got my Android 13 update a couple of weeks after the Exynoss version. I wish there were only SD.

      But honestly, despite all this, no other phone comes even close to Galaxy phones (besides Apple). You either buy Samsung or Apple. If you don't have the money, buy a cheap Samsung. Don't buy a bug infested mess.

        Everyone knows that Samsung had been losing market share to Huawei since 2019 and that the Mate 50 Pro would be the best phone on the planet... until the US ban did the opposite.

          Except for the Zoom capabilities, the S22U has nothing special going on.
          In fact, the battery life sucks hard, the camera is ok to great sometimes but can't match higher end of Xiaomi,Huawei and Vivo(Vivo night HDR is unmatchable).
          Exynos is a piss poor attempt as always, Poor memory management but good software support for 4 years( at least on paper).

          So no, The S22U is nothing special and an easy pass for me, probably same will apply to S23 series.

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            • 27 Nov 2022

            Is 4 hours of SoT when browsing and scrolling considered as "great battery life"? It sounds rather poor to me.

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              • 27 Nov 2022

              I'd love

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                • 27 Nov 2022

                forhad-61, 26 Nov 2022Why don't u setup a phone business of yours and show S... moreIf u can't take the heat,stay out of the kitchen

                  Looking at reviewer's camera samples. Has anyone noticed serious softness in lower left corner of almost each photo, such as photos 3,6,7,8?
                  I've had the same issues with my unit. My God that's some low-end Xiaomi level of processing.
                  I believe that's partly thanks to wider focal length compared to s21u (s21u had no such corner softness issues, at least not with main cam) and half-assed software work in dealing with such coverage.

                    Well, if you could see how 11u's camera's are capable with gcam and Matteo mod, you could not even watch again pics from S22U.. Totally different experience with quality - Samsung are put in a drawer comparing camera's aside.

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                      • 26 Nov 2022

                      "I expect a Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S22 Ultra to have an even better battery life"

                      You would be wrong. S22U Exynos has had better battery life than Snapdragon for a long time now.

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                        • Leha
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                        • 26 Nov 2022

                        I love my S22U! Now, when you can buy 12/256 version for less than 1000$, it's the best choice. Its 10x camera has simply no competitors.

                          PhoneFreak45, 25 Nov 2022If you want to talk objectively, I can give you that. O... moreThe motorola that only gets update for one year, maybe 2? And no after sales support? The sony that throttles and close the camera because of the heating? Xiaomis and their endless bugs?🤡🤡🤡 go and cry on a corner. Now Let's spit some facts, this has the most versatile camera system, consistent user experience and long term software support, excellent battery life, The screen is gorgeous, the S pen is a plus, as well as the DeX... Samsung is the best android manufacturer and the sales prove it 🤷🏻‍♂️. Your opinion is that, yours and only yours it doesn't mean it is true.

                            Amomus, 26 Nov 2022Samsung , like LG should retire from the smartphone segmentWhy don't u setup a phone business of yours and show Samsung, LG how to make phone?

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                              • 26 Nov 2022

                              Amomus, 26 Nov 2022Samsung , like LG should retire from the smartphone segmentThey're the best smartphone manufacturer, LG wasn't.
                              Samsung has no reason to retire

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                                • 26 Nov 2022

                                Kangal, 26 Nov 2022Agreed. One of the things people don't realise is the... more"One of the things people don't realise is the experience using a Sony."

                                In my case with owning their products in the past - when you need their technical support, they simply won't answer or reply. Had multiple issues with a TV and also their top-of-the-line AV-amplifier. Never got a call from them, never got replies to my multiple emails.

                                Never again. Not worth the extra price, while their products perform similarly or slightly worse than rivaling options do. Definitely a unique experience, never had a company flat-out not help with issues, not even try.

                                  User, 26 Nov 2022Plz explain your problemsFaulty motherboard, charging system, battery -led to poor SOT (even slightly worse than what the reviewer described), laggy and stuttery UI experience, slow charging time with the dedicated 45w Samsung charger, overheating even while watching YouTube, poor main cam performance. All the parts were replaced with new ones. All fine now except The battery life still isn't amazing even with new battery, 2 factory resets and Android 13. All in all, I'm much happier with my s21u, s22u was handed to my parent

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                                    • 26 Nov 2022

                                    My man be looking like Drake holding a galaxy S22 Ultra

                                      Kangal, 26 Nov 2022Agreed. One of the things people don't realise is the... moreyea..remember the flame and toxic about Apple not supporting flash and just html or Apple removing the optical drive?
                                      now, where are those people!? the hypocrites

                                        Samsung , like LG should retire from the smartphone segment