Tecno Phantom X2 review

16 December 2022

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  • NuU
  • 21 Feb 2024

Nice phone

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    • Giftty
    • ftK
    • 28 Sep 2023

    Mugz, 13 Jul 2023Got this phone 3 weeks back and it's basically been my... moreThanks so much for this

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      • Mwakipako
      • XA4
      • 29 Aug 2023

      Very nice gudget to have

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        • Walt
        • f0B
        • 28 Aug 2023

        Does the phantom X2 work in the continental USA and it's territories?

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          • Trevor King
          • HBF
          • 22 Jul 2023

          It's a powerful phone but the cameras are disappointing

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            • Mugz
            • fuf
            • 13 Jul 2023

            Got this phone 3 weeks back and it's basically been my daily driver. Here are a few points I'll make regarding my own experience with it.

            It's a very powerful phone. The strongest phone I'd previously owned was the Poco f3 with a SD870 chip and that was quite powerful but I can tell that this D9000 is in another league. It's by far the best thing about this phone, especially for those of us that like our mobile gaming. Great stuff.

            The battery life is stellar. This is also thanks to the D9000. I never get any heating and even with heavy gaming it merely warms up a bit. Safe to say I haven't had to worry about battery ever. Always get back home with about 30% battery even when I've done some gaming.

            HiOS software. I've never been a fan of Tecno's OS and I'd gotten used to MIUI since my last 2 phones were Redmi. But this phones HiOS version has hardly given me any ads. I disabled a few of the apps I know to have ads like boomplay and phoenix browser. The user experience here has been great so far. No stutters lagging or crashing at any point.
            I've received two software updates since I got it and they really haven't changed anything, except the first which improved the camera.

            Curved edges. This phone is an eye catcher. First thing anyone will notice is the gorgeous huge curved display, and most will assume it's Samsung.

            It has a good display. It's probably not the best but in my books it's great no complaints. I saw the GSMArena review said the brightness was low, but from my own experience even outdoors is quite clear.

            The build quality is legit flagship grade. The phone feels sturdy with great aluminum frame, and glass on both ends. The description on here says it's a plastic back, but the one I got is glass build. The Victus glass is really good, I haven't used any extra screen protection in these 3 weeks and I've got no scratches on my screen.

            Cameras are great outdoors, you'd think some pics were taken by the latest iphone or Samsung. Indoors it's decent though clearly not up to flagship standards and at night that's when things get a bit rough. So let's talk about what I didn't like...

            The Negatives.
            *Cameras aren't good in low light.
            *The haptic feedback and vibration is just not good. It's strong but can't seem to be suitably adjusted to be weaker.
            *Single loud speaker. I knew this going in, but the quality of the speaker itself is not as good as I'd like. It's really loud but lacks in quality.
            *I miss the headphone jack. 😩
            *I wish the fingerprint was on the power button. That's just my preference. The on-screen fingerprint is fast but will take me some time to get used to it.

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              • Phantom
              • X$8
              • 08 Jul 2023


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                • dMn
                • 21 Feb 2023

                patxtra, 29 Dec 2022guys isd this the iphone 15 confirmede and leaked???? i ne... morephone back looks goofy ahh

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                  • Shriekie
                  • GRQ
                  • 09 Feb 2023

                  In mobiles 91 app these phone's description showing that 5g connectivity is not supporting in India.. Just check and reply please.. Wanted to buy but how to buy without supporting??

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                    • Uka
                    • XBA
                    • 29 Jan 2023

                    I'll rate the device a solid 9/10

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                      • EPHRAIM
                      • rr1
                      • 11 Jan 2023

                      No much excitement from Phantom x users.
                      But battery and 5G are👌.
                      I expected stereo speakers, and an exemplary design at the back.

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                        • glad glitz
                        • G2L
                        • 05 Jan 2023

                        i think that now tecno is emerging as a brand and it is completing all those standards needed to become a premium brand.It provides valuble products at low prices at there is a lack of quality but at the same time it fulfils many essential.

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                          • TechLover
                          • tZj
                          • 30 Dec 2022

                          4k video with max 256gb storage. Wonderful

                            guys isd this the iphone 15 confirmede and leaked???? i need to dffind out how to buy this

                              there is typing mistake in specs of both phantom X2 & X2 pro,
                              ultrawide sensor size mentioned on both phone is 1/1.3", it should be 1/3.0"

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                                • Anonymous
                                • y6V
                                • 26 Dec 2022

                                4GB of ram in a FLAGSHIP CPU? that phone will be bottlenecked bet!

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                                  • Obviously
                                  • p$j
                                  • 23 Dec 2022

                                  obviously no wireless charging in china "flagships" xD

                                    Ultrawide camera got very poor quality, I don't like main camera processing too, however, 64mp shots are amazing, no corner softness either.

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                                      • tZ4
                                      • 20 Dec 2022

                                      Jayson, 19 Dec 2022I think I want this because of the Monster ProcessorAnd Monster Price!

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                                        • Jayson
                                        • vx4
                                        • 19 Dec 2022

                                        I think I want this because of the Monster Processor