200MP vs 1-inch - testing the best Android phones for photography

17 March 2023

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phonelobby, 22 Mar 2023None of the above have real 1 inch; they are cropped sensor... moreSony pro-I does with premium paid purchase extra features you get too use the whole sensor

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    • 24 Mar 2023

    Anonymous, 21 Mar 2023This test is flawed and usless as a hardware comparison as ... moreThey all use software to enhance their photo, why just mention Samsung? It just shows people like you should never make comparisons because your conclusion will never be fair.

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      • 24 Mar 2023

      brsdrgn, 23 Mar 2023Not really. At least not that low level anymore. The amount... morecomputation needs data and data comes from how much light you can capture

        x3merrr, 23 Mar 2023the only thing thats still stopping me from switching to gl... moreCan't stop looking at pictures of yourself?

          the only thing thats still stopping me from switching to glagship chinese phones are their mid range front cameras.

            swaraj, 23 Mar 2023A 100 dollar sony cybershot will bury these in the mariana ... moreNot really. At least not that low level anymore. The amount of computation going behind on those smartphones made them get really close. If you're not a professional photographer and simply want to capture decent photos(that's the audience they target), smartphones are much more than enough nowadays. Go check there are some analysis done on Youtube I believe it was done by Vivo x90 Pro plus and the youtuber was simply impressed by the results...

              phonelobby, 22 Mar 2023None of the above have real 1 inch; they are cropped sensor... moreGo check MKBHD's video. They're not real 1 inch but they fit correctly to the measurement terminologies in the camera world and that's simply not an accuse to anything as they're capturing really good photos on any smartphone right one. Much better than trying to squeeze more pixels into a smaller area which later struggles to get more light...

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                • 23 Mar 2023

                Anonymous , 21 Mar 2023"The out-of-focus area on the main camera photos looks... moreYou funny trash talker!


                In the first photo you mentioned: Vivo has much better performance. Better texture in the dark areas. Your eyes probably mixes what is over sharpened. As you claim Vivo is blurry, actually Samsung's shot is over sharpened.

                i see much better details in Vivo's shot. Let's take the left side of the building. Tree branches are more distinguishable. The building covers have more texture. Meanwhile with Samsung the there's issue that it got soft in the edges and it tries to save it by applying extra sharpening. Look at the end of the street, Samsung's shot literally blurry, didn't manage to capture any detail look at the fan of the AC. You fanboy!


                Look at the tree on the right side. There's much more detail available in Vivo's shot. Vivo keeps the exposure higher that leads to brighter photos but the the extra V2 chip manages with the noise reductions so well. Samsung's shot simply the branches black, dark. Where's the distinguishable detail there? Look under the dark areas of the roof. There's much more detail captures by vivo and noise reduction handled very well. You fanboy!

                For the third you pasted the same links! :) And you're so biased that you still trash out the Vivo saying chinese phones are not consistent. Wow. What a analysis that one! From that comment should we assume there's some other factors included in your analysis which are completely unrelated to the photography performance. Do you also know that X90 Pro is not the flagship device of Vivo vs Samsung's S23 Ultra Flagship? Do you know there's another model x90 Pro Plus which has much better processor and camera modules? Meanwhile you compare X90 pro, it still beats your Samsung product? What a comment really!

                Commenting on the other guy's vision problem. You better check your eyes and see psychologist additionally. I'm concerned about your self delusion. Provide info rather than attacking!

                About the portrait photo:


                You wrote"Everything was grainy and out of white balanced in vivo. The color and detail of the t-shirt were so bad. The sky was blown out. And about edge detection, any chinese toys weren't even a competitor of s23u. "

                Are you retarded? I'm seriously wondering. Let me tell you that this is portrait shot which should highlight person with edge detection, blur out the background. It's about the face here especially. do you see how his skin tone is closer to the real? How much detail it captured on his face? Just to trash talk and mention again "Chinese Phones' you focus on the blurred background which is in fact done on purpose to point out the subject! Who's this guy really? The color of the T-shirt/ detail of it is much better captured on Vivo which is again on the bright side. Vivo does that to take more detail and you can simply play with the exposure while editing...

                Another one and I see you mix the orders of the photos:


                The only thing you talk about here is about the text of the board. Can it be sharpened on Samsung because of a text detection which over sharpened it? Is this photo taken for the that board so that people can come close by and read the text or it's sculpture of the lion and that beautiful building? Do you see the water signs cause by the corosion leaking down on lion due to rain? On Vivo, it's visible clearly. On Samsung, none! :) It's warmer on Vivo, that could be criticized but that could be fixed so easily. Look at the trees, light on the right bottom side, do you see any detail on Samsung? Your mindset simply works like this each time you compare. Where I can boost about Samsung and where I can criticize about Vivo. So, you find the details you think it's better on Samsung and straight mention that. But you missed the whole point!

                And the last photos you mentioned:

                Ofc you couldn't admit the amount of detail and only found the the image is reddish. Yes it's and it can be fixed as I mentioned above! What about the color of the car closest to you? On Samsung, it's not clear if it's silver or not. When you check on Vivo, you clearly understand that's a white colored car. Look at the details on the far location on the left side. Samsung simply killed that area, no details captured and Vivo again provides you the details. What about the street lights for example? They're too shiny on Samsung making it unfortunate to capture details around. On Vivo, they're nicelly dimmed. Look at the corner of the building slightly visible on the top right corner. Vivo captured the color and some details. What about Samsung? Simply dark and lacks details.

                Having the freedom to comment, hiding behind the profiles, made it much easier on the internet that people can attack another by simply being absolutely wrong. I wish it'd require some credibility and expertise to do such thing. I tried explaining one by one. I hope that's enough for a person like you who doesn't know his place. The amount of ignorance and the bravery comes along with it is beyond my understanding...

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                  • 23 Mar 2023

                  Chrestos SV1GAP, 23 Mar 2023What gives better results, the best of the 4 smartphones or... moreA 100 dollar sony cybershot will bury these in the mariana trench 😏

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                    • 23 Mar 2023

                    So It's basically about how big you have vs how long you last ? 🤔

                      What gives better results, the best of the 4 smartphones or the Sony RX100 III 20.1MP 2.9x 600€ or the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15 20.1MP 3x 550€?

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                        • 22 Mar 2023

                        None of the above have real 1 inch; they are cropped sensors to 12Mb

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                          • 22 Mar 2023

                          uk7866, 21 Mar 2023Please do a follow up including the Pixel 7 Pro and latest ... more...and Honor Magic 5 Pro!

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                            • 22 Mar 2023

                            Very good review. Very detailed and useful. Please do more review comparison like this. Honor Magic 5 Pro is coming.

                              Anonymous , 21 Mar 2023"The out-of-focus area on the main camera photos looks... moreThe first two photos included in your comment do not include any out-of-focus area - Everything within the frame exists on the same focal plane. What I can indeed spot, however, is the loss of acutance on the right side of the frame on S23U, where X90P captures better-defined details. The rest of your comment seems highly opinion-based as I have a completely opposite observation - I don't see any better shadow details on S23U's shot, and I don't find X90P's photo dull or blurry. Maybe you're getting the other way around? In case you didn't notice, the first photo is from S23U.

                              The next set of photos, again, are neither portrait shots nor show out-of-focus areas, and I don't understand why you keep bringing up those landscape shots when the section of my comment you quoted is obviously about something else. In terms of exposure, I would like to have something in-between as Vivo's shadows are a touch brighter than I prefer, while Samsung's are a bit too dark.

                              The next scene is even harder to distinguish (and AGAIN, no out-of-focus area that I was talking about) as there's only a subtle difference in noise level and tone mapping between the two. The dynamic range, the term you seem to use incorrectly here, is essentially identical on both, as neither of these phones shows clipped highlights nor crushed shadows. If anything I prefer the one from Vivo as it's just overall less noisy, especially towards the corners.

                              "I wonder what you made you believe that vivo was the best for portrait shoots!!! I felt it was rather the worst among the four. Your eyes need serious treatment"
                              I'll throw that insult straight back at you. If you prefer a red-magenta skin tone then be my guest, but I wouldn't let you edit any of my photos that contain people in their frames lol. The monitors I use to browse photos are both factory-calibrated, FYI.

                              The following samples do not show any "edge detection" or whatever the heck you're talking about because they both show a natural depth of field, which is inherently shallower on Vivo due to its larger physical aperture. Also, the level of details on the t-shirt is very much comperable between the two, it's just Vivo doesn't go overboard with boosting the microcontrast so it looks slightly hazier (albeit more natural).

                              Finally the low light photos:
                              "and the detail of brick was night and day better in s23u as well"
                              Ahh.. no? Are you sure you're seeing what I'm seeing, or straight up referring to wrong photos?

                              "The distant signs and letters were nicely visible on s23u as well"
                              Because those letters and signs are not included in the frame of Vivo's shot???

                              "other two examples where the vivo image was reddish."
                              Or you could argue that Samsung's images are greenish🤷

                              I think the biggest issue with your "analysis" is that your general understanding towards photography is simply all over the place. There's no "wrong" WB when you don't know what the actual scene is supposed to look like. Calling detailed photos "dull" and "blurry". Not understanding the term such as "out-of-focus area", the very term that you quoted from my comment, and heck, you couldn't even distinguish the natural depth of field of the lens from a software-synthesised gaussian blur and said Vivo has a worse edge detection based on a regular wide-angle headshot. I suggest you get an ILC with a nice prime lens, go touch some grass and take nice photos of nature and people, then you'll probably understand what other people and I are talking about in this comment section.

                                Depends on what kind of photography, if we talk about auto AR ''enhanced'' one, in the future may be phones taking shots and using like pre saved hi res shots of grass to make it look more like from medium sensor... or your face, sun, clouds,... well, with AI it may be possible to even change clothes to the other, or nothing.
                                Wow, I would surely enjoy this, besides the Pro option, AI art is dependent on model anyway, so it would still be quite original.

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                                  • 21 Mar 2023

                                  Very interested in this analysis. I always had doubts whether pixel binning 0.6 micrometers x 3 to 2.4 micrometers really generated better pictures than your standard 1.4 micrometers, because of the noise and the computer processing required. On the face of it, it seems to work.

                                    Best comparison is Galaxy S23 Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro Max, Xiaomi 13 Pro, Google Pixel 7 Pro :)

                                      Please do a follow up including the Pixel 7 Pro and latest iPhone

                                        Anonymous , 21 Mar 2023Vivo seems clearly superior to the S23Ultra Seriously ... morePlease have a look at the low light images: main camera and zoom camera.

                                        One of the most obvious examples of difference are the low light portrait shots with the zoom camera: here, the image of the Samsung S23 ultra literally falls apart and has substantially less detail and more noise compared with Vivo X90 pro output.

                                        So, it's not a joke that the vivo does have an advantage in quite a few shooting modes, most notably in low light and in particular with the zoom camera.

                                        That doesn't mean that the 90pro is overall a better phone. We are talking specifically about camera results. And if one does not need Samsung's 10x optical zoom, the 90pro will provide better imaging results in plenty of shooting scenarios.