Apple iPhone 15 Pro long-term review

19 April 2024

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"Enough version updates, Apple, it's time for a real change."

Finally press starts to point the finger. Been saying that for years, iOS needs proper updates not tiny little picky somethings changed here and there, another new emoji...what a bunch of ....well you know what.

    UltraHD, 19 Apr 2024Funny enough, all my life i had android phones and now i�... moreThey all do smartphone stuff at the end of the day dude. If you fancy a change all that will likely happen though is that both on a hardware and software front you’ll notice somethings you prefer, others you don’t.

    You’ll then weigh up the pros and cons and come to a conclusion that one is a better fit for you. But don’t listen to all these self styled power rangers….sorry, power users (though I’m not sure what the actual difference is 🤔) that claim switching between from one mobile OS to another mobile OS will deprive you of some life altering benefits or some such nonsense, there are those who take this stuff way to seriously.

    I first switched from android to iOS several years back with the iPhone 4S, then I switched back and switched again and again. This went on for a while until I decided iOS was my own preference, though you may ultimately decide Androids is yours. What I did learn from all that switching back and forth though is that no matter which mobile OS I was using, I was still able to all the smartphone related stuff I wanted to do, and my days went on as they otherwise would have regardless 🤷

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      • 21 Apr 2024

      Azu10157, 21 Apr 2024Maybe stop upgrading every bloody year. Christ. Why?
      I like having the latest and greatest, and it doesn't cost me much since I do trade-ins. For example it cost me $300 to go from an S21+ to the S22Ultra, then only $100 to go to the S23, then $300 to go to the S23Ultra, and now $250 to go to the iPhone 15 Pro.

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        • 21 Apr 2024

        newflesh, 21 Apr 2024It looks and sounds like you're forced to buy a new ph... moreOf course no one is forcing me, I just like having the latest and greatest.
        I've really tried using larger devices, all the way since the S8+, and I've always gone back go a smaller phone. Now I regret switching from an S23 to the S23 Ultra, but there was no going back once I did. The only way forward was the small S24, and while I was fine tolerating the same 1.55 camera, I'm not going to put up with 20% less battery and worse pictures than the same freakin' phone in a different country.

          WhoCaresTM, 20 Apr 2024I've used Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8+, S9, ... moreMaybe stop upgrading every bloody year. Christ.

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            • 21 Apr 2024

            Simple issue with the 15 Pro was that it had 1 less major upgrade (periscope telephoto) than the 15 Pro Max while having the same price as its predecessor (the base 15 Pro Max with 256gb storage costs the same as the 14 Pro Max 256gb at launch). It just seems like the 15 Pro buyers were cheated. Apple could've upped the base storage of the 15 Pro to 256gb without increasing the price to make up for that.

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              • 21 Apr 2024

              is there a way to set so this thing will always connect to a mobile hotspot? because its only connect when its screen is on and when its on standby mode its disconnected right away! so annoying..!!

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                • 21 Apr 2024

                Both OSes are not perfect. IOS run smoother on slower device(s) just because the OS is lighter. While android is quite bloated to accommodate various hardware and have extra layer. I expect thats on near future we can have linux or arm-windows based phones out of the box.

                  WhoCaresTM, 20 Apr 2024I've used Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8+, S9, ... moreIt looks and sounds like you're forced to buy a new phone each year. You could've easily stayed on S23 for longer

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                    • 20 Apr 2024


                    Each of these complaints is easily addressed:

                    - wait for the x.x.1 versions if you don’t want to be on the cutting edge
                    - who uses the Home Screen? If you have more than 12 apps, spotlight is the only useful way to access them
                    - see above
                    - Apple may not have perfect control over developers and UX but what are we comparing to? Android? Or are you comparing to BlackBerry?
                    - etc

                      rizki1, 20 Apr 2024I just answered what he wanted, want something simpler and ... moreBy simpler i meant simpler OS, i don't need millions of customization that i will never use yk.
                      I'm not getting SE, it looks ancient.

                        Professional, 19 Apr 2024Use Xiaomi flagships and you will never get bored. The perf... moreHad them, was very disappointed by how quick the value of phones comes down in just few months. Countless bugs, random shut downs, glitches etc.
                        But i received Harmony OS on my Xiaomi Pad 5 and i kinda started thinking they're on right track now with software.

                          Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024I was in the same situation when iPhone 13 Pro came out ... moreI'm not using anything beside social medias to be honest, never did multitask on any phone ever. I like simplicity and design of certain things android lacks off. I always wanted to try Apple and now i will, i probably won't switch to android ever again since i find iOS animations and few things better designed than any android out there which is more important to me than numbers or zillion things i never even use.

                            Just my opinion, 19 Apr 2024LOL "Saying Android is boring and then switching to iO... moreLol, y'all sound mad for what? I stated that android is indeed boring for me, FOR ME.

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                              • 20 Apr 2024

                              I've used Galaxy S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8+, S9, S9+, S10e, S21+, S22Ultra, S23, S23Ultra.
                              I tried, but just can't get along with giantic brick phones. Samsung decided to scam us with exynoss once more, so I had no other choice but to buy my first iPhone, and so I got an iPhone 15 pro.

                              It's basically the S24 with better cameras and much smoother animations. In turn I can't play with goodlock, or customize much of anything, but that' proving to be a blessing in disguise as well since I've wasted to much time tweaking my phones anyway. Overall a great phone to be honest. It has both pros and cons compared to an S24, but I'm definitely not going to tolerate subpar cameras and soc on a flagship anymore.

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                                • 20 Apr 2024

                                Anonymous, 20 Apr 2024this site has jumped the shark. how can anyone think this p... moreI'm glad you read the article properly.

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                                  • 20 Apr 2024

                                  this site has jumped the shark. how can anyone think this phone has the best camera system??? Vivo X100 anyone? Magic 6 Pro anyone???

                                    rizki1, 20 Apr 2024I just answered what he wanted, want something simpler and ... moreBad inequals simple. iPhone SE3 is not simple, it's terrible. Just because it has a home button does make it simpler but you're trading that away for the most garbage specs out there.

                                    I really recommend the iPhone 13 Pro. 14 Pro is the same thing. 12 Pro has no 120hz and 5G kinda sucked on it

                                      PureOS, 19 Apr 2024Stay on Android, believe me. I was on ios, and it was a cage.When I do get a better Android phone, say OP12R or when the Nubia Z60 Ultra has 8/256 config available, I will cancel my iCloud (I'm keeping Apple Music, Spotify is hell) and dip.

                                      I really wanna try out the Nothing Phone (2a) but I heard the phone doesn not have the US 5G bands :(

                                        I have the iPhone 15 pro max and I love it it doesn’t overheat like everyone else is saying I had it for 2 months and it’s working fine it’s nice to have a iPhone having 8gb of RAM instead of 6