Apple iPhone 15 Pro long-term review

19 April 2024

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Over expensive phone

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    • TCv
    • 20 Apr 2024

    reviewer didn't use a case, did he use protectors on the display and camera lenses?

    He is right, iOS is a "quagmire of poor design decisions". eg : Assistive Touch sucks. Why couldn't iOS do it like Xiaomi's QuickBall, which is really useful the way it minimizes to the side of the display.

    Why can't library do a simple thing like sorting photos properly like on android?


    Great phone, but an extremely annoying OS.

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      • KiW
      • 20 Apr 2024

      The only phone that rival IOS in term of UI responsiveness and smoothness IMHO Is ROG phone. Currently I'm using the ROG Phone 7 as daily driver, and this thing is blazing fast, unrivalled smoothness, and feature rich (compared to other android phone). There are 2 drawbacks, which are only 2 major software updates, and subpar camera.

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        • 20 Apr 2024

        I understand some people may want to switch to iOS just because it is buttery smooth and optimzed, but you should give origin os (vivo, iqoo) or magic os (honor) a try. It is exactly what you expect in iOS.

          Mills, 19 Apr 2024Terrible battery life and bezels + screen even for 2022. If... moreI just answered what he wanted, want something simpler and switch iOS and iPhone SE 2022 is the simplest. Calling Android boring, maybe iOS is more freedom for him.

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            • XS8
            • 20 Apr 2024

            I like the design... it feels exclusive (I'm using the ProMax though)... I don't like flagship phones that keep on changing the design every year. It doesn't feel right for me. LOL

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              • 20 Apr 2024

              Mills, 20 Apr 2024Besides the use of no third party app stores (for US) and n... moreWhat a waste of hardware. smh.

                At some point Apple had pretty good camera processing, but I have no idea what they're doing with the 15 Pro. The pictures don't really look all that good in terms of detail rendition. The details all look like plastic when you zoom in just a little and the telephoto is even worse in this regard. Even Chinese OEMs tend to have better detail rendition nowadays

                  Besides the use of no third party app stores (for US) and no developer options, iOS isn't that bad. I have to tolerate it. It does give you more creativity without downloading apps than iOS 15 and 16 ever did. Shortcuts, lock screen editor and phone wallpapers are your only way to customize without visiting the App Store.

                  I prefer Android still. iOS is just restrictive, that's all. Rate it 6/10 tbh

                    My new iPhone 15 Pro drains battery as a mother jom! 20% after 5 hours of lightly usage and 2h of screen inactive
                    After 14 days I re-install it without iCloud-backup. Let's hope it fixed the problem.

                      Yikes has it been 7 months already 😬

                        "Swiped to a picture in the Photos app and quickly want to double tap to zoom? Too bad, it won't work because the photo is still slowly sliding into place even though it looked like it stopped moving. Only when the animation completely stops will it accept the double tap gesture to zoom and it's hard to tell when exactly it stops."

                        That's a lame complaint, honestly.

                        I tried it on my 15 and unless you wanted to do the zoom immediately (which is unrealistic), it's like half a second after the animation ends that now responds. And half a second is probably not enough time for a person to recognize what the photo Is about.

                          Anton .el PAPI., 19 Apr 2024Boring but it's the most famous phone in the world! I... moreLamo. Used by most famous people doesn't make iOS any fun. And most of the celebs are hardly educated. The most common thing they do is scroll down social media apps. And remember the market share of iOS is just over 20%. Without the contribution of NA people and the ecosystem, the market share wouldn't even be 10% at most. Your words don't make any sense and I can't expect more from the fanbase.

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                            • 19 Apr 2024

                            Jin, 19 Apr 2024Depends, I like some people don't lock themselves into... moreThis is my experience, I've had a foot in both worlds. What enables me to move easily from iOS to Android and back is because I rarely buy paid apps, never buy music, or audiobooks and accessories. For instance, I'd never buy the airpods, because I'd lose features by moving from iOS to Android and there are better earbuds out there.

                              justasmile, 19 Apr 2024One step into it and you're not able to go back to And... moreUtterly bs. My friend is a long-time iOS user. He has 14 pro max. His father recently bought him a Galaxy S24u. He's enjoying every moment of using Galaxy S24u. Even when we talked in an international language forum, other people got weird radio connectivity noise when my friend used 14 Pro Max. But his voice remains crystal clear when he uses s24u. That's the difference. He doesn't even use Goodlock modules to put his 14 Pro Max in shame further.

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                                • 19 Apr 2024

                                Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024The SE is a horrendous phone. Horrendous screen, horrendous... moreMy man says Horrendous the chipset from iphone 13 pro max . Keep dreaming mate. The rest is pretty poor but still can make good photos in the day. This phone is not for phone enthousiast whatsoever

                                  rizki1, 19 Apr 2024Buy SE it's very simple, its iOS and cheap. Terrible battery life and bezels + screen even for 2022. If you wanted to switch for iOS (for some reason), then I would suggest iPhone 13 Pro. It has 120hz, telephoto, inexpensive (goes for around 300-450 USD on eBay), A15 is still fast and the screen and battery are excellent. The only thing not worth writing home about is the OS. But that's all you

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                                    • 19 Apr 2024

                                    rizki1, 19 Apr 2024Buy SE it's very simple, its iOS and cheap. The SE is a horrendous phone. Horrendous screen, horrendous camera, horrendous battery, old chip (only thing that's not horrendous). It's a horrendous phone.

                                      The most disappointing thing about iphone 15 pro, that regular 15 gives better image quality and less noise.

                                        Just my opinion, 19 Apr 2024LOL "Saying Android is boring and then switching to iO... moreBoring but it's the most famous phone in the world! I don't see movie stars, famous and rich singers with a Redmi or a Xiaomi* just look at the wrist of your favorite YouTube or influencer