Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II review: Brightest star

13 May 2011
It looks like the point where it all ends. A galaxy outgrowing its own limits. An explosion of energy and speed. An overdose of smartphone power. A phone that makes you love the smell of Android in the morning. The likes of Samsung I9100. Update: Samsung Dive overview added...

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  • blue1k

AnonD-8959, 21 May 2011there is no text reflow !! that's why i'm sticking to my desire hd...Yes it does. Double tap.

  • Daz

Just turn off every services, switch to 2G and treat it like a basic phone and you should get more life of your battery. Then switch on services that only what you will use on that time. But people likes to look cool by turning everything 'on' and then they complain. Well that's what you get for being a hero haha.

  • AnonD-9105

iDave, 22 May 2011GSII or Sensation? Comments for the Sensation seem to be compar... moreThe Sensation loses to the SGS2 in every way.

Weaker processor, weaker GFX, less RAM, heavier, worse display (Super AMOLED+ is more important than resolution).

  • AnonD-5197

Fongy, 22 May 2011I don't LG are a contender in any OS (personally) Sammy I think... moreWhat I was wondering was if Samsung and LG will stop or continue making WP phones...

  • marat

Anonymous, 22 May 2011They can't put that big battery in a thin phone like GSII!they cant and they dont have to. just make it 9,99 instead of 8,49

  • Fongy

AnonD-5197, 20 May 2011Samsung and LG won't continue to manufacture WP devices?I don't LG are a contender in any OS (personally)
Sammy I think are better with Android than with WM7 - HTC have a good track record, so I think they'll be better...
Personal opinion only of course!

  • Anonymous

marat, 22 May 2011hey buddy, good point. but dont forget samsung E2370 Xcover has ... moreThey can't put that big battery in a thin phone like GSII!

  • iDave

GSII or Sensation?
Comments for the Sensation seem to be comparing their phone with the GSII yet there seem to be far fewer comparisons the other way round on this thread. Is it because Sensation fans see the GSII as the benchmark to compare with, which shows they have respect for it.
I'm a Sony Ericsson fan myself but the Arc seems to have been left behind in so many areas, so my focus is on HTC & Samsung phone. I like both the Sensation & the GSII but still not made my mind up. What i want is a decent camera and flash. My girlfriend has a Desire, so I'm slightly familiar HTC Sense UI yet I know nothing about Touchwiz.
Thoughts and info welcome

  • marat

Denzo, 20 May 2011Enough with the rant.. you expect 1.2GHZ dual core running 480x8... morehey buddy, good point. but dont forget samsung E2370 Xcover has a battery of 2000mAh. why does S2 has only 1650mAh?????
could acutally any samsung engineer give a proffesional comment?

  • Haider Orange Sales

You see...I much prefer the OS that HTC use because they keep it stock!!!

The overlay on the os is not nice those tiles are annoying and irritating to opperate...hardware is very good though. Quite impressed by the screen and cameras!! ....tell me wat u think

  • Anonymous

Even the "perfect" Samsung Galaxy S II isn't perfect.

  • Krishna

I strongly recommend Samsung Galaxy S2 to everyone who wants to buy or upgrade. If u are looking for powerhouse which comes with excellent web browsing, superb still and video camera, best screen, so many good connectivity, superfast, smooth, plenty storage then this is the phone u r looking for.

  • Phil

Samsung Galaxy SII is nowhere to find. Many reports.Not before end of may now. It looks like Samsung have some trouble with it. Not sure that it is a good deal.

  • Smat

just me, 21 May 2011what im saying is they are improving the battery already (SGSII ... moreGood comment I agree 100% the bottom line is that if u want a battery that lasts 4 or 5 days it would have to be huge which means we would be carrying mobile phones the size of bricks around with us. Its a sacrifice we have to make to have a powerful phone where the battery last 2 days or a we can chose a phone with a monochrome screen, with a poor processor and OS that is stuck in the dark ages-I know which option most of us would chose. There is only so much you can do with battery technology which is why we haven't seen much improvement in lifespan over the years.

  • just me

marat, 17 May 2011i dont ask 1650 to last for 4-5 days. what is required is a batt... morewhat im saying is they are improving the battery already (SGSII in particular) people just dont get satisfied. try using SGSII battery to the phones from yr 2005. It could very well last 3 days or more because phones from yesteryears do less, thus drain battery at a lesser pace. Whats happening is the improvements made on the battery cannot be felt because every new phone release have additional features that eats up the battery. You make the browsing faster, of course it will drain battery faster.You multitask, playing music player in the background while editing documents, of course it will drain faster. You put moving wallpapers (i forgot what theyre called) of course it will drain faster coz even when not being actually used, the phone is working. Truth is, the phones are evolving fast, the battery improving as well (albeit in a much slower pace admittedly as pointed out, but improving nonetheless). And what im saying about resting is, since you, the owner is sleeping why dont you charge the cellphone as well. Its called initiative. In things that we have no control with (e.i. battery improvement) do your part, charge it when ur not using it (preferably while youre sleeping so you wont have downtime in phone use when ur awake). And yes, some people wants thinner phones. I still think, whatever improvement on battery life that is brought about by sacrificing the thinness of the phone will still not be enough to grant you wishful thinking of getting 4-5 days phone use with HEAVY USAGE!

  • Anonymous

The only issue here is to know if MALI realy sucks !

Why there isnt a single benchmark comparison between MALI, Adreno 220 and SGX540 ?

Is it because MALI realy sucks ?

I dont understand why no one has made this test until now !

  • AnonD-8959

there is no text reflow !!
that's why i'm sticking to my desire hd...

  • Anonymous

Bighugstudio, 19 May 2011Funny how they think there is an error in smartbench gaming lol ... moreMali it isn't weak. Tegra 2 GPU is worse in terms of performance as on the net as on the games as on the video. Mali it's the fastest and the strongest graphics platform actualy.

  • AnonD-5197

Fongy, 20 May 2011Couldn't agree more... And with the new announcement of Nokia d... moreSamsung and LG won't continue to manufacture WP devices?

  • Fongy

Ericsson T28 user, 18 May 2011Agreed, Meego is such an unknown in the smartphone world, you ca... moreCouldn't agree more...
And with the new announcement of Nokia dual core Win7 phones...
I think we're looking at a brilliant 3-horse OS race...
IOS (Apple)
Android (Sammy / Sony / HTC)
WM7/8 (Nokia / HTC)
Something for everyone!