HTC One Max review: Supersized

14 October 2013
It's phablet o'clock on HTC's watch and they're shifting gear and changing direction. Done expanding the One portfolio towards the compact end of the spectrum, HTC are going the other way with the aptly named One Max...

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Anonymous, 15 Oct 2013The S600 is no problem at all, it has a lot of performance.... moreI don't think so.. Z Ultra has more better spec, design, features than this.. This spec is just like htc one in big sized and has fingerprint scanner..

  • mk

not impressed snapdragon 600 4mp is low even if its ultra pixel

sony samsung apple and even lg are ahead

  • Anonymous

stupid and old fingerprint process ... that shows us clearly why APPLE is a good choice !!

  • Art

Big and so so heavyweight. Probably clumsy too.
That said the design is there, but they oversized

  • AnonD-196730

I think HTC one is much better than the IPHONE 5, whether its air gesture function or screen resolution, I like it very much, but I recently saw a mobile phone which is similar with HTC one no matter style and performance, called OrientPhone S6, it can play 3 d games, antutu test can reach 16000 scores.

  • Anonymous

What great placement of the fingerprint sensor – not! Now I can swipe my greasy finger over the camera lens. HTC clearly didn't think this through very well.

  • AnonD-119909

After reading HTC One Max's review on several different websites including gsm, I am a little bit disappointed as this Max is not a huge step forward but I do remember what HTC said at the start of 2013 when the original HTC One was announced that this year there will be only ONE flagship device! And after seeing what HTC came out with after the launch of the original One, there's the Mini, Facebook phone, other lower end spec phones and now the Max, u cant deny that these 'other' HTC phones and just stepping stones for the original HTC ONE to shine! And so now if u see the Max, u will realize what this phones purpose is for! Can't wait till next year when HTCs 2014 flagship comes out...snapdragon1200, 3.2ghz, 4gbs ram, 12ultrapixel camera and HTC sense 6.0 #pleasemakethisphonehtc

  • Disappoint me

One Max and One juz a little bit different LOL

  • AnonD-13148

AnonD-132351, 16 Oct 2013This or Z ultra :/?One Max.

  • AnonD-196340

HTC one is always excellent. Because HTC one better than HTC one Max........

  • 80000037

Camera still have purple tint issue?

  • AnonD-132351

This or Z ultra :/?

  • cazio

AnonD-77443, 15 Oct 2013You shouldn't tell lies Michael... you don't own a Note 3. ... morelies....u cant use note 3 half day on heavy tasking....lies again

  • AnonD-184002

seems everyone now is copying windows phone style.

  • fingerman

WOW fingerprint sensor,
Now iphone has brother to fill PRISM databases :D
Patch it with paper! .I. NSA

  • allan

HTC One Max is better than Galaxy Note 3 because Note 3 hasn't radio FM!

  • AnonD-82237

This is nothing but an overgrown ridiculous oversized same spec HTC One its a massive joke.

  • Blankman

I didn't even need to read the review to know that the Galaxy Note 3 would be favoured over this.

  • AnonD-77852

This is the best smartphone tablet out there right now!!