Richard Yu allegedly steps down as CEO of Huawei Consumer Business to serve as Chairman

Vlad, 01 May 2024

Huawei's Richard Yu (Yu Chengdong in Chinese) will allegedly no longer serve as the CEO of the Consumer Business Group, instead moving to the position of Chairman. The new CEO will apparently be He Gang, the former Chief Operating Officer (COO).

So far Huawei has never had a Chairman for its Consumer Business Group, so Yu will be the first. The point of the move is to allow Yu to expand his scope of duties within the company.

Richard Yu allegedly steps down as CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, will serve as Chairman

He will now look after more parts of the group, including those dealing with smart devices and car components - Huawei has been very active in the EV space in China recently. Information from inside sources says the whole idea behind this move is for Yu to have a better focus on the automobile solutions business over the smartphone part.

This isn't unheard of - Xiaomi's Lei Jun shifted his focus from smartphones to EVs a while back, and the company's first car, the SU7, has been wildly successful as a consequence.

Richard Yu has been with Huawei since 1993, and his career at the company will continue, now in an even bigger role than before - that is, if this report pans out, of course.



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