Sagem MY X6-2

Sagem MY X6-2

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  • Anonymous

so is it true that u can use a bigger micro sd cark then 256??if so plz tell me,u can write me on my e-mail.tks

  • andy v.

Yes,it will work except that you must record video in phone memory,not on the microSD.

  • tony

hello everybody, i've read at this forum taht this phone can read a 512MB or 1Gb, and that if you record a video the phone will get freeze, my cuestion is the next: if i get get one of 1Gb the phone will perfectly work 4 mp3 and other functions? of course without recording video? i'd really like to know this, i will really apreciate your help, thaks a lot!!!

  • Anonymous

it's a lie the fact that u cant put a bigger card than works up to 1gb

  • andy v.

You don't have a Sagem "full speed"cable that's why=>mass storage.
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And download MPAS(my pictures and sound)...

  • fake bigal

hey, how do u use the usb cable to transfer music ? it doesnt appear as a usb storage file in my computer and the wellphone program doesnt seem to be able to transfer music ? ? ? ?

  • andy v.

Sagem is not compatible with themes.

  • Di0khan

I just bought this phone and I think it's a great phone. I have only one problem: I don't know from where to download themes. Can anybody help me, please?

  • andy v.

Higher with 4mm from charger jack...

  • Anonymous

i can't find the place where i put memory card in

  • andy v.

Yes,you did understand perfectly.That's the only problem.

  • camij

Hi guys, i am going to buy this phone in 3 days and i am worried about the MicroSD that i should take.It it SURE that if i use a 512MB memory the only problem will be the freezing during the video?if i save the videos to the phone memory and not to the external then there will not be any problem with 512MB?please tell me what to do.thanks

  • mike

no its $159 i got one 2day.... yay

  • sam

You can get it on virgin prepaid for AU$169.

  • Riley

Hey im just wondering how much this phone would cost in australian dollars and also for those out their who own this phone how do you rate the size of it is it not to big please email me if you know these details thanx heaps...

  • Lastarik

Is it possible to attach 512 MB or 1 GB card if I am on Vodafone network in Romania?

  • andy v.

You can record direct on card only with a soft Sagem+256MB max.Orange or Bouygues Telecom can save only in phone memory.The time is something(both cases)of a few seconds.

  • mIRCea

hwere can i find some updates? if someone finds something to make this phone to record on memory card, play mp3 on background, forwordind or rewind the songs, please e-mail me!

  • make

thanxs but how long does it take 2 save on ur fone? because i have a Sagem My X-7 n when you record n then save it takes about 1min 2 save on ur fone.

  • Trevor Aldrin Matanj

To Mike Let Me Test My Phone Wait.....MMMM? For None MMS Setting It Reset 4 Minute Record Video At 143Kbps Quality Video 3gp equal to 4.2MB = 4 Minute For 256mb Micro Sd Let Find My Calculator Ahh Got It 60 Minute. This Just My Test, How About Your Buddy Down Below. Test