Samsung Bixby digital assistant now available worldwide

Peter, 22 August 2017

Samsung’s Bixby digital assistant landed in the US only a month ago, but as of today it is available globally. There’s a catch though – while you can run Bixby in any country, it still only understands US English and Korean.

It should work okay in Canada, the UK, Australia and South Africa, but it is sensitive to accent. Samsung claims Bixby’s deep learning tech will “continuously improve its ability to interpret regional dialects”.

There’s no word on when new languages will be added, but Samsung is working on it. Also, it wants to integrate Bixby into third-party apps, which will give you full control over them with voice commands.

Samsung Bixby digital assistant now available worldwide

If you have a Galaxy S8 or S8+, hit the Bixby button to begin the setup.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-96741

Hi, all you guys who dont have this yet, dont bother! It doesnt wake up unless you say hi Bixby in an american accent? Its so slow and not anywhere near as good as google assistant. I have tried several times to set it up, clear data znd try again. ...

  • Anonymous

Yeah it does feel a bit strange at first but I would encourage You to at least give it a try... it's actually quite a bit of fun and pretty handy "Hi Bixby..wake me up at 7am" BOOM DONE " I've set the alarm for 7am"

  • Anonymous

Well if you don't bother then how can you evaluate if it is any good OR not. This is the problem too many people think they are experts on a subject or make their minds up before trying something. It happens with everything from phones to apps,...