Samsung Ch@t 322

Samsung Ch@t 322

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  • turboss16789

Hello 2 all!!!! Would updating the OS of the phone help with the restarting of the phone!!!! I have a samsung metro gts 3310 n it also restarts at times when going to a specific folder.

  • Anonymous

There is a huge market & growing demand for DUAL SIM - Dual Active handsets in India. I am personally using 1 Blackberry & 1 E72, and I hate carrying 2 handsets.

This handset has got good potential. Why not give it all the goodies of Blackberry & E72 and add a few things like world band GSM & 3G with Wi-Fi,64 Gb or atleast 32 Gb ROM, primary 8mpx autofocus camera with 30fps full HD 1080p & front 2 mpx camera, hot swappable MicroSDHC card slots, 2500 mAh Li-Po battery, SuperAMOLED2 screen,1.5 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon Processor with Dedicted Graphics Chip, Android 3.0 OS and all this with DUAL SIM - DUOS - DUAL ACTIVE facility.

Samsung guys give this & you can give Blackberry and Nokia a run for their money on their hometurf.

I am damn serious guys, pls give it a positive thought.


can some1 help me i just bought this phone 3days back , when i try to dial the number it restarts by itself .

  • Anonymous

ello will the message go directly to sent item upond sending an sms.??? please answer im buying one later

  • Anonymous

ernzt, 23 Dec 2010if you send a message will it go directly in the sent item or it... morefollow up question guys

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell that ngapy and icici imobile will work in this phone


ngpay is the java based internet application rom which you can do shopping, or book irctc tickets,and funds transfer of hdfc and axis bank

  • rahul

what is ngpay

  • shanaia

Sol, 21 Dec 2010Its Absolutely cool at it's price. Real time dual-sim signal- g... morethanks for actually giving suxh a feed back... i was quit confused bout this mbl set cuz i have neva used this samsung mbl.. so thanks to who eva u are.. thanks alot for saying its cheap for its god blesssssssss:)

  • kiran

is ngpay working in this phone( java based Internet aoolication)

  • ernzt

if you send a message will it go directly in the sent item or it have to be confirm if you want to save it or not.

  • Anonymous

I do not expect much from this phone. Because of the price I'm getting it is reasonable! But I'm overly surprise with the performance, speed and some really really vital features which is in the package! Good job SAMSUNG. I'm waiting for your next generation SGS!

  • Pedro

I bought this Samsung a few days ago but I can't connect it to the computador.
I've try the bluetooth and the data cable.
One thing that I don't understand is why this model doesn't apear on the samsungmobile website.
Which software should I download? I have try the New PC Studio but it doesn't recognize this samsung.
Can anyone help me?
I really want to sincronize it with the computador but I can't.

  • Anonymous

I think dualsim standby function only for tis hp jez bcoz QWERTY keyboard ady explain all. Tis hp emphasize to those who use sms often so call waiting feature not his point. I nv own a samsung hp but wit tis cheap price + QWERTY + dualsim is my consideration.

I got few question:
1)Eventhou tis hp only dual standby but if my friend send sms to my both simcard, does tis hp receive 2 sms? Tis hp no need on/off either 1 simcard rite?

2)Does tis hp support other language? I nid chinese input n view them too...

3)If i on call A person, B person call me another number then my hp will give him a "busy tone". The question is: after i finish conversation wit A person, did i knw B person has been call me? Will i know missed by B person?

4)I had go thru read a little past commend of this hp and found doesnt support calling record. But does tis hp got sound record? or video record some more?


  • lj

according to mobile review, call recording is there. Are you sure it is not there. If it is not, then it will be the deal breaker for me.

  • Ganesh Singh

Reyaz, 20 Dec 2010no call recording sorry guysr u comfirmed ?

  • sanket

paresh, 21 Dec 2010i got very bad experience in samsung Ch@t322 because i purchased... morethis is very good mobile ilike it

  • qwerty guy

is this phone dual active sim or just dual sim?


  • Kartik

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2010try Alcatel OT-806d as an alternative.qwerty,touch screen,dual-s... moreany experience idea of LG C105 in Rs 3400????

  • Punyatu

This phone is not compatible with memory v-gen 4gb or memory with many files, I also tested 8gb sandisk sdhc@C4. Internal 50mb partitioned, for java only 1mb, sms 300s, why. Internet makes hp restart2. Does mp3 enable for sms ringtone. Desktop of social menu is very slow.