Samsung Ch@t 322

Samsung Ch@t 322

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  • Kartik

Anonymous, 21 Dec 2010try Alcatel OT-806d as an alternative.qwerty,touch screen,d... moreany experience idea of LG C105 in Rs 3400????

  • Punyatu

This phone is not compatible with memory v-gen 4gb or memory with many files, I also tested 8gb sandisk sdhc@C4. Internal 50mb partitioned, for java only 1mb, sms 300s, why. Internet makes hp restart2. Does mp3 enable for sms ringtone. Desktop of social menu is very slow.

  • Sol

Its Absolutely cool at it's price.
Real time dual-sim signal- great voice quality high quality MP3 player -great battery life

Go for it...

  • paresh

i got very bad experience in samsung Ch@t322 because i purchased Ch@t322 on 19/12/2010 in mangalore one of mobile showroom its shop name 'RECHARGE' i asked about Ch@t322 with that shops sales exicutive, he told that in 'Ch@t322' downloads all java applications, but now its not downloads any applications like "nimbuzz, ebuddy,etc... i think u go for change the mobile name 'Ch@t322' to any other name...... (paresh mallya "+918147411395")

bad..... bad.... bad.... baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd..................

  • Kumar

Sumit, 19 Dec 2010Hi Manju, does this phone have call recording option/facility??There is no callrecording facility

  • Anonymous

try Alcatel OT-806d as an alternative.qwerty,touch screen,dual-sim and has a wifi also ...i think almost the same price range with this phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2010does this have threaded messaging?no threaded messages

  • Anonymous

does this have threaded messaging?

  • Paul

Have anyone heard of LG X330? There is nothing mentioned about this handset in gsmarena, I wonder why. But today when I went to the shop to buy the C322, I got to see the LG X330 on the shelves. I dropped the idea of buying the Samsung just to take a look at the features and reviews here in this site but to my surprise its not there. You can google for LG X330 or

  • Paul

Pedro, 20 Dec 2010@Paul Thanks for answering. But then, do you know which... more@Pedro

Nokia actually doesn't bother about the dual sim market because if they did, they would have done it when Samsung started making the dual-sim handsets. Samsung has excelled in dual sim dual active technology and is by far the best in the dual sim game. But Nokia doesn't care about it. Their sales are still one the best in the market with single sim sets. So I would say waiting for a Nokia dual sim is just a waste of time. They do have a couple of dual sim handsets, but they are all basic ones, not even supporting dual standby. So if you want to go for a dual sim handset, go for Samsung.

  • Pedro

Paul, 20 Dec 2010@Pedro Nokia C3 is not at all a dual sim. Yes it has WIF... more@Paul

Thanks for answering.
But then, do you know which are the new models that Nokia will release with the dual sim technology?
Are they worth waiting for?

  • Paul

Pedro, 19 Dec 2010Hi. I want to buy a dual sim. Initially I was undecided ... more@Pedro

Nokia C3 is not at all a dual sim. Yes it has WIFI but its NOT dual sim. Between Moto EX115 and Samsung C3222 I would say go for the Samsung as the OS is much better in it than the MOTO.

  • Reyaz

The internet its slow , but is verygood in calling and answering calls very clear beta than nokia's

  • Reyaz

Sumit, 19 Dec 2010Hi Manju, does this phone have call recording option/facility??no call recording sorry guys

  • reyaz

Hi Guys
This is very cool gadget , both line working at the same time. but there are some funtion missing like Automatic Answering Machine.

  • nick

Does it work like simultaneously for the dual sim function? or do we have to switch to different sims each time?

  • Pedro


I want to buy a dual sim. Initially I was undecided between the Samsung and LG GX 500.
But none of them have everything I wanted (for example, a camera with flash).
So I decided to buy a cheap one.
Between the Samsung 3222, the AEG T530and Motorola
EX115, what should I buy?
What is your opinion?
Is there any other option?
By the way, the C3 nokia dual sim will have wifi, right? Does anyone does the price and when it will be available?

  • Sumit

Manju, 15 Dec 2010Hi friends, i bought this mobile for 4600 in Bangalore (Ind... moreHi Manju, does this phone have call recording option/facility??

  • Kartik

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2010A very nice DUAL sim phone I have used. Last week I bought ... moreDear do this phone have call Recording Option/facility????

  • Kartik

Can any one confirm whether this phone have call recording option?i need call recording option too.