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Samsung D600

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  • Xin Lin

hi!! i'm from the Philippines and I am planning to buy a D600 this March or April and i was confused because as i was passing by a shop that sells mobile phones, i came by a brochure of the D600 and i was amazed that it had Camcorder and Video messaging(3GP) as one of its feature.. what's the difference between 3GP and 3G?? are they the same? and if so, why does this page say that D600 doesn't have a 3G?? and why is it not famous for its 3G(if it really has 3G as one of its feature)??

Thanks in advance.. :)

  • Anonymous

haha true true...thanks :)

  • LJ

K750 is also a good phone with almost the same features as the d600. Picture quality is better in K750 but video is better in d600. i would suggest that you dont trade in your current phone but if you are really mad about shifting to the d600 then it is up to you. BUT y dont you wait a bit since future models of Sony ericson and Samsung would definitely be much better. just my 2 cents worth so you wont spend a lot unless you dont have other place for your money to go. ;)

  • to lola

To Lola: i got this phone 4 xmas as i relli wanted it badly!!! iluv it!!!1 its the best thing ever happnd 2 me!!!! i adore it!!!! every else luv it 2!!!! evryone wants 1!!!! the new nokia 6280 or sumfin has cum out n its gd 2, but if you wnt style and a gd phone which will last 4 the nxt 6 yrs. its definetly the D600

  • sy

I bought the d600 over ebay. What can i say? Awsesome phone! videos and pictures are of a high standard quality! and the large screen makes it clearer! also the extendable memory is a great feature! plus also the feature to put word documents, power point slides etc and plugging it into your t.v is great for my university presentations!
I would advise this phone anyone!

Only one fault with MY phone! - the battery lasts for 1 day!!!! and half a day when viewing vids and playing music!!!!!!

how long does everyone elses battery last for????

Think I got a dodgy one off ebay!
Wish i could find the guy that sold it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joja

no doubt this is the best phone from samsung.Big and clear display,stero sound,tv out put and it looks great but i still feel nokia's N series with symbian os has an edge.As far as sony ericsson is concern w800 or k750i is of the similar quality specially the sound of sony is second best after ipod and the camera result is the best from all the current phones if looks could kill then d600 is the best,and if you want to install different application then i think N series with symbian is a good choice and if you want to listen to music or you want a to carry a very good camera with you then w800 ro k750 of sony ericsson is the best.

  • JH

To Nick: No you can't use your D500speaker for the D600, it will have no effect on it.

  • Rogier from Holland

I love this phone, it is really amazing.
Some reviews told that the camera wasn't very good for a 2 mp camera, but I would say it is pretty good, only pictures on distances shorter than 1 meter.. aren't nice.
The mp3 player is great, fullscreen video's, expandabel memory, nice bright screen.. just great :)

Had a nokia 6230i, liked that one also, and I still think that the mp3 player on handsfree is WAY better than the D600. Not so loud and clear as the 6230i.

However, great phone! :)


i have just got the phone after owning the d500 it seemed like the only option. its says that u can upload aac/aac+ files. Those are the same format itunes however when i try to upload it says their format is m4a or something??????? please can someone help. plz email me if u have the answer

  • Jeffrey

my first phone was a Nokia 3200
and having this phone now, is a real big difference

  • nick

Hi i have a D600 and i brought a speaker from a shop that works in the D500 can the speaker go in teh D600 and dose it work

  • John Kelly

Can someone help this is really starting to get my back up please e-mail me if you know the answer.

When you get a call the front display comes up with a call and also at the bottom of the display it says accept or decline, if you happen to push the accept button then great but if you press the decline button it cuts off the phone.
I have the front display locked and also set the slide operation to either the two settings that are available yet it makes no difference to incoming calls.
If you have this phone in your pocket and get a call and put you hand in your pocket to get the phone it is easy to push the decline button by mistake.
I phoned Samsung and they know nothing about it or could not help.
Surely they tried the phone before releaseing it and surely if the phone is locked how can the buttons become active on call.
Please help, this is the only thing that is wrong with this phone.

  • JH

To LJ: Well not everything is the same as on the television. When i put my phone to the TV-OUT and i play video's he auto jump to full screen on the tv. And you can only see the screen on the TV when you have put at TV-OUT.

  • My D600

My D600 by Jack Handy

I love my Samsung D600. It's the 2nd cellphone I've ever owned. My first phone was the Moto V60. What A piece of CRAP! I put up with it for 4yrs cuz I was broke & didn't know better. So having the D600 is a MAJOR upgrade. It's got all the features I want. I don't txt message so the slow T9 speed doesn't bother me. I don't use the brower cuz I also have a BB provide by work. My fav. feature is the mpeg4 video playback. I download my fav. tv shows and convert the avi files to mpeg4 video files. Copy them to a transflash card and watch an episode or 2 at work during smoke & washroom breaks. You probably think the screens too small to watch a long video. You'be surprised because you can adjust the video 90to180 degrees and have video fit fullscreen. The the viewing screen size is then 40mm X 30mm (widescreen). I also like being abe to set picture and mp3 ringtones for my contacts. I just find that neat. If you don't care about txting and browsing the web, buy this phone. It's got everyhing else going for it.

I bought this cellphone in Chicago's Little India (Devon Ave). For local buyers, if you pay in cash, you can bargain with all the electronic shops. I paid $320 in cash 3 weeks ago.

  • LJ

Do any of you have a comment with regards to the use of TV-out in of the D600? why is it that in the tv commercial, it shows that you can view the picture/video/doc in full screen from the TV. but when i used the TV-out, its just like that i am using a tv as the monitor for my cell. and that the screen is just in the middle. is it really just like that? if not, how can i modify my tv viewing options?

  • review

If your's another review of the D600 that I found informative:­873

  • I want more life, f*

I've had the D600 for about a month now. The battery life is 2-3 days. Users that waste the battery playing mp3s and video files will have to the charge the cellphone everyday. Also, if you buy your phone online, make sure its from a reputable dealer. Some online retailers will sell you third-party batteries. Especially the ones from Hong Kong!

  • craving a D600

i really want to buy this phone and i think it looks really nice but i have just bought a phone for christmas the motorola razor and it is rubbish!! seriously dont buy it!
and i want to get the inside info on the D600 before i get it. I have learnt my less0on on just rushing into buying a phone just because it looks nice!


  • Wouter Schut

my samsung d600 works with the bluetooth headset 'bluetrek g2', but you should answer the phone by pressing on the button on the headset and not on the phone because else it will not use the headset.

  • JH

To Pillsbury Doughboy: Yes it has a forward/rewind button which is better then the D500. With the D500 you had to switch between the buttons that could be annoying.

To Phone_lover: Nope you can't use video as a wallpaper.

To Shirben: If you don't have windows XP or 2000 you can't use your PC Studio.