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Samsung D600

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  • @li

hello evry1

i wanted to ask if the mp3 player in d600 can be played in the back groud.....and can the pics be viewed fuul also tht whn u cannect the fone to the tv is it normal 4 the screen to go blank.......
its a perfect fone!!!!!!!

  • @li

to Biola Nagode

there is no worries i also run win xp and wel u can go ahead wth the installation of the drivers.....and well u can us the usb port and the usb cable to connect ur computer to the system if u dnt have blue tooth or infrared......the usb cord is usually supplied wth the fone....hp3 this hlps

  • Biola Nagode

Whenever i try to install the software for my D600 on my system(windows XP)it says it has not undergone windows testing and that Microsoft strongly recommends that I stop installation otherwise I risk my computer malfuntioning later.anyway just wanted to find out if I could continue with the installation so that I can connect the phone to the system,since it does not have an infrared and my laptop has no bluetooth either.It would be higly appreciated if I could here a reply soon.Thanks.

  • Paul from England

Hi guys. I have just recieved my D600. I am having trouble connecting to my laptop via USB to transfer some mp3's. I have had a look back to see if any previous posts can help but I don't know which posts are relavent and which are not. Everything is installed but there seems to be no connection. Can anyone help me?

Also, can I buy any trans flash 512mb memory card or does it have to be a particular card?

I will be very grateful for your assistance.

  • Omar

Plz can anyone of you guys answer me about my question. Is the bluetooth good or bad, fast or slow?
Plz :)

  • gary

Hey I bought a d600 but on orange tariff as it was cheaper but then unlocked it so I could use my existing o2 sim card. Problem is that it still has the orange world features! Anyone know if there is an update or download of some sort so that I can start to use the o2 wap system???? Ta

  • Anonymous

Mp3 player is definitely comparable to the one of W800.I have the 512 transflash card and I transfer my mp3's through my pc's card reader.Sound is excellent eeven with the shipped small earphones.If you want better sound get the plantronics 590 stereo bluetooth headphones or the ones by Samsung.It's a perfect phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dingle

ne one no if ya can get a screen repasment cos there is loads of scraches on mine and i need a new one

  • Ahmad Sarji

you can find your software at estimated size 45mb and only for windows 2000/XP (not working on windows ME)..

  • jaybee

does this phone have voice activation for calls? plz

  • EleMenT

Its goldy phone,no doubt.But i need some1 to tell me is mp3 good?Can mp3 on d600 be compared to SE W800i.
Some1 answer plz :)

  • Gaynor

Steve, Checked with my network today with regards to the time being a screensaver cos it does my head in also. This cannot be done and apparently the screen goes black like it is turned off to save the battery life!!!! I'd rather keep charging it and have a screensaver

  • JH

I'm JH, it was meant for Asalo Aikakum, try . or google search.
Can't find? Just use the English Software it's not a big problem.


aslamo laikum..hey i need the software of d 600 which can change the langauge from english version to arabic version. thank you foe any one tell me how to find it?????

  • JH

Aslamo laikum that is just easy to find! . Or you just try google search or whatever!
I got this phone and at now, i'm glad with it, and yes i don't love that in the phone-world they just bring new phone's out with a extra feature or feature left out of it. Just sucks..

  • alok

Its nothing special. I have a d500 and d600 and i still prefer to use d500. Samsung just keeps bringing out the same phone with one little feature extra. Look at the d820. Its a squished version of d600. Far Out....

  • nirvana

how do i move a contact from my phone to the sim card

  • Dino

every time after I send an sms it never go's into sent items.My sent items always read zero even after I send 10-15 text all day..why????

  • Omar

Hi guys
I think it is a great phone but I've heard that the blutooth is too bad, is this true?!

  • john swansea wales

cynthia it is easy to change the ring tone for your alarm, just go into the alarm page and when you go to choose the tune press the ok centre button and scroll left, then you will see all the different pages that contain either packaged tones from samsung or ones that you have either downloaded or you have had vis bluetooth