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Samsung D600

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  • mobile guru

Hi all
I am a neutral mobile user and try to go for the best available, whatever the brand. So my opinion is totally unbiased. It would specially help those who want to decide which phone to buy.
The best of all available mobile phnes. Huge and crisp. Just avoid scratches.Keypad is Ok Nokia N70 has better. SE is awful.
Camera of D600 and N70 are almost same. Beautiful and crisp colorful pictures better than K750, W800, 6230i etc.
W800 is much better than any one else. N 70 is also very good. D600 is better than other Samsung models but a notch lower than SE W800.
These are standard. But the best I like is that u can watch ur videos on the TV directly by the supplied cable. I am not sure if any other mobile is capable of this. Absence of FM radio, voice dialling also hurt, but it depends how much u use them.
Storage is so simple. Just go to phone-settings---USB settings----And select mass storage------ur card appears as flash drive. Do whatever u want. No need to use blue tooth for data transfer.

Choosing video as caller id is another new feature which is not available in any other phone.
Its overall a phone full of functions, its beautiful and trendy and its price is going down. Grab it immediately unless u want a phone primarily as a walkman, then go for W800

  • ob1

Does anyone now how i can copy all my contacts from sim card to phone memory at once with the D600? I'm struggling to find it?

  • JACK

how time it can zoom with digital zoom????thn

  • sampras

can somebody help me pls? how can i play java games wihy my d600? i can send the game with my bluetooth device from pc to cellular.. but on the phone when i try to work it, it seems unidentified file ! how can i install and how the phone recognize the file??? pls help.....

  • jay

i think this fne is brill but sum! told me u are able to record things off the tv with it!! how do u do it????

  • .

its an awesome phone ... really i just have a problem but it seems like im the only one ... the screens connection to the phone doesnt work properly it goes black until you open and close it a few times ...

  • Danielle

Want to know how good this phone really is, the D600.

  • Paula Durcan

Great phone, has many great features and superb camera!! Highly recommended x

  • khris

does anyone know of a free video encoder to 3gp and mp4?? im having a problem with playing back videos i converted using the program that came with the phone and i dont know if the problem is with my phone or the video converter...

  • joey

are you serious that the picture wont be clear if you take it clearly?? hmm. what other disadvantage tht this fon has? plz reply.

  • david rudd

i think it is the best fone ever .

  • cOw_kEEper

To daniel,

No you can't.

  • Samsung

Help all,

a friend currently owns this mobile, however the structure doesnt seem stable, once it it has been slid open, if you apply pressure to the bottom part of display part (below the C button) it ever so slightly pivots, is this due to manufacturing problem or heavy use? all opinions welcome, thanks

  • Just curious

It does not have programable voice dials? So if you have a bluetooth headset it is not truely hands free because you still have to dial?

  • brynn

to gamer-xpr,i have o2 x3 and a nokia???its just a comparison so you can answer my question if you could o2x3 is 30 fps & cif resolution & goodish video,,,,the nokia is 15 fps and 176 x 144 resolution,,the o2x3 is smoother because of high framrate but nokia is worse because its framrate is half giving lips out of sync effect and resolution is small,,,SO i understand frame rates and resolution fine BUT my question is why is mpeg 4 better than 3gp..All i can think of is its like you get high,,normal,,,& basic quality camera snaps but other than this guess why is it better.P.S. this is not a go at you its to understand why as its taken a while learning video formats & audio formats come to think of it..thanks for your time

  • 1234

gamer_xpr: yes it records in mp4 if you want.
malak yassir: D600 more features, feels more solid(you will know when you hold it), better sound, memory expansion slot; You have to hold the side button to get the phone to show the clock or just slide it open, samsung said its to save battery; Battery is about the same or a little shorter(im assuming its cause of the extra band)
kaz: dont have that phone; nokia has a D600?
khris: i dont use the software much that came with the D600, use a program called mpegable x4live.
daniel: /sigh i just wrote that you cant in my other long post.

  • daniel

is it possible to have the mp3 player on in the background and use other applications at the same time such as messaging without having to stop the music and exit like in the D500???

  • khris

im using the software that comes with the phone to convert mpg to mp4 or having a problem when converting to a higher video size or pixels because the results are either the video stops playing while sound is still playing or the sound stops playing while video continues on playing...anyone know why????

  • kaz

whuch is the better phone the d600 or the nokia 3230?

  • MALAK Yassir

how do you compare D600 to D500 ? i heard d600 doesnt have a clock like d500 have when slider is closed? and the batt time is same as d500 ?