Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • Bob

Samsung's originally released specs said GSM900/1800/1900. The updated specs of a month or two ago had GSM850 added.

These are official specs from Samsung.­gsm/sgh_d600.asp

  • John

Check the dates of the reviews. 850 was added a few months ago, and a lot of the older reviews still show it without 850. If someone on EBAY is selling it without the 850, rest assured it's a scam.

  • Reality

This is a Tri-band phone. Because I read it somewhere before that Samsung never make any phone specific for USA, which 850mhz is for USA.

  • Jess

I read in a lot of other sites that this is still a tri-band phone. unlike the description above,it does not support gsm 850.

  • Delight

some more photos of d600 ;)

  • cantwait

Robin, you bought one?!?!?

  • Robin Oosterveld

I've waited so long for this phone to be in stores in my country(the netherlands).
When I saw it, I immediatly baught it...and still, I'm satisfied.
I don't need a new phone anymore...because nothing will seperate my precious and me.

  • kerry

Hi im due for an unpgrade from o2 and today 9/8/05 asked about the realese of the D600. i was told that it may not even get relesed as no info was available. could someone please tell me if the phone will be available in england any time this year please. cheers

  • Jo

iv been waiting for 5 mounths and im tierd of waiting but now im jus looking forward to it cumming out! (but who knows wen thats guna be)!

  • John

Does anyone know about the quality and speed of using this phone for both an FM radio and an MP3 player. I'm not very versed in the MP3 downloading and playing music on my cell phone, although that sounds like a very nice feature I would take advantage of.

Thank you.

  • boku

been waiting since like 8 months when that guy got a hold of all the new 2005 phones

  • noname

I agree, I've been waiting for this phone for 4 months now.. and it's very annoying to keep an eye on when it'll come out. I've been visiting this site more than 10 times a day.. and it's pretty annoying to wait like this.. I thought of getting another phone but I know I'll be regretting when D600 comes out so I'm just looking forward to wait.

  • Anonymous

Samsung are taking too long now. They are getting as many sales of the D500 as they can before releasing the D600. This just makes me wanna get another phone and not the D500 either. I've waited for 3 months for this and I really need a new cell. Does anyone else think the same, that they might end up settling for another phone even tho they don't want to?

  • Ed Dallimore

I've been waiting for this phone for a very long time and you have to take your hat off to SE for being first to market with 2MP camera phones. By the time D600 comes out a SE750i will be half the price which must seriously effect Samsungs profit potential. Samsung have to get their act together in this respect I think. Having said that, I think the screen resolution and TVout features make me want this phone more than a 750i. How cool is that to be able to plug your phone into your TV to show off your pics and mini vids to folks. I'm being patient but must admit I have come so close to buying SE because it is taking so long.
Don't understand why all the decent Nokia camera phones weigh so much. Can't stand walking round with a lump of lead in my pocket !!!

  • Jeffrey

It's taking so long to come that people will settle for the D500 or buy another brand. i know they want D500 to carry on selling well. but it about time they brought the D600.

  • mar

799 opinions????

lol this phone is not even hit the market yet

samsung must be very proud

hope it is not a big Disappointment

  • noname

DON'T buy w800!!
Wait for the D600.. It's coming out very soon.
w800 has very crappy screens which is hard to watch movies (i'm not sure even if they have that feature.)
D600 has QVGA screens and when you see them you'll be VERY VERY HAPPY that you waited for the D600..
HOW much clear is the QVGA screen???
It's very very very very sharp and crisp..
Actually when you see one of those QVGA screens you'll NEVER be able to use any other phones with crappy screens..
there's many other great features but I hope just by telling you that it will make your mind..

  • noname

before asking questions about features.. plz check the specifications!!
it says Dual Speaker (3d sound).........

  • Diana

First off, does it have a built in speaker?
And also, can anyone suggest me which one to buy out of this phone (D600) and SE K750I? I'm buying a new phone in a month or 2. But i'd like to know which is better...qualitywise and featurewise. Like..750I has AM/FM, but D600 has tv output. Both have memory card. Last time i checked, the other samsung, which is D500 has a separate speaker that you can attach and it makes the songs or the people on the phone even louder. Is 750I capable of doing so? Thanks for the replies!

  • operator

we will get the mobile phone in the end of august. (switzerland) i want to take this phone because the card slot.