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Samsung D600

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  • Ryan

I totally disagree with the person below me.
It's ONLY one month late.. at the most two months. If 1~2 months of time is enough to make the best phone's feature a 'crap'...
Then I don't think anyone will know when to buy a phone. I don't think any phone better than the D600 will be out until next year.

  • SamSunny

Will all the delay, and too early presentation, a lot of people are no longer waiting for it, as it is LACKING options allready 3G etc (D700?) lol and now people start buying nokia/sonyericsson, as it is widely available. Pitty, the phone looks really nice, but again, samsung can't make the deadline "again".

Bad marketing strategy I call this. By the time this phone comes out, you'll be buying it, and complaining it lacks this or that, which the other brands will have included. Design is indeed very nice, but hey, would you like to drive a ferrari with a beetle engine ? LOOKS great! Perfomance = crap.

You decide. But for me it's "outdated" by the time it hits the european markets.

  • Bob

Password stealers, keyloggers, viruses, and trojans all can monitor your password when you login to a site. So many people's ebay's accounts are being hijacked, so a scammer is advertising under someone else's account. NEVER trust someone on ebay (or any similar site) even if their history and feedback looks really great (because someone else is using their account).

There is no reason to buy this phone, or any other, from an online site like that. If you buy things online, use a safe payment method such as a credit card and ALWAYS check your statement every month.

Also, if you see these phones for sale, report the ad (if possible) as fraud.

  • Ryan

I agree, don't buy it from ebay.
Even those ppl with 100% ratings can scam you.. I once mailed (he said you have to mail him for some reason..) an ebayer with a 100% ratings who was selling D600 and asked him the price and everything. He replied but when I mailed him again asking for a picture taken from him, he never replied back.
Real ebayers don't ask you to mail him.

  • curious1

Don't buy this phone from ebay! So obvious that it is a scam! How can you sell something that is not even out yet? Worse yet, how can you sell hundreds of something that is not out yet?! Don't get conned, I know this is a great phone but be patient.

  • Jo

how come people sell this phone on ebay if it hasent been relised yet??, i know not to get one from ebay because there all most likly to be scams, but y and how do they do it?, im sounded rele dumb here lol

  • Bob

Never can predict so keep an eye on their website. Release dates from the carriers are often more variable than mobile shops.

Yes certainly should be more expensive than the k750i since the D600 is a far superior phone, and a new release. If you want to save a bit of money just wait a month after it's released.

I'll post the local price here when it's available, for comparison. The prices I've obtained so far seem a little on the cheap side.

  • shashikumar

hi bob.will d600 be more expensive than the k750i or not?

  • abed

I think that this samsung phone is the best in the world because his a full spacification phone and he start baring i well buy one and i well be happy

  • Exegesis

Or maybe i'm an American who lives in the UK. I am with vodafone though, so maybe not so lucky. But didn't Vodafone carry the D500 just as soon as everyone else?

  • Bob

Based on your inability to spell properly, I assume you're in the US. So you'll have to wait a month or two (or possibly longer) after the initial launch until you can renew your contract with a D600.

  • Bob

The date is dependent on the market you're in. The first initial shipments worldwide should be in about a month. That doesn't mean your market will see them before October though. Especially if you're on a junk network like Vodafone, or any of the US carriers, then you'll need to wait.

  • Exegesis

I'm not arguing about the "Music Phone" thing... I'm pointing out that the site says the D600 isn't expected until October.
All these dates are really frustrating me as i am eligible for an upgrade on the 24th of July and i dont know whether to hold out for the D600 or just go for the Z500.

  • Bob

The "Samsung Music Phone" is the i300, with a 3Gb hard drive.

The D600 may support 32Gb MicroSD cards when they are released, but who would want a 4 year old junk phone by that stage? Until then, you can use 1Gb cards, then 2Gb, 4Gb..... A 1Gb card will still hold a couple of hundred songs or more, so what's the problem. Put 25 CDs on each card... or is that just not good enough for some people...

  • Exegesis

Ah... well. Here's a site that says differently:

  • Ryan

well, the most reliable release date is August 1st. It is supposed to be out in August and it probably will be August 1st.
It's just a rumor but very reliable.

  • Exegesis

How does anyone know anything about this phone yet? It's not been released. I would like to hear more rumors about the release date though, that's always fun. I think it was supposed to be released last saturday 16th of July according to the last rumor, so someone else start a new one now. ;)

  • Ryan

you're being scammed... It's NOT released in ANY country yet. DO NOT buy it from ebay..


If someone is willing to sell me one for $365 today, have they already been released enough to do this, or am I being scammed.

  • Ryan

Thanks for the reply.

hey S'n how do you know if the speaker sux.
The review indicates that the speaker is pretty good. and Samsung has changed the spec to 3D sound. So it should be even better now. Don't spread rumors