Samsung D720

Samsung D720

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  • samsung fans

i dont think this phone gonna be released. i have been checking for this phone so long but the status still the same, "coming soon"

  • SGH-D720 TEAM

Think I am sorry. It was some late to small problem. I come in today first time production. Will be announced from some country. Wait better a week. All of the development ended.

  • p

this phone is out the 12/10/05
it is available on some websites now

  • Anonymous

it will not come out till next year

  • Cannavaro

Still coming soon !!
I don`t think Samsung is gonna made it

  • Anonymous

you can get this phone from­ng/sgh-d720.html

  • danielle

i loce this phone its the best ive seen yet! i cant wait till its available in the uk i'll buy it as soon as it comes out! i love it.

  • taijii

Hey, I'm trying to get the latest phone on the market but I'm unable to find where. CAn you guys out there email me the info. Thanks

  • Adam

A question for those who have the phone: Can you answer calls withOUT pushing it open? Can anybody answer my question?

  • sanjay

considering its launched in most parts of europe, any links or sites where its possible for it to be purchased?
I know pixamania will be selling it from 21st september 2005.

  • Sunej

Wow, D720 is a bomb. I think it will be my next phone.
My contact number is 2348027157584

  • hot

Samsung D720 and D730, both symbian phones are already released in some part of europe especially germany, france and italy. They selling well.

  • samsung fans

what's the difference between D720 document viewer and D600 Picsel Viewer for MS Office documents? or it's same?

  • Anonymous

Are they going to sell it in North America or Hong Kong or something? Hopefully they will. It's freaking expensive! But it's nice. Sigh. This phone causes conflicting feelings.

  • Anonymous

sorry.i meant pixmania

  • Anonymous

out on poxmania, wopeeeee!!!!!! on 13th september, and they are always right!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

The screen on this baby is 1.9 inches. What is the usual on nokia symbians.

  • SGH-D720 TEAM

We can promise. In September, may see from shop certainly. Initially, it may be France where can see. But, thing which can see from UK may not be caught long so.
Thank you for having a lot of interests.

  • rambo

its about damm time you release this model pl don't do NATO, no action talk only, previously announced D700,D710 all cancelled b4 even been launch,cut the press conference etc, release this symbian baby...

  • lambro

i would like to know when the d720 will be released in the u.k your reply will be very appreciated thank you.