Samsung D720

Samsung D720

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  • SGH-D720 TEAM

Thank you for loving D720.
D720 may announce for this month.
I am grooming finally to make perfect phone.
I will visit at nice phon if wait a little.

  • jaz

cant wait till i get dis phone, im gona get it da first day it comes out its so cute but i wonda wat its lyk on da inside.
PS: if u know please email me.

  • jon

The looks are great but the keypad looks strangely like the one on moto's V3

  • joey

i love this phone, along time i've waiting this phone design, and i hope i get this phone immadiately,i also like the features like internal and external memory..i love it..thanks for samsung..

  • Anonymous

Who cares about UMTS, why can't samsung make A quadband phone?

  • Anonymous

Why tri-band in the spec.??????????
The phone in the picture says UMTS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

phone releassed next month in germany along with the d730 (flip version) for about 500 euros, official from samsung.

  • ngozi

a very good phone.can the pictures be sharper?

  • Chris

How much zoom dose this phone have?

  • B

who knows for 100% about UMTS/3G! does it have or not???

  • saif

Does anybody know the phone has sterio music player? How long time voice memo in this phone.

  • prince

mmmmmmmm i can't get it clearly
1 megapixle or 1.3 megapixle??
according to this site its 1 megapixle­IT/SamsungGalerie/ipage00167.htm

with 2 megapixle this handset will be the best what a same :(

  • Ian

Does anybody know if the phone works in its closed position? I mean can I answer the phone withOUT opening it?

  • fone dude

paul, this phone has a card slot.

and yes it has hands-free, or so it says on specs from another site.

  • xxx

does it have Built-in handsfree??? i think this one will be cancelled

  • cyn

where can i get this phone? and how much does it cost? Im currently in Singapore and i dun think they carry it.. please kindly email me if you have any idea.. thank you

  • paul chaplin

i just want to ask why samsung seem to be making these d series of mobiles as if they are music phones yet they do not make them with card slots?
I own a d500 and the sound that it has is amazing! but i cant have many songs on my phone because of limited memory, its a real inconvenience. Id like very much for a new version of the d500 to come out with duel speakers and a memory card slot then i would be able to get rid of my mp3 player and just use my phone instead.

  • RRAT

I would like to know when this phoen will be available in the U.S.! I've been waiting for a long time now for this phone. Your reply would much appreciated. Thank you.

  • speedpunk

At this rate the D720 is bound to be cancelled.


THE 6270/80 i mean