Samsung D720

Samsung D720

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  • sana

Can you just tell me when samsung D720 is available just tell me asap.plzzz

  • HONG

anyone know the length of the talk time, and standby time. pls email me.

  • matt

Hey, call me crazy but i'm american and i really like this phone. So...i was wondering if anyone could give me details on whether or not samsung is making it, whether or not it'll be available for t-mobile, and when will it be on sale in america. Thank you very much i will appreciate any answers.

  • Nik

It's not moto keyboard cut and not copy of razr!!! Stop posting such bulsheet! Look at the foto first!D720 is the best, by looks and features!And stop kompare it with such sheet as razr~!

  • nigrEdo

isnt that a motostyle keyboard cut? dear samsung - stop the copy thing! you even dared to copy razr!!!!!!!!!!! but ofcourse it wasnt a success!

  • guia yip

l live in hogkong ,d720 what time to come out?because very like.this phone have radio?

  • alex

this is the perfect Samsung !! da best Samsung ever ! the new thing on samsung mobiles is the Symbian and the Bluetooth!! it has a slot !!! i have a nokia 6230 but...this phone is the best.....i think i`m going to buy one of thiz!!

  • raul

some one please help me i need to buy this mobile and im in the uk although i do not no how much this will cost and when it will be realased. Samsung say it will release in uk in the 2nd quarter which is june/july and it is june coming up and if anyone knows how much it will cost in pounds in the uk please tell me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO A REPLY PLEASE.

  • Anonymous

Brilliant phone! It's functional but beautiful

  • Marko

I really hope this fone will come out! This is probably the nicest Samsung EVER!

  • SkySky

This phone is in great shape and specifications!~ Both Inside and outside are just great! I am expecting for so long to see this phone to come out, but I just couldnt find its available yet. I hope it will by this summer in HongKong, cuz I will ask my frid to buy for me~>< Anyone knows when does this phone release in HONGKONG?

  • Mubashir Ahmed Siddi

Tis phone has every thin name it and u have it except the RADIO.... which is a major drawback

  • Benyeap

This is not a 3G phone

  • jalen

Every1 i have been using this fone for the last 4 months and its undelieveble. i was using the D500 before and i was having alot of problems. The D720 is like an upgraded D500 but in perfect mode and much more features. so i highly recomend this fone....

  • Ben Dover

this fone are greatest in hole world. simbian, blootooth,mp camera. mp3 plaer. wot els coold yu ask for?

  • david

This phone should be coming oout by next week. I have emailed one of the vendors and he said it will cost me about $280 for the phone and accesories.

  • Sharon

Is this a 3G fone? looks impressive ^_-

  • Anthony

Hi, can someone tell when this phone is going to be launched or it is going to be discontinued like the D700 and the D710???

I do not think that this is going to be good for Samsung because they are producing such magnificent phones and then they discontinue them which they loose profit since people want to buy smart phones these days than ever. Nokia and other brands do lanuch them after 2-3 months that they have been announced.

Finally, if this will hit market shelves, it will make a great hit or other wise people will buy Nokia the new N-series which is magnificant especially the N90.

  • Jon

Does anyone know if this has touch screen?
comes with the pen?
I'm very interested. and I would love to buy it when it comes out.
when this will be out?
If anyone can answer this, I will be appriciated.

  • RaZVaN

salut frate roman :) i think there will be different versions 4 the fone ... anywayz ... andrei maybe u send me an e-mail with more info on the fone, what u know bout it, a price, when it will come in ro, and etc