Samsung D720

Samsung D720

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  • Jon

Does anyone know if this has touch screen?
comes with the pen?
I'm very interested. and I would love to buy it when it comes out.
when this will be out?
If anyone can answer this, I will be appriciated.

  • RaZVaN

salut frate roman :) i think there will be different versions 4 the fone ... anywayz ... andrei maybe u send me an e-mail with more info on the fone, what u know bout it, a price, when it will come in ro, and etc

  • Andrei

Hello there!
I'm from Romania.I don't understand one thing,if u click on the picture of D720 on this site you'll written on it UMTS.In GsmArena's Specifications is just a TriBand Phone.I don't understand Samsung why are they launching a Symbian phone so late.I'm a Symbian Fan.Hope they won't dissapoint US.

  • fone dude

the phone is not out yet! stop scamming.

  • danny

this fone is excellent. i should know, i sell them. i have imported them from a different country which i am selling them for 250 each if any one is interested plz email me

  • ravi

this is an ultimate phone.Whats the price tag of this phone?when will this be available in INDIA?Anybody who knows the above details pls mail me

  • Steve Rohrman

This one looks interesting. I have been carrying around a P900 and the Symbian OS is the best of both worlds. It is robust and pretty bullet proof. Two concerns.
1) Battery life. Can anything match up to Sony Ericsson P900/P910?
2) The age old concern or whether it will actually be released or will be cancelled in pre-production.

  • RaZVaN

tooooo expensive ... how much do u expect it to drop let's say ... till july ? will it ever be around 450-500$ ? dunno if it's worth more

  • Anthony

Please SAMSUNG when are you going to release this nice phone??? I want it at all costs.

  • Johnny

This Samsung D720 already out in the market, and it costs 798usd.Best way is wait for the price drop.

  • RaZVaN

best on the market, honestly, design + s60 = best

  • TheAznGuyWithTwoNose

lets say i bought this phone...would i be able to use it through t-mobile right away?? or would i have to wait like a billion years for it to do all that stuff..??

  • Anthony

When is this phone going to hit the market??? If some does know, e-mail me.


  • xHoNzx

hmm its not even released and i saw it in one of the handphone shop in singapore selling it for $800-$900++

  • Sh. Usman

I luv 2 see this mob. can i any 1 tell me when it gonna release & how much it will cost(pak Rs.)

  • Frieza

What a sexy phone !!! i want i want i want i want ! i dont really care what it has on it. its just one of those phone you want to own to look good. i dont care how muchg this phone is gunna cost! I WILL HAVE IT1. bit over eger. sorry.

  • Winson

Does anyone know if this phone will work for FIDO in Canada and how much I can buy it for and where on the Net? THANKS A MILLION!!

  • j

would a 3G sim card work on this fone? anybody?

  • yo

is MMC-micro the same size and function as the regular MMC?

  • Matt Barker

Phone looks awesome, just hope they let us know a release date soon.

PS. Danny 'the scammer', get lost mate; the phone isn't even out yet.