Samsung delays Galaxy Fold indefinitely

Peter, 07 May 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was ready for a star-studded launch, but issues discovered in early review units caused Samsung to recall them and postpone the launch. The company was supposed to announce a new release date after evaluating the issues, but now the launch of its first foldable phone has been delayed indefinitely.

Samsung sent out emails to those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold, saying that it’s “making progress” and will release updated shipping info “in the coming weeks”.

The pre-orders will be automatically canceled by the end of the month, unless buyers explicitly request otherwise or the company manages to ship the Galaxy Fold before then (which sounds unlikely).

If you’ve pre-ordered, you can cancel at any time before the phone ships. Samsung will only charge your account once it ships the $1,980 phone, so it doesn’t cost you anything to keep your place in line. But you might want to cancel anyway and wait until first reviews confirm that the durability issues have been resolved.

Samsung's email about the Galaxy Fold (image courtesy of Jessica Dolcourt of CNET)
Samsung's email about the Galaxy Fold



Reader comments

S10 is one of the greatest phones this year, offering anything you want and sells well, it is definitely not a flop, it is a succesfull product, funny how people ignorance overshadows facts. Hole is way much better than massive notch on the front. It...

  • AnonD-241270
  • 29 May 2019
  • pXD

is a flop, cause people want more of sammy, not the almost the same as S9, even people have complained before S10 was out that nobody wants a hole in the display...they keep doing as they want... you will see the Q2 results from sammy soon, and ...

How S10 is a flop can you explain me?

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