Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • mrs cApE tOwn

this fone was great had it for two good years...until it broke in two last

  • Anonymous

i'm unable 2 connect it 2 da pc
can any one help me !!

  • janima

im using this unit ryt now and its great i buy it last january 2009 i like the color and its performance is very cute and realy for ladies gadget very nice!

  • sohad

for who s checking my phone type well its so terrific and its violet not pink /next to that it has no usb and everything else its fine its really so quite suitable for teenagers but not sauitable for school teens espacially if u forget quiet mode or try quite mode but witth vibration yr jeans will all shake thx for reading sry for enlarging sites comments
gd day
alegancy is my style

  • chloe

this phone is really great. it's a basic phone but i've been using for 3 years and it's still okay. very light, keypad is soft to touch, petite and love this phone!!

  • VUYO

i got the phone for my 21st birthday four years ago and its still going strong cuople of bruises but it is still intact talk about quality

  • Mona

the best phone i s old 7 years...i dont whont cange it :)

  • Rosemary

I purchased this phone for my teenage daughter two years ago and she loves it. It has never skipped a beat. I have recently offered to upgrade to a newer phone and she has refused preferring to keep this one.

  • Donna

I love this phone. I've had for 4 or 5 years and it's still working great.
It has had cola spilled on, been dropped outside and other places a number of times, it's been threw once or twice and it has been in the washing machine and it still works.
I'm getting a new phone soon but i doubt it will be as good as this one.
I will keep it as a backup when something goes wrong with the new one.

  • vanessa

i've had this phone for almost 3 years and it's still going good.the memory is super,its beautiful even thou its been around for a couple of years.its one of the best samsung has ever made for past 3 years!i llloooove this phone to death,its like my diary as well!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

My friend wants to buy this phone and it only costs about 90 - 80 dollars here. He has 600 dollars to splurge on a cellphone but he told me he was feeling cheap so he's buying this instead on an Xperia or a blackberry or a 5800 xpressmusic or something else.

  • Anonymous

i had this phone for allmost 3 years.
this phone is the best phone i ever had.
if this phone had a card slot it would be the best phone ever.
-the memory zise is good
-the sound is good
-the pictures and video are good
-its a very good looking phone
-it doesn't brake easy (it fell allmost 50 times but still didn't brake)
-great to text message


  • Magos

It's a very beautiful phone. :)Not so function great, but very ok!!! :)

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for nearly 3 and have now moved on to a new one (my mum has my Samsung now). It's not the kind of phone you'd want to have for too long. Yes, it does the job if all you want is a phone for just texting and occasional calls, but there are a few downfalls which make the phone not enjoyable.

One of the worst downfalls is the camera button on the side of the phone. It is because of this that the Samsung E530 takes photos (or videos, depending on what it is set to at the time) in your pocket or even in your bag. Not only is this annoying, it takes up precious space, considering there is barely over 100mb of space (which is another disappointment).

Secondly is the outdated 1mp camera. At the time I got this phone, I didn't really care what the camera was like, whether it was high in megapixels or was the worst camera ever. I just wanted a phone. But once I stated taking photos, I discovered a 1mp camera doesn't cut it. The photos are of decent resolution but the result you'll get is a blurry, pixelated photo. This is the as the video recorder. It is very sensitive to light--you'll find out that photos and movies taken of someone in a spotlight will be nothing but a streak of white light.

Lastly is the lack of dictionary. I tend to send sms's with words from different languages and abbreviations, so I was disappointed when I realised I couldn't save them to the dictionary (because there was none). Instead, I had to save them as templates which was a pain and most definitely annoying to insert.

Despite the cons I have described, there are a few pros which I have been pleased with.

Sleek design. It's very cute on the outside (although I never liked the pink colour) and has good sized buttons suitable for those with slightly bigger fingers.

"Women's Life" application. I loved having the option of keeping track of my period on my phone, rather than using a calendar. Not to mention it gives you a fair idea of when you could be ovulating, which can prevent you from an unwanted pregnancy. This is my most missed extra.

"Bobby Carrot" Java game. It may not be the best game on a phone but it does help pass the time.

Overall, this is okay for a temporary phone. I would highly recommend this to parents who are looking for something for their 12-14 year old daughters.

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for over two years now. recently I've had to resort to using it again.
The reception is horrifying! the design is pk in my opinion. and the phone dies within 2 days, I have to carry my charger practically everywhere with me in case it dies on me.
From the people I know everybody hates samsung phones... the battery and reception are horrifying

  • Anonymous

i use to have this mobile phone it is the bomb and its reliable!!!

  • i

will id love to have it coz its cute

  • sar

Well I've had mine for about 2 1/2yrs now and i think i'm ready to move on to another samsung model. I keep it in it's protective cover and rarely drop it yet the blue light on the outside is only half showing. Also the camera takes pics on its own when in my bag. I'm finding the pink colour to be a bit babyish and want a change.

  • souhaila

i have this mobile it's very nice i like it and this phone it's for girls thank you

  • sony girl

i had this phone for 2 years and within those years it was slammed to the ground,thrown around like garbage,practically broke apart because of all the throwing but that did nothing to stop it from functioning excellently. Everything still worked well so i feel this phone is very good.