Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • Anonymous

this phone is useless, i have it..
rubbish camera, rubbish speakers, not particularly attrative and mines now broken i cnt txt
dont buy it x

  • Boy

sandra, 11 May 2008i think that samsung e530 it's a really good phone. to bad that ... moreThats good ohone,but the only prob he has is that there is no card slot as my guy as said earlier.
So please try and do something about that okay.

good Day..

  • Phone Guru

I had this phone about 3 years ago and I still haven't found a phone that tops it. The camera was very decent on it, it had a good flash. All the apps were great on it, it was really easy to use, it looked great and felt nice in the hand, had loads of membory... need I go on? This phone kicked ass. If samsung put a better camera in this phone now I'd probably buy it again now. In fact I might just get on ebay and get another one.

  • Luki

I've just bought the phone, 2nd hand...
it works great,
and i'm very satisfied w/ the func.
i hope it'll work ok for many yrs to come ^__^

  • sandra

i think that samsung e530 it's a really good phone. to bad that it haven't got a slot card. but he had enought memmory for about 20 songs and pictures :).

  • Dara

I lost my samsung :( but it was the best phone i EVER had! I loved the currency converter and all the little features it had. beaut! x

  • iswmail

i wana have yhe pin for reset timers

  • UK

Hi guys, I would just like to know what memory card would you need for the samsung E530 phone?

  • Hannah

I have had this phone for about 2 and a half years now, its still going strong although very stratched. I have the same problem as many others, constantly taking pictures and videos in my pocket which wears down the battery. Very annoying. Other than that, I love this phone and plan to keep it for another year =)
Fits very well into the palm of your hand and is a good looking phone.
Would definately recommend it to anyone, gorgeous and reliable.
H x

  • Anonymous

it is soo nice! mine "died" actually :( but it was my fault...i speld juice on it and the microfone is broken for good! it can't be rapaired! but i had it for 2 years and i was really pleased with it :(

  • Ilona

This phone is a great work horse, unkillable and sexy looking, but it has issues. Constantly takes photos and video in your bag, microphone is scratchy and is really hard to hear people especially in slightly noisy places, ringtone is too soft, and service if a little out of town is bad, my family have nokias and are with the same provider and have loads better service than I do. I have had it for 2and half years though and battery is still great and it still works like new, first phone I ever had that lasted the contract term. Great workhorse, just a few issues....

  • jeremy

you can do everyu thing with this mobile it's imposible but it's possible.You can dowload images from your pc very easily the mobile download in a short time

  • Anonymous

this phone ROCKS! my dad got it for me 2 years ago and there's still nothing wrong with it! its still small and cute and works perfectly fine :)

  • BRIE

I've had this phone for 2 years now,but cannot till date log into mxit. Why is that? Also I cannot send or receive video clips. Could it be my settings?MTN could not help me either.

  • Blue_wizard

I have been using this phone for almost a week now. It works fine, can any one tell me that weather can I change its body? I want a different color. Another thing I noticed is that after connecting it to my pc with bluetooth, the file transfer program said that I can only transfer files from the hand set to the pc but not the opposite, as the set does not support a memory card. Can any one help me with this issue? Can I tranfer file to the phone using bluetooth.

  • Anonymous

this is sucha good phone! dad brought it 2 years ago and i ive still got it and its working good as new! Lovee it

  • Anonymous

this phone is great, i've had it for two and a half years and it's as good as new!

  • Anonymous

at first i was annoyed because it doesn't have loud speaker but beside that
this phone is good as
i've had it for about 16 months now and i've accidently dropped it and stuff and its still good

  • s4n_fl0wer

I love it!!! Cool design with complete features and good performance.. I bought this second but i have no regret buying it!!

  • F

I have had this phone it is super cool