Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • Marie


My phone is fine but there have been a few complaints on here about it cutting out during calls. I think there was a faulty batch. I would take it back and get a replacement.

  • BM

My phone is fully charged but keeps cutting out during a call - there is no specific time limit set.It frequently ends a call suddenly. Can anyone offer advice?

  • Ramona

Is the samsung e530 giving problems such as the samsung e700 gave, as it had a lot of problems with the ribbon, which costed me a lot of money to repair. I wish to know if this is worth it or not?

  • dizzy

Hi got this phone yesterday and love it, but have taken a few videos with and now cant delete them, i have checked and its saying they are not protected, but still fails when i try to delete. can anyone help please

  • liz

this phone is awesome and beta yet its pink

  • dee

Am Still confused about which colour to get. I want the orange but someone says it looks like a toy. Anyone seen it and can tell me what it looks like?

  • kezom

just wanted to know how many txt msgs this phone holds, looks cool. thanks!

  • Louise Bacon

Loving my new phone, but can't believe there's only 2 ringtones, is this right? How do I download music 2 the MP3 player? Do I need extra's to do this, please help!!!

  • rastak8

to convert mp4 file to 3gp is to use a converter software named xilisoft(from the internet),or even u cn dwnload 3gp files from the bluetooth and wala! you an set ur own video as ur wallpaper!!!very clear too!impressive!

  • Marie

It doesn't have a speakerphone

  • Anonymous

I love my new phone but cannot find the loudspeaker/speakerphone option. Does it have one?sola

  • Marie

My dongle was fine but it sounds very different from youurs. I had a proper samsung one. Only one icon for the bluetooth that I clicked on. And when I send music I just open up where all my music files are on my pc and right click one song. It then comes up with a little box with options and down the list it says send to. I hover on this option and out pops another box saying all the things I can send this music file to and one is now a bluetooth device since I installed my dongle and I just click on that.

A data cable does the same thing, you are just connecting your phone straight to your pc without using bluetooth.

  • lisa

This phone is the coolest but Iím having problems with the bluetooth. I brought a Bluetooth USB Dongle which I have installed into my computer but only 4 of the 13 icons are highlighted to use, so I canít send music. The chick at the shop told me to go on the internet and find additional software to download but I really have no idea where to find it. Has anyone had the same problem and can help me? Also would it be easier to buy a USB data cable? Will it do the same things as Bluetooth? It would be great if anyone could give me advice as this is all way over my head!

  • SamsugE530Pink

Thanks for answering my questions on Bluetooth and MP3, it sounds very easy so I'll get my users manual out today and see what I can do - I'll be back if I have any problems.

  • jess

how many mp3`s can you hold on the phone?

  • bubbles

i absolutely love tis phone!!! my old phone was a nokia & it didnt even have a colour screen - so tis is all very new to me!! PLEASE can someone let me know how to download songs and pictures!!!

  • Marie

And please everyone who is wondering about sending a message and not being able to go straight to the phone book to select the person who they wanna send the text to YOU CAN DO THIS. I do it every single time I text.

When you text you then click send but it comes up with the place to put in the phone number. You then click options and up comes a list saying, send, send and save, phonebok ect.

I just press 3 as phonebook is option 3 or you can just click the down arrow until you get to it and up comes the phone book where you can then select who you want to send the text to.

  • Marie


The reason it asked you for a pin is beacuse you can simply do what you did on the train and connect to another persons phone and send them stuff like pics and tones. The pin is for security to stop you receiveing unwanted things if you know what I mean. There is a default code which for mine was 0000 but you can change that. I have answered your question on how you put tones and stuff on your phone but if you need more help let me know.

Believe me it is so easy. I had no clue of what to do and just stuck the dongle in my pc and followed the instructions. It was very easy and quick.

  • Marie


I have this phone so can tell you for certain that you CAN select the number from the phone book when sending a text. I can never remember anyones numbers and do it everytime so don't worry about that.

The front display is only designed to be on for a few seconds to save battery life and there is no way of making it stay.

The pics are good in my opinion, if you click this link it show you the very first pic I took on the first day I had my phone:

In order to put MP3's and stuff on your phone you can do it how I did it. You can buy a bluetooth dongle for your make of phone from the shops or a lot cheaper on ebay. You plug it into your USB port on your computer and either load on the disc that came with the USB or some are just plug and play this loads on the settings for the USB. Then click on the icon for bluetooth that will now be on your toolbar on your pc and select find a new device. You need to make sure you have switched on bluetooth on your phone for the pc to find you. Once it has the make and model of your phone will appear on your pc and you can start sending stuff from your pc to your phone. I use a site to download MP3's but when you buy a dongle on ebay a lot come with a cd full of songs and pics and stuff

  • Liz

Is it true that when you are sending an SMS that you can't get the phone number from the phone book, meaning that you have to punch the phone number in, instead of clicking on someones names from the phone book?
I really want this phone but don't want it if that's the case.