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Samsung E530

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  • Sally

hey mark, that hurts....2-3 days standby??? aw.....i have a choice between this and the nokia 3220.....this seems way better...but yea....but what about the analogue clock? does that stay all the time? and if not, why does it go?...i wasnt really expecting it to be kinda gives a different impression if its plastic...u know what i mean eh/... yea....last is it that some people say this phone is brilliant and others say it's not that great?.....the functions and things....some people say its perfect, and others say its poor quality...?

  • Mark

1. yes it's made of plastic
2. digital clock stays all the time
3. standby time 2-3 days

  • Sally

hey guys, im in love with this phone and i really want it, but after i read your comments, i a lil bit doubtful....can u guys tell me all its faults? coz i dotn want to buy it, then regret it, apparently, its made of PLASTIC? and someone said somethign about the clock not showing up, does it do that with all the phones? and what is the standby time? it says 200hrs but on reviews and stuff, they say it only lasts for three days.......please help thanx

  • Dunno

Hi, I got this phone yes2day and have read your commments about getting a ''dongle'' to download mp3's. What would anyone recommend: The dongle or a data cable?
Also, I am on contract with this phone and was wondering, is there any way you can check how many free txts and messages you have left?
Thanks for your help.

  • mindy

Does anyone know where i can get a ring tone that just rings !!! I miss the Nokia ring tone cuz it was good and loud and sounded like a telephone .. I have trouble hearing a tune rungtone when im out and about and would just love a ringing tone again .. Thanks !!

  • Mindy

Terri ... I bought a ' dongle' from ebay and it works well.. Just put dongle into the ebay search and also the samsung e530 and it should find some for you if they are avaliable. I paid just over 8 i think and that included delivery. I have downloaded everything using this. Mp3s straight from Kazaa and also pics from web pages . All you do is save anything you want into a shared file in the bluetooth dongle....

  • terri

hi there,
i have read through some of the comments and have a few questions myself.. but first let me say that although i am still getting to grips with some of the features.. i love this phone.
ok.. just wondering how you send pics and things to email... says i have to set up account???

also someone (i think called catmeow) said they had bought a bluetooth thing from ebay...making transfer of mp3's etc easier... anyone recommend one that is not that expensive?
many thanks peeps

  • Duffy girl

Ok Hey people,
I always used to buy nokia mobiles i never tried any other type but when i saw Samsung E530 I Found it really cute and stylish But I dont know some people saying its cool and some others saying its ok
I need to know please The side effect of it or the problems like i read many people saying some stuff about the camera that it is not clear and others are saying that they cant open the Mp3 player so is that true??? and i can open a true tunes like songs right???? and can i recieve songs and video clips from any other mobile through the bluetooth?? sorry for asking alot but seriously i need an answer =) Thanks every1

  • Pookie

Mindy, you can apparently bring back the external clock display by pressing the volume decrease key; you can also recall the Missed Calls screen on the external display in this fashion. This should hold true for the newer Samsung clamshell phones too. Maybe someone can try it to see if this works?

  • amy

Hi... i wanted to ask a few questions before i buy this cuuute phone!!!
1. when someone calls me, does his/her picture come up on the EXTERNAL display?
2. is the picture quality good?
3. when the fone is flipped open does it make a sound like the older models?
Thank youu sooo much i'm waiting for ur replies. for the users, are u having any problems with it? i'm also considering getting an e730.. which is better?? thank u!!

  • sunny

Adriana, the Samsung E530 is not Him, it is a Girl ha ha ha

  • kat

To Adiana: i have the same issue. this is because you have the samsung e530C model phone which doesn't supply the extra 'women' features.

  • Adriana

I just buy this phone and he don't have the Women;s life in his menu like it should be.Can someone tell me why?

  • Mindy

Hi . The peeps who are asking if the clock can be made to stay on the front , the answer is absolutely NO . I have written to Samsung asking about this myself and the answer i got was that it isnt a feature of the phone . When i told them they were guilty of false advertising ( as every pic of the phone i saw showed the clock on the front !) they told me that because it is not listed in the manual they are not guilty of false advertisin , pfffft ! I have to say one the deciding facts in buying this phone was the clock , so now im miffed ! So .. send a letter to samsung , ask them about the clock , hound them ! tell them they are falsly advertising it !

  • PLEASE help

HELP ME please i have just brought the samsung e530 and i have a bluetooth dongle i have transfered sucesfully a mp3 file to my phone but i cannot play it beacuase it says "unsupported file" can some please help me? what do i have to do to get it to work

  • me..............

Does this phone have triband?

  • phil h

im male" as this is more featured for a women "and its great.the whole set up ,the quality and everything is gorgeous,limited memory but so is the complaints generous battery life and the colours make it more of an individual phone,im not telling wich colour i bought who cares!!!

  • Andreea

Could someone please tell me if this gorgeous phone permits y to define MP3 songs as ringtones??Thanks

  • Wen

Does anyone know if there is a way of donloading ringtones or MP3's to use for text or MM alerts? Other than this I have no complaints, the phone is very cool and sleek looking and is very easy to use coming from a Nokia-only background.

  • Karen

Does somebody know if I can download bluetooth from the internet?