Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • Karen

I got one!!!! Since yesterday evening! This mobile really rox! I bought it for 170 (=170 $) Coolcool...

  • Silvia V.L

very nice, smart, good-looking!!!! love at first sight. i'll have it for 280 $. expensive? worth every penny.

  • k4g

No I have never had any problems at all with quality or calls. I am so happy with the quality of everything on this phone, my camera takes photo's that are absolutely crystal clear too!!!!!!!

  • k4g

I have the same problem I really want to have the clock on the front permantly but cannot figure a way of doing it, a friend of mine says she can't either!!!!!

  • alan

Why is it that everybody I know who has owned this or an e720 (about 10 people in total) have given up due to poor call quality.

Maybe a sign of the times, does anybody actualy use theirs for voice calls?

If so has anybody not had problems, the older Samsungs seem fine but I know so many loyal Samsung fans who have now deserted.

  • mazmoose

thank u loopy lil!!!!! im definitely gonna buy this phone...its sooooo cute!!!!!

  • david

i saw it in orange and i think i saw it in more colors like blue or green, but yes there are more colors!

  • sweety

i would like to ask if any body ever saw this mobile but not in pink. i would like to know if the other colours exist. i would really like the orange one.

  • chris

is ther any way ya can get mp3s without buying a bluetooth dongle?? let me know please its doing my head in!

  • Loopy Lil

to mazmoose, picture quality is great. 1 megapixel which is better than a lot of normal camera's. would send a pic but havent discovered where i can get a bluetooth dongle from yet.

  • Charlies Little ange

I love this phone to bits, however I would like the big round clock to stay on the front screen at all time instead of it changing to a digital one, has anyone conwuereds how to do this, I would love to hear.

  • holli

ill tell ya sumthin i bought the d500 the other day n then soon as i walkd out the shop i saw this beauty i think that the best part of it its pink i wanted to turn around n swop the fone 4 this 1 but i 4t no n now i wish i did

  • Phil

Has anyone had problems with the outgoing audio on this model?
Have seen a lot now, and all with outgoing audio that is poor quality.

  • mazmoose

i reeeeeeealy wnt this fone...but wats the camera quality like? the opinions posted say it is good but on some websites that i have looked at to look at photos taken by the fone show a greenish mist in the centre of each picture...
is this true?
could someone send their photos (taken by samsung e530)to my email pleez...(
thank you soooooo much

  • Amy

I just got the phone yesterday and I like it a lot so far. It's very cool! Just wondered if anyone could tell me how to get mp3s from my computer onto my phone? It says there's a USB port, but I can't see it! Am i just being really stupid?? Even so, please help me if you can. Thanks.

  • nora

omg!! just got it and in love with it already.. it takes amazing pictures, the sound quality is great, great screen.. luv this phone!

  • darryl

LOVE it.

  • k4g

To anyone that is looking to buy this phone I would like to suggest going with 'O2' as they are brilliant and I have been really pleased with everything.

  • k4g


That's really strange that you don't have a very good quality when taking pictures as mine is crystal clear!!!!!!!

  • Falo**92

This pone is like the best ..... i hade it 4 less then 24 h and it rocks
it takes wonderfull pictures its not noisy at all
it has bluetooth and mp3 its really small so thts great IT IS SOOOO PERRRRFECT
p s: when you buy it (youll be so happy) read the users guide ..........