Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • Me

Hi, thinking about getting either this phone or the Samsung Z500. Could anyone give me their opinions plz?!! And/Or what problems people are having with either of these phones. Thanks 4 the help.

  • Nikki

Can someone please tell me more about this phone im thinkng of buying it.
can someone please tell me how long you can record the video for?, how many songs you can fit and if it just generally good?!
Thank you!
please can someone email me back either on the email address i got there or tankz!

  • poppers

lavender pink is purple while valentine pink is pink.

If u are in SG and signing up with Singtel, it's cheaper to buy it @ planet where u can bargain.

  • lynn park

it a gr8 phone and really easy to use but the only problem is that i can not download music from my computer straight to my fone off cds. so if anyone could help on the matter would you please email me. thanks.

  • Fade

hi guys, i was just wondering if you guys know wad is the exact term of the pink color in singapore? i saw one 'Lavander Pink' but i am not sure if it is the pink or the purple. did not managed to see the pink one as there is no stock. so wondering if any one know the term so i dun get the wrong color. thanks a million! can email me as i am rather busy am afraid might miss your reply. so would be grateful if someone can e-mail me. thanks alot

  • aisha

i love this phone!!!!so cute etc...huhuhu loving it so much2...suitable for women but i can't type n read msgs while listening to d mp3...sob2..but it's ok..i love it

  • domeara

Screens writing is not that big. The screen is good quality but the writing is quite small.

  • Loopy Lil

I've had this phone for 3 days now and on the first day things started to go wrong. It's a fabulous phone and I love it, but when I record things on the voice recorder it's really quiet and one of the network bars on the cover screen is missing. Was just wondering how many people are having these problems too.

  • annie

why is this model also known as Samsung SGH-E568 on other sites?? so which model is it really?

  • Ann

How big is the screen compared to a nokia 610i... I need glasses i think so is the writing a good size?

  • MobE530

Hi there this is for anyone with problems for sending video messages. There is a special size/pixel setting for MMS. Before taking video:

1) select the folder on the left of screen and goto to settings (6).

2) Change the first option [recording mode - video] to 'limit for message'

3) You will have the choice of a couple of quality (res.) settings.

Now if you shoot your video you can send it and not get the message 'unsupported media' hope this helps.

For people uploading mp3/ringtones from the computer. Becareful to select the right place to upload stuff to in the phone. For example if uploading MP3's - select the music folder not sounds or it won't work. I use studio II Pim & File Manager and have no problem sending ringtones/music. Works fine.

Hope this is useful...

  • Mindy

Hi all
Read a few probs with the dongle and mp3s. I had trouble when i got the dongle at 1st. My daughters phone downloaded perfectly from it . My samsung would disconnect the download after about 5 secs, most annoying. What i did was this and it works ( tho a little long winded). I open the bluetooth aplication and get the computer to access the mobiles files ( as if i was going to download pics id taken with it) then i can recieve the mp3s and anything else from the comp. Also i had to make sure that i 'share all' the pics to download . Go into your photo's and click options. select ' share for bluetooth' and select the ' share all' option . That will allow all pics etc to be downloaded. I am not that good with technology but i tend to find a way round a problem by any means . This worked for me and the bluetooth i bought but it may not work for yours . Good luck

  • keiji

1)can we take photos with the cellphone closed?
2)also can we turn off the sound when taking pictures?

  • Lucy

wow...this phone is amazing, i'm loving it loving it loving it. I have a problem trying to send video clips, says its unsupported if any1 can help. Also im a bit dopey and i have no idea how to download mp3's, i have the bluetooth dongle. Please e-mail if you can help. Thanks

  • phonegal

womens life app it is in applications under option 3 lifestyle, if it is not here you have a softeare issue with your handset

  • Kate

If anyone can help me PLEASE email me at When i try to send a video by mms, even one which lasts a couple of seconds i get a message saying 'unsupported media' Also i have a bluetooth dongle and a ringtone cd but when i try to send a ringtone from my laptop the phone won't accept it, even though it is an mp3. PLEASE HELP!

  • nathalie

how is the max time we can record with the video??

  • mindy

I got my BLUETOOTH 'DONGLE' from good ol Ebay .This is a small plug in for the comp so that you can download mp3s etc..I paid just under 10 for it. Just put this phone make into the search and it comes up with all the goodies for it . Works a treat !

  • jill Moxon

LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT....LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT..good how you can have piccie on front, love the afro head frame for piccies, love the lifestyle option, love how the smiley face :) comes up if you press the full stop twice after message...this is very stylish lightweight sexy phone..I have it sky blue and everyone loves it BUT...bad points...really struggling to download tones for mp3 player...what is the easiest way...via bluetooth...How does that work or downloading? If anyone can let me are a star****...jill:)

  • mishelle

where can i get a usbconnector and how much will it cost?