Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • Mbj10

Could anyone tell me if this phone will work in Brazil?

  • bunnygirl

By the way-for those of you who wanted the clock showing- Go to settings-display settings-wallpaper-then cover display-then press on the middle i button on the phone-wallpaper images- and then u can select it!

  • bunnygirl

Thankyouuu! Got it! The instructions are really bad then they dont say anything about pressing the I button! x

  • Ashley

Actually - I have just figured this out - when in the ringtone section, the part where you think you should be able to change it, press the middle of the square "i" button, then default sounds - that will bring up the list of ringtones. Hope this helps.

  • Ashley

I am having the "one ringtone" problem too. Apparently there are 20 - but can somebody explain how to get them. cheers.

  • bunnygirl

Just got this fone, lurrrve the appearance etc, but (this may be my stupid inability to work with technology), I can only seem to get one ringtone. Surely thats not right?! Can someone tell me how you get the rest?

  • Jo

upgrading to this phone tomorrow - looks like a smasher! Just wondering... what on earth is "Women's Life apps" ?!?!

  • TLB

I would absolutely love to buy this phone. Does anyone know if it is compatible with GSM networks in the US?

  • emma

hey! could someone please please tel me if the camera is any good on this fone, i had d500 and found that the white was alwayz yellowy, it drove me mad!

  • sarah

has anyone changed across from nokia's to samsung? do the differ that much?

  • jen

mine is gonna be purple and with a light purple inside ill ring ya off it if i get it 2 nite i have been trying all weekend 2 get it!! i well want it if i get it i will ring before 6 : 30!!! hope 4 that call!!!

  • claire

if u read this jenny...then u will notice that this notice is a notice not worth noticing, hehe! i am loving that phone tho..really snazzy!!! it can only look good in my hands tho...NOT YOURS!! luv me x x

  • jen

claire i got your msg, i am getting this phone it is not all yours its all mine mwahahahahahahaha!!!no one wants to buy a phone today except ME!!! every one who is out there call me to buy a phone!!
if u want one of these in uk leave a msg on this screen!! if your a business! nah just jokin

  • michelle

thanks I shall stop going through the menus looking for some way of putting the clock on either way the phone is brilliant bought the o2 mini bluetooth dongle at the same time as the phone and getting my pictures on and mp3's is so easy
before this i had had a motorola v635 well i had 6 or 7 of them all went wrong with various problems the only bits i've lost are the removable memory card but this phone has plenty of memory hands free dialing which i can live without and the ability to put mp3's on for the tone for txt messages i can live with that as well

  • claire

oh my lord its PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIIINNKK!!! how cool am i going to look, hehe!! :0) jenny if u read this, dont u dare buy this phone.... its mine i tell u mine!!! luv me x

  • rachael

Just updating myself of peoples comments, there are 20 ringtones on this phone and mine also came with 2 MP3 sounds which can be used as ringtones, I also had some MP3's bluetoothed to me from a friend and they are really good too, Pinkladie, if you join the samsung funclub ( and register your details you receive 300 points which you can then exchange for downloads, I registered online and then I access via WAP but I didnt find it a problem getting to site until I entered via rather than each time you access the website via pc you receive extra points and stuff, its worth having I downloaded 3 ringtones with my points (polyphonic) the selection isnt huge but as its free cant complain really. As for clock, I dont think you can get the roman numeral version despite it being on the picture and for colours, the box shows the phone in five colours!! not sure when available/where though

  • Jen

Claire!!! hello im getting the purple one of these 2 nite!! Luv jen x x x
how is it over there? im fine all the way over here!!! w/b

  • Rachie


Im thinkin of gettin this baby... but i keep hearing about how it only has 1 ringtone!?! Is this true?

Ta very much. :-)

  • Courtney

I want one. I am in Australia. How much? When? and Where can I get one? And did I mention that I WANT ONE!!!!!!! And I want a pink one!!!

  • Anonymous

an absolubte girlie fone very stylish and just an all time great!!!! flip fone and plus it pink!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to get my hands on it!!!!!