Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • michelle

well i've had it a couple of days and its really good but has anyone worked out the roman numeral clock display for the front display yet i still cant find it

  • kelly riley

is the video recording on this fone CIF like the Samsung E720?

  • jelly

hey~ im from nz. and i LURV THIS phone. its perfect4 an chick who loves pink. and i was wondering if u can get phone in new zealand, in Auckland? many thnx

  • Lauren


Don't know if you will read this but the best place to get this phone from if you are in the UK is - only available in the pink colour and you can get good deals with their online tariffs!

Hope this helps - getting mine on monday =]

  • Sergei

Hi all!!!This phone is very pretty and high-tech, but he has only three disadvantages:
he hasn't modem, loud-speaker and EDGE!!!In general it is very good phone for the stylish lady.

  • Jonnie

Hey I'm having a hard time finding the mens version of the e-530 same compact body ony with men apps. and in dark blue, and supp. green and orange. can anyone help??? please!

  • BuzzyBee

This phone is incredable! I love it! It's features are amazing, it is the perfect girls phone.

  • pinkladie

Yes people do read these reviews - it helped me decide to get mine - got it today!! I'm in love!!! Altho - I can't seem to get my free ringtone from samsung fun club - it won't go to the url?! Anyone know of any free ring tone sites that r any good? Can't believe it only has one tune!?

  • Emma

Hi, love the look of this phone but can anyone tell me what the picture quality is like and how long is videos for please?

  • michelle

I have just got this phone and it is awesome bluetoothed all my pics I want on to it loaded some mp3's set it up but the picture you find everywher of this phone shows it with a clock like a dial style clock on the front and I cant find that on the phone anywhere it has the digital time on the front but I wanted to put the dial clock on any ideas anyone thanks

  • annette

Where can I purchase one of these phones. i live in Parramatta NSW and have been told this phone isn't available yet.. I want one!!!

  • Sarahjane

Hi Does this phone have a speakerphone.

  • Sian

Ordered this phone and it should be arriving tomorrow. Can't wait, it's so girly and cute - perfect for the average woman! Will let ya know what I think of it!

  • AJ

Well, it is a girlie phone :-) As I know this is how they announced it. Finally ;-)

  • karen

is anybody else having problems downloading mp3 from websites my phone says it's not compatible yet if someone else dowloads it they can bluetooth it to me and it works fine. any suggestions?

  • Jenny

I like this phone alot, can anyone tell me what web site i can order it from. They do have it at the link web site, but the color is not pink is orange.

  • Sybil

can anyone tell me if this phone is out in the US yet or if not when will it be. please email me the answer

  • Anonymous

bad color not good for men.......

  • minx

does it have speaker phone??

  • Info Gal

Hi all just some info on the phone I thought I'd share, the phones out in the UK on contract, you can get it F.O.C at the moment from 02 stores depending on the tariff you get it on and you can also purchase it SIM free but this is gonna cost you 230 but if you wait for it to come out on pay as you go its gonna cost you about 190. I already have the D500 but I think this phone is a must buy and I'm an 02 advisor!!! Also the phone is tri band I checked it out with our device team in case any of you were wondering!!!