Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • Anonymous

Yes, the battery life is good, I`m impressed whit the samsung F480s battery

  • Anonymous

how to block a message? still no answer, any one know how? pls share or this is really not possible? but the manual said it can, i just dont know how, so pls tell me how please....

  • toth_szabolcs2001

Hello, I have a problem, when I enter on my F480 on then when I try to sing in it gets loaded, but it gets back to the same page ( from where I started,



  • Jake

Lanzo, 07 Nov 2008Can someone plz tell me if the battery is good on this phone? Mine Lasts for 4 days! and guess what??? It's already a haevy usage! I'm such a heavy user person yet I was amazed by this phone! It lasts 4 days with my heavy usage! so I can tell you! this phone is realy amzing! ^_^

  • Lanzo

Can someone plz tell me if the battery is good on this phone?

  • Paresh

why dont have phone an WIFI


does any body know how to make the screen flip and change the menu screen from black to white

  • baobao

can some1 tell mi is the speaker loud and can the batt last long?and may i noe whr i can i dl game and dictionary for tisphone?

  • Anonymous

my inbox capacity is 200+ only, how u guys got 500?

  • Anonymous

pls help me how to block unwanted message, is it possible? any one know how?

  • amethyst

Azaam, thanks
But options where?

  • nic

Please help!!

Everytime i reject a call... a blank msg is sent off to the person i rejected and it charges me money for that. How do I get rid of sending the msg automatically?

pls email thanks

  • Anonymous

please advise how you obatin your voicemails

  • Anonymous

I played for about 2 minutes on one on display, the interface seems very laggy. But otherwise the phone is a dream.

  • Anonymous

im going to get a new phone. I think I fell in love with this phone. its like the LG prada kind of, but better! is there anything wrong with this phone I should know about before I buy it?

  • Azzam

amethyst, 02 Nov 2008I love my f480! But I don't know how to make it save all my medi... moreYou just need to go to option and select move to memory card select the folder and it will be stored in the memory card instead of the phone memory

  • Azzam

hi, i can not logon to my hotmail account it is giving me email address or password are incorrect, can you help in that regard, also is there anyway to use msn messenger from this mobile browser.

  • Anonymous

Jag, 06 Nov 2008I like to Download software like simple MSword, Power point, Dic... moreTry downloading via WAP. Some say it works with that. I've not tried it, though. I tried downlaoding to the PC then to the fone via USB cable. It cannot read/install JAR/JAD files.

  • Anonymous

AAAAA, 06 Nov 2008the camera is not good!!! its blured if you use the biggest s... moreFlash with the latest Hong Kong Firmware (F488ZHHJ1). The camera is fixed in that FW. I mean it's the best among all firmwares I've tried.


the camera is not good!!!

its blured if you use the biggest size..

i cant use the phone lock, my files lock, message lock and all!!!!

anyone can help me about it???