Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • rin

it records video in 3gp codec file,however you can play mp4 file that limit only 240*320 i try it and it bring me with very suprise result even iphone cannot compare with its display. but if you want the best camera phone it is not your choice.

  • visal

i used this phone three month has a very amazing design and incomparable display,the battery life also good.but the big disappointed is camera!

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me if i can get the tocco to record in mp4 rather than 3gp format as i am a bit disapointed with the video playback. my friend just got an omnia which is far better video playback with same 5m camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2008Anyone know if this one allows you to set your own tones fo... moresure

  • Anonymous

Anyone know if this one allows you to set your own tones for text messages?

  • Anonymous

Is the camera quality as good as C902?

  • Anonymous

Eh would like to ask how is the camera for this model? I have a fren using it but his camera dont seems to work well.. as in images taken appears to be unclear and had very pale colours. I'm not sure if only his phone has this problem or the image quality of this phone is just as bad. Please advise. Thanks

  • nick

This by far the the best fone with touch screen. Widgets are excellent. Battery back up is yet to be experienced however seems fine.Texting is perfect no issues. Had read a few reviews prior to buying this. There is no msg tone or scrolling vibration. You can reduce the voice to min takes care of the sound while msging. Looks are fantastic, So easy to go through the menus, u dnt wanna look at the user manual. If you arent lookin at wifi and GPS, this is the fone.
They way id define it ------ Fantabulous.

  • ario_achda

hy, guys...i wud love to ask some questions about this tocco i just had for a couple days...

i decided to chose tocco over nokia e71 becos i tought the camera wud amaze me, i was kinda dissapointed instead...the photo wud look gud 4 a second then go blurry n there any special way to make it good???

otherwise i wud go back to my first choice, the e71...
pls anyone help really appriciate it...^.^

  • cheesemac

I just bought this phone yesterday and I super duper love it!! Yes, it's not compatible with a stylus but I still love it! Well, I'm really a Samsung user so I didn't have any problems using this. I love everything about this phone. By the way, there's only 1 color here in the Philippines - gold! So cute! =)

  • Miss Pink

I have the pink one.. it is soooo cute..
I love it....

  • Anonymous

Leica, 30 Aug 2008I notice that there have been comments on slow SMS sending ... moreum.. 2seconds to 3 seconds. ;D i got it new. my source are reliable, get e phone dun wait.
its great ;)

  • Anonymous

Lucifer, 01 Oct 2008Hi guys!after much speculation from my friends and R&D by m... more1) Not true
2) Not true
3) Yes
4) No
5) this is a personal decision, LG has wireless, Samsung is anyhow better build

  • KAZ

iv jus got the tocco in ice silver and i think itz awesum. The touchscreen took bit of gettin used 2 but i luv it

  • Sophia

kam, 01 Oct 2008hi Guys, i am seriously thinking about getting this phon... moreNo stylus, yes there is a Micro SD card slot can support up to 8 GB.

  • Sophia

I walked into Samsung shop today...thinking of getting an OMNIA...but i found this phone and bought this instead in CORAL PINK to support the breast cancer campaign in Singapore, and most importantly it caught my eye!

This phone is very pretty! And it comes with a Pink cover that is fixed to the phone! I simply love it..

It has all the basic functions i need... it doesn't come with a Stylus...but is alright with me cos the touchscreen is quite good.

  • Lucifer

Hi guys!after much speculation from my friends and R&D by me i'm thinking of buying this phone.i want to know few things..
1.some1 told me that this phone doesn't support 3rd party it true? doesn't connect bluetooth headset
3.can i change themes in the phone?
4.i'm gonna tell my friend to bring it from US,coz there's it might be cheap rather than buying it in India?so there won't be any problems right??
4.And last but not the least:as the LG KP500 will be launching, do u'll think think i should be wait or go with the samsung brand?
i'll be really gratefull if anyone answers all these questions for me?i've spend a lot of time on getting to know most of the pros and cons of this cell but i want to be dead sure before i take it?thanks a lot

  • kam

hi Guys,

i am seriously thinking about getting this phone but i need to find out, does it come with a stylus? and is there a slot for it?

do u advise it?

  • Anonymous

appsDBA, 30 Sep 2008I have a problem with the phone software for connect to the... moreuninstall the pc software complete, and re-install it. After installing first update the PC software till latest version, before connecting the phone. So do not connect your mobile to the PC before the complete PC software is installed and updated to latest version. That will help you

  • appsDBA

I have a problem with the phone software for connect to the pc. Every time I try to connect, it tells me that the phone is already in use. Has anyone else experience this problem and if so, how is it overcome? I have tried disconnecting, rebooted phone and pc, and tried to install phone updates but to not avail. Help please.