Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • Anonymous

tom, 21 Aug 2008I have a question. Are any problems to read meesage on the sunny... moreyes, you have.
Is also normal I think,all mobiles suffer this

  • tom

I have a question. Are any problems to read meesage on the sunny day? Does the display reflect light?

  • Rx8aby

hey i wanna ask if this phone has a TRACK MUSIC RECOGNIZATION ? just like the SE w850.. samsung web said it has it.. just wondering and double conform with those user of F480.. thanks

  • Fletch

To all those who want to know how to delete the recent contacts list.

Oh dear. Have we all been a little naughty and do not want the other half to find out? Shame on you all

Maybe Samsung should rename this phone "The F480 Morals"

  • Anonymous

I work for o2 retentions in customer services, the reboxed tocco's are 69.99 - u dont get a data cable or software cd, u get the phone the battery and a charger.. Unfortunatly the refurb tocco is currently out of stock at the minute and there isnt a date confirmed for when the refurbs are coming back in stock bcos no 1 knows if a customer will return 1 within their 14 day period... If ur lucky enough to get 1 on refurb make sure its a grade a 4the best condition, ive only seen the tocco available to order on refurb once so u will b very lucky if u manage to buy 1 - its not a phone many ppl are returning. Good luck

  • Kaylon

You can get this at a very very good price from O2 if you are already a customer of theirs. I jus got mine for 60,

its what they call 'reboked' i.e. someone wanted one, returned it for whatever reason, theres nothing wrong with it bt coz the seal on the box was opened they cant sell it as new.

Hint - u want a good phone cheap with all the minutes txts n internet u want, call the cancellation department!

  • Anonymous

keeps frezzing and sound gos

  • tina

i cannot wait to get this phone! i've had a play with it lots of times, its just a dream...i'll be getting this on pay monthly next week...woo hoo...

  • EJ

Gorgeous!!! just buy it and don't miss it:D

  • please help !!!!!

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2008have same question, seems not to be possiblenot good is it, someone was trying to send an mp4 film aswell. shame really cos would of made it an even better fone

  • Anonymous

please help !!!!!!!, 20 Aug 2008hi, can anyone tell me how you can save files that are being sen... morehave same question, seems not to be possible

  • please help !!!!!!!

hi, can anyone tell me how you can save files that are being sent by bluetooth straight to the memory card please cos the files that are being sent are to big to go to the fone memory and i cant find how to change the settings. thanks in advance.

  • NRW

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2008I stand corrected then :D You're right though, I was going fr... moreHa! yeah will admit from that pic it does look similar to the Prada, but trust me, put them side by side and they are very different phone. Plus if you put the leather case on the F480 it looks even better.

  • Anonymous

I recently had my F480 through Orange and at first I was very pleased with it's looks and ease of use but it kept dropping calls freakently whether incomeing or outgoing. In fairness to Orange they tried to rectify the fault over my landline phone but to no avail. It became so embarassing that they replaced it three times until in the end I sent it back and am now looking for a replacement. Does anybody know if the new Samsung I900 Omnia has the same problems ?

  • Anonymous

NRW, 19 Aug 2008Your just going by the photo. I have owned the Prada in the past... moreI stand corrected then :D

You're right though, I was going from the photo. You do have to admit it looks very similar. And I agree that the Prada is very light and plasticy-feeling.

  • Irish

Kevin, 19 Aug 2008If this phone was purchased from O2 then is there any way posssi... morethe phone will only work on T-mobile in the states. they (tmobile) are going to release it in oct/nov. I just brought one back from Ireland, paid euro 379 on a voda prepay. it was unlocked when I got it.

  • Steve

Can the phone playback videos in high qty like the iphone, what bitrate and fps can the phone handle b4 going out of sync and choppy.

  • Kevin

If this phone was purchased from O2 then is there any way posssible to flash it to make it work with AT&T or T-mobile in the USA? I know we can buy a 40 dollars unlock code but is there any way else?

  • Kulbir

cieqa, 17 Aug 2008great phone had an i phone before i got this shame it has no wifi!if u knew then y did u get urself a non wifi capacble phone...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970one month but no scratches