Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • Steve

I use a free sofware called super off the net to convert vid files from avi to 3gp, could some 1 benchmark it for me and get back to me

  • Steve

What is the best quality video playback that the phone can take, fps and bitrate etc with no lag

  • Anonymous

:), 19 Aug 2008Overall is it worth to buy ?think it is

  • :)

Overall is it worth to buy ?

  • NRW

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2008looks very similar to a prada. Same basic construction, same gen... moreYour just going by the photo. I have owned the Prada in the past and there is nothing similar about the two phones. The Prada's construction is very cheap and plastic, whilst the F480 has a very solid feeeling metal construction. Plus the specs and operating system are far better than the Prada.

  • Memo

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2008This phone is rubbish, DO NOT buy it. Get a touch pro or a diamo... morePlease come on, Oke it isn't ''the'' best Phone but, you can live with it :D

I mean if you want a phone that isn't too expensive then I would really suggest the F480 because it has lots of Cool stuffs.

But If you are looking for Wlan, Windows mobile then I would prefer the Samsung I900,
But don't forget it is bigger than the F480.

  • Anonymous

looks very similar to a prada. Same basic construction, same general placement of keys, even the "Samsung" is exactly where the "Prada" was written on that phone. Buttons along the right edge are a little different but not by much.

Guess it was too much to ask for them to be original, yeah?

  • Anonymous

kaveh zangeneh, 19 Aug 2008pls help me i have a serious problem about messaging when i ty... moredo not see what the problem is, but you can not delete the list of last sent sms. It stay in the phone. Guess always the 20 last sent sms contacts are in that list.

  • kaveh zangeneh

pls help me
i have a serious problem about messaging
when i typed a message and want to send it show a recent list of persons whom sent messages to them
can you help me to remove the recent message receivers ?

  • Anonymous

Sean, 19 Aug 2008Wel, iv alwayz bin a fan of samsung fone, i had da samsung e700,... moreDearest Sean.
Please open on your LG viewty the mobile contacts, Than select D and scroll to Doctor. Than push the green phone because you urgently need help.

  • Sean

Wel, iv alwayz bin a fan of samsung fone, i had da samsung e700, then i traded it in nd got the z500v(wich i stil hav), then i bought the d820 nd then i went on2 buy the d900i. Nd i must say they wer al JUNK, JUNK I TELL U. I then got the lg viewety(wich im enjoying like you wont believe) nd what did samsung go nd du? Release da f480 which looks like the viewety.......even the key featurer similar to thoze of the lg. I dnt want anything to dn with samsung 4nes, so 4rm a guy dat haz bin disapointd 4 times by samsung.........DNT BUY THE F480

  • Anonymous

Don't be stupid. It's not a PDA phone in the first place..

  • please help !!!!!!!!

hi, can anyone tell me how you can save files that are being sent by bluetooth straight to the memory card please cos the files that are being sent are to big to go to the fone memory and i cant find how to change the settings. thanks in advance.

  • Phelps_Raz

Am about to buy this mobile F-480. Could anyone let me know wat are all the drawbacks pls..

Is it possible to view the snaps in LANDSCAPE mode. Pls send your valuable comments.

  • anonymous jai

This is a sleek and sexy phone. really good touch interface and good and simple 5 MP camera with integrated flash , image stabillisation and autofocus. i quite liked the drag-and-drop widgets very clever.there is no wi-fi but there is HSDPA and 3G connectivity.stores up to 8gb of on-board memory.while not an iphone killer it is still one of the hottest phones around to date.overall it is a fun phone. i give it a 9.1 out of 10. simple quality phone!(check out the new samsung F490, its suppose to be samsungs iphone 3g killer!)

  • Mazen

well, i got this device 2 weeks ago, its awesome, camera, touchscreen, but the only things that makes me sad : no wifi, and cant install any software on it or a new theme :((
Samsung plz help !!

  • cieqa

great phone had an i phone before i got this shame it has no wifi!

  • sharikah

Bobo, 20 May 2008Podge, And knowing HTC’s reputation, the HTC Diamond will hav... morestop arguing.. please tell me how to erase those recent contact in the recipients list when you are sending message?
thank you in advance..

  • Anonymous

whooa, this is a realy beautiful fone,
but no WiFi or GPS?
shame on you samsung :P

  • Steve

ENOS, 17 Aug 2008please assist me, can this phone send group messages, that is ca... moreAs for accepting any sim - that depends on if its unlocked or not, if its unlocked then the answer is yes.

As for group sending, from what i can see (not having any groups set up) to create a group (family,friens,work) you need to add the people who you want in them groups via their profiles in the phonebook. To send to multiple people you could also just add multiple people by placing a tick next to their names as you scroll through your phone book when adding recipients to your txt message - does all this make sense ?