Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • James McNally

anonymous, 13 Aug 2008cahelp me pls.. im thinking to buy tocco instead of iphone. can ... moreI have both the 3G iphone on 02 and the Samsung Tocco on Orange. I personally much prefer the Samsung. Finish is better and it is easier to use. Battery lasts longer also. I don't get on with the iphone but maybe it's just personal choice.

  • Royal Bull

How is the battery life for F480? Does it stand for one day on heavy usage? pls suggest.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2008as far as known, there is no newer firmware as the one installed... moreManaged to upgrade firmware from HD3 to the latest HF7 :)

Check this out...­=573699

  • simon

This phone is no doubt a great little gadget. The faster internet speeds do pull along when youíre on a network with a good 3G signal (Vodafone). Mobile TV is something that we can all enjoy, and with networks now offering unlimited browsing itís more accessible to us. I work in the industry and I would say right now this phone is one of the best. The touch screen is the best any make has ever pulled out. It uses heat sensitivity rather then pressure which I prefer. This is a negative for anyone with long nails or a stylus, but itís so easy to use you donít need a stylus. Texting is easier on this that on a normal phone, and I like the idea that you can drag and drop onto the main dashboard like a desktop. This is very user friendly and music quality on the device is great. So all in all 10/10. Oh, but I forgot about the camera, And Samsung would have been better off if I did. I have a SE C902 also and that has an incredible camera. This F480V has a poor camera. Fine itís 5 megapixel camera, but were getting to carried away to remember what megapixels represent. I donít know anyone who blows they pictures up to full on cinema size posters. So why not stick a good 3.2 megapixel camera on there? Battery life is good holding around 40 hours on heavy usage. All phones now have lithium batteries in them. Meaning you have to charge about every two days buy for about 30 minutes. Overall Iíd say 8/10 camera is important to people and Samsung didnít put a good one on here.

  • Mobile-L

Royal Bull, 15 Aug 2008How is the battery life of F480 coz i heard that samsung batteri... morenokia n82 got wifi,5mp, f480 got 5mp only,without gps and wifi..but design F480 101% nice then n82.see wat u ned.if me i sure get F480.cause i got laptop no ned wifi..and if u got use GPS later ur bil coming u wil noe later....THX

  • Royal Bull

How is the battery life of F480 coz i heard that samsung batteries are poor quality. which is the best one compared to N82 and F480? pls suggest me coz am gonna buy that.

  • SamSunguSer

This phone got olympic LIMITED EDITION GOLD COLOUR!!very nice...price same...And PLS dun compare wit iphone pls..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2008HI, Where can I get the latest firmware? Thanksas far as known, there is no newer firmware as the one installed on the mobile. There are no bugs in it, no need for newer firmware. The mobile works perfect, let us keep it like that

  • sharikah

bk, 12 Aug 2008well i totally don't agree with you.Got mine last week and flash... morewould you please help me how to erase recipients list from the recent contact when you are sending sms message?

thank you in advance..

  • Anonymous

bk, 12 Aug 2008well i totally don't agree with you.Got mine last week and flash... moreHI,
Where can I get the latest firmware?

  • Mike

A lovely phone and beautifully finished. If you want it for its looks it's great. But I'm sorry to say that I found the software rather annoying. It's also a bit limited and I found it took longer to do elementary things like text or update contacts, and so on. Also I found the phone sometimes froze when I moved the widgets - it seems that that action can't be hurried. So except for its looks, the phone was a disappointment and certainly not up to the hype.

  • Anonymous

Ang, 14 Aug 2008Thanks for this post, at last I can change my message alert tone!! hi there, i just got the samsung tocco - i noticed u can download tunes as a ringtone but how do u do that for the message tone......can u help?

  • Bla bla bla

Neat Phone, but I liked the television advertisment of this Beijing Olympics' Official phone... It stands in a high standard among all other Cell phone advertisments in television.
Congratulations for team behind its promotional activities !!!!!

  • s

hi, can anyone tell me how you can save files that are being sent by bluetooth straight to the memory card please cos the files that are being sent are to big to go to the fone memory and i cant find how to change the settings. thanks in advance.

  • Philippe Dussert

Hi, i would like to know with handset it's better: Samsung i617 BJ II vs F480... i have to decide wich cel phone i'm gonna buy...Please help me with some feedback. Thanks.

  • Ratnakar

Has some one bought this phone in India or any other asian region. I want to know that is it correct that in 2G n/w it has battery life 8hrs and in 3gn/w it is 3 hrs. Can some one tell me how is the battery life? According the following offical site of Samsung in India they claim to have battery life of 3 hrs­­

  • Anthony Morgan

Phil, 11 Aug 2008 Can you please help. We cannot send photo's to other mobiles ... moreHello! I've just gone from the N958gb to this handset and its luvly - one thing I do miss though is there doesn't appear to be any TV out point to plug it into my home sound system. Is there an adaptor or anything else that would let me do this?

Thanks in advance ! Ant

  • Ang

Mobile Guru, 13 Aug 2008If you read through the older posts you will see how to set mess... moreThanks for this post, at last I can change my message alert tone!!

  • NRW

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2008Retarded question, can you install Opera mobile 9.5 beta or Skyfire? I'm not sure Opera 9.5 will work as it is designed for Windows based phones. I am running Opera Mini on mine and it works a treat.

  • zend

STRAWBERRY, 11 Aug 2008hii .. i bought this phone today .. and it's great .. but there'... moredrag it to the widget