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Samsung F480

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  • aust iz gay

i like this fone but australia is really gay and they dnt hav many good fones, so. ill buy it in singapore :)

  • Anonymous

i think this phone is brill. it looks amazing aswell. who cares if it doesn't have WiFi.
The expected release date is 19th of may and it is deffo worth the wait. just look at it!!!
This immense phone is way better than the LG viewty. it is more compact and stylish.
the price is aimed to be around 350-400. not too bad considering its amazing.
i am getting this mobile the day it comes out.
if you know anymore info plz post it quick!!!

  • tnt

No WLAN !!! Ho Ho Ho !!! A crap phone!

  • sam

another copy of PRADA phone by LG? so shameful..

  • Chris

Can this handset multi-task??

  • NRW

To 2x5f, you seem to have got confused with the purpose of this phone. All the phones you have quoted as being better than this are all smart phones. This is not a smart phone and is aimed at a completely different market. Not everybody wants PC functions on there phone. The F480 is a brilliant all round phone with good features.

Expected release day in the UK is 19th May

  • Anonymous

you do not need wait for this phone. They are many better looking and phones with better features out there than this useless F480. So, read and go look other models of Samsung or other MFG. This is loser. Do not wast your money on this phone.

  • bubbles

one more thing, can we set MP3 as SMS tone and not just as ringtone? that's important to me also. i have asked gsmarena about that but i guess they don't read our opinions since i got no reply. :-) thank you!

  • bubbles

yeah, i believe this is going to be worth the wait. just that i hope SAMSUNG would not let me wait that long like what Sony Ericsson did with their W960. i was excited by that phone. it was announced in June, released in December and it was only available in the Philippines by April. i'm glad that i've decided not to buy for it by March, it was not beautiful in real life, no regrets. i hope also this F480 would not be overpriced... SE W960 is priced at PhP25,200 with 8gig, WiFi, Touchscreen... so i hope this would be priced less that W960.

  • deadmanincuk

in response to the SE k770 owner the screen size is identical to the armani which in my opinion is plenty big enough

  • tech freak

hey, fellas! some sources say the expected release date is may, 19.. some more time to wait, but i think its worth the wait:)

  • Anonymous

what does it mean 240x320 screen????
does it mean that the screen is just like on my SE k770

  • Anonymous

Comments from gsmareana review:
Main disadvantages
Tri-band only
Display legibility suffers under direct sunlight
No landscape mode and no virtual QWERTY keyboard
Fingerprint magnet
Inadequate flash for the camera
Video recording capabilities max out at QVGA resolution

The place on the market Samsung F480 is aiming at is far from vacant. There is a number of touch-operated Flash UI devices out there and, accidentally or not, most of them are made by Samsung.

  • Anonymous

F480 is a basic phone is big slim pacakge. You want a basic phone have to no features use other phoens from Nokia, Sony or LG. why you want a big phone with basic function. You want a flat phone do what F480 do and more look at HTC Cruise, LG KS20 and so on. Samsung look around to your compatitors what they do....

  • Anonymous

no querty = its crap

  • Xuki

sowwww HOT!!!! i love this phone! way to go Samsung! two thumbs up for yah people! ^____^

  • mk


The I900 is listed as an article of samsungs coming out later this year on the gsmarena home page. It has not been added to the main list of phones yet. There is no release date yet which is probably why. It does look cool, its a windows 6.1 touch screen iphone looking phone.

  • John

The Samsung i900 is just too big for me. So this is the best option.

  • NoNam3

Is it slide?

  • b+

lg viewty is still better...