Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • Vicky

Beautiful, too bad no wifi... otherise I'd buy it.
I agree this is not a smart phone so don't expect it to have the functions of a Symbian or Windows based unit. This is aiming to different market. You see, usually, if it has great looks, doesn't have much of a brain.. just like people! hahaha =)

>>If you're not living life at the edge, you're taking way too much space.

  • Marie

I am considering getting this phone when it's released.

  • rasrip....

if it had wi-fi this phone would be a definate yes to me... thats the only problem!! the rest looks brilliant!

  • jacqui

Can someone please, please help me. is there a camera lens protector for this phone? or only leather pouch. your answer will be appreciated. please need answer real quick

  • Anonymous

Hope this fone is really great in terms of multi-touch feature.. More sensible that iPhone in terms of features, well except for the user interface i suppose. Cause i guess thats one feature that most iPhone owners love.

  • shy

no good!!!

  • NRW

In the UK SIM free version will cost 350.

  • f-480

so slime nd nice phone samsung ,nd nice ,pure quality ph.

  • fille

hOw much it will be cost?

  • fm

where is WiFi? ohhhh noo...always something with samsung...go and by N95...he he !!!

  • Anonymous

does this phone let you set your own ringtones, unlike the iphone?

  • ian

cant wait for this phone....when will it be out here on oman????

  • Anonymous

the i-phone is dead... long live the f480!! better phone and im not tied to apple and im not paying 270 for a phone on a contract!!!

  • Anonymous

To those that have asked, yes you can set an MP3 message alert tone, and will be able to on most models going forward.

  • Anonymous

iPhone looks fat compering to f480

  • SH


  • kinks

Hey, this one with no WiFi? No good baby!! Put a wifi in, you s.....

  • bogdan

you all have something with iphone... what about this pfone?? looks like LG prada to me... still not even close to iphone, until you have one, shhhht...

  • mark p

wow what a phone. looks like a killer from samsung. but very LG ish. seems like LG and samsung on the same design computer. but whatever better than iphone.

  • bribri

yet another pretender to the iphone load of todge