Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • Anonymous

I thought Sprint was exclusively CDMA/EV-DO? Will SAMSUNG release a CDMA version then?

  • evey

i saw an article about the price, says its gonna be around $200-300. I work for Sprint and we don't have any updates yet.. I'll let you know.. ^_^

  • viktor.bu

here in usa we don't have the 3G so surfing the web is slow. wifi is only on certain spots and wherever there is wifi there is a computer or a laptop. i just hope f480 is not very expensive and it has a long battery life.

  • Anonymous

The LS20 is a smart phone, this Samsung is not a smart phone, in fact very few phones that are not smart phones have wi-fi. Even GSM Arena review of the F480 state that.
If you want wi-fi buy a smart phone!

  • Anonymous

You want a fashion phone take a look at LG KS20 is slim and nice and it does offer the Wi-Fi. Samsung is company with no Wi-Fi technology.

  • Anonymous

You guys care about Camera why not just buy a great Sony phone for $100 to $200 Dollars and not Samsung Phone. Phone is made for communications and if it has a good Camera the is a plus. This phone does not provide the communications tools such as worldwide 3G or Wi-Fi. which is primary need in anyphone today. Take a look at Sony and Nokia phones they all start offering that last 6 months.

  • Febi

For all stupids who needs Wi-fi,Just try to understand its not smart phone. Samsung aimed it just for Fashion and its style. For a phone like this we should consider only the factor camera,mp3,performance and OS speed. Wi-fi is not a big deal. Then go for smart phone which will have only 2 MP camera and low audio quality.

  • Anonymous

is the screen really that bad when after touching it...

  • marvolio

yes i am ignorant and no nothing about phones so could someone please enlighten me as to how you type a message or dial or anything?

  • Billy

a friend of mine has an iphone and whenever he uses the wifi it always seems to be in places where I could bring my laptop except for maybe the basketball court. when he shows off the wifi at his or my house I just laugh because he spent so much extra money on soemthing that he already has (ibook)

  • samsung man

so all this talk of the phone, but i wanna know its starting price range - please let it be not too high in price!

  • Jax

No GPS-Chip....???

  • Savor

It is no different than what LG is doing with their latest touchscreen phones. No Wifi, GPS, and virtual keyboard. This phone doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone jack that even the F490 has. Even RiM is starting to consistently add a 3.5mm jack and GPS on their Blackberry phones.

  • Anonymous

is this phone a smartphone??

  • jenny

i think that this is the slickest mobile i have ever see. who cares about the WiFi error!! SOOOOOOO thin. Great camera, etc... this is miles better than the crap LG did!!

  • nokiakiller

Well, it's good phone,nice look, elegant and features almost perfect,not everyone needs the GPS, WiFi and QWERT in screen to make it the perfection in one set but this is the manufacturers policy which it's you can't get everything in one so play with it until we make you buy the next new one and for sure it won't be perfect as well.

  • buds


i understand what you are saying, but depending on where you are and what you are doing, eg say you are a backpacker! and don't take ur lappy overseas, or do not want to carry your lappy at a restaurant (dinner) before hitting the strip where all the bars are. wouldn't the pda be convenient?

  • Anonymous

you guys out f your mind. Why you want a phoen this size PDA with no Wi-Fi??? you do not want wi-Fi means you do not know how use and ever had a phone had wi-Fi to know how nice it is. you can at home, mall, Airport ,ot office use your wi-fi free and check e-mail, do IM, look for news, or maybe access to places like youtube easy and fast. That is why IPHONE popular guys if you do not know. no Wi-Fi the phone is useless Samsung.

  • r2d2

I agree. Wifi should not be a major feature for phones for I don't think it can ever replace a laptop. So for those people who complains & puts this phone down just because it does not have wifi, I don't think you guys don't really understand what features are more important and should really count on phones. If internet on the go is that important for you guys. Get a laptop.

  • cindy

I like this phone. I don't understand why some people make a big deal having wi-fi on their phones. Going online via phone is so inconvenient. If internet is that important for you guys, get a laptop. I think this phone is more for professionals who own laptops.