Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • Savor

Seems like Samsung, LG, and even SE rarely puts Wifi on their 5MP cameraphones. HTC, Apple, and Nokia are more serious including Wifi. At least the new TouchWiz UI looks promising...

  • Anonymous

why no wifi?

  • mark p

oh its a LG Viewty with a samsung badge. nothing new. nice shape. nice looks. but its a viewty in samsung clothing.

  • Anonymous

Where is the Wi-Fi on this phone Mr. Samsung???????? Why you make a phone with no Wi-Fi????

  • pokpok

to buds, I consider myself a regular web browser. W/ that said, wifi is a must for me. Not on my phone, but my laptop =) If you're a heavy web browser and u need to browse the web even while you're walking down the street, and a laptop is too bulky for you to carry around while walking, then wifi is not for you either. Why? Because wifi is not readily available in all street corners, only at hotspots =) And this phone does have web browsing capabilities that you can access by subscribing internet through your mobile provider, which would probably be the best thing to do if you're a heavy web browser. But I bet you, a heavy web browser would only use their phone in a situation when it would be inconvenient for them to use their laptops (like when they're walking). But as soon as they reach a wifi cafe, guess what? They will pull that laptop out of the bag and put that phone in their pockets =)

  • Ianteract

man wish this had an on screen qwerty like the iphone - I go so use to qwerty I don't want to go back to t9

  • bj

who needs wifi when your connection is that fast....

  • Jimbob

I've got one. This phone is fantastic, the camera is good and it's so slim.

  • buds

xFv4 and pokpok. what are you guys talking about, this device, has the features of a pda/ppc with no wifi! thats crazy. offcourse you want wifi. i think its one of the stupidist things EVER. anyway each to thier own. im still getting the lg ks20

  • Anonymous

And when is the phone gonna release in Australia if it's going to release mid May in UK?? And is this phone also comes in any other colour than Black??

  • Anonymous

then why the hell are you looking at this phone? oh wait there's mp3 and there's a camera.

ooohhhh you shouldn't get this phone.

samsung truly needs to redesign their cellphones. this looks exactly like the lg series that came out with the prada a few years ago in asia

  • Anonymous

pokpok: I couldn't of put that better myself!
If anyone is that bothered about wifi and surfing the net buy an internet tablet. Where the screen is big enough to actually see what your doing.

And the phone should be released in the UK around May/June time.

  • pokpok

Who cares if this phone does not have wifi. Like you could ever get the complete functionalities & experience of web browsing through your phone, lol. NEVER. Web browsing through phones is for amatures who wants to download ringtones and wallpapers to their phones, lol. This phone is not for kids. It's for professionals who can afford a laptop and wants an elegant celphone. Serious web browsers would rather use their laptops, because web browsing through wifi phones gives you VERY LIMITED abilites, and is such an inefficient way to browse the web. Unless web browsing on phones can be as effective and efficient as web browsing on laptops, I think it should not be a major deciding factor in buying a phone. However, a good camera and MP3 player would be something that a phone can compete with standalones, both in functionality and performance. Now those two features should have the heavy weight on factoring which phone to buy =)

  • Anonymous

this phone looks great only small problem isss no keypad lols i kinda wanna see more phones with the touch and keypad but thats juss my opinion as for wifi ***** that get a ***** computer or a blackberry or even a laptop phones are meant to phones

  • kiss

No WiFi !! Uh, what a shame...wake up Sams!!

  • Anonymous

Being an iPhone user, lack of Wi-Fi is HUGE. I wouldn't consider anything product without Wi-Fi as standard. I use it all the time, especially at cafes and in corporate lobbies. Being a Work-at-home Dad, I use Wi-Fi on my phone for email and internet as much as on my computer. Mobility is key.

  • Anonymous

you know what guys?? do you have any idea how this wi-fi works? Its not free and you can't say that you should find hot spot neither. as far as i know samsung employee built its design just for the style but not on software, hardware, nor OS. can't you see? its a phone not a laptop nor computer?! I just dissapointed for those people who want this phone to have a wi-fi? buy a computer for you to surf anywhere you want.

  • NRW

Yeah I'm the same, wi-fi would be nice but not essential for me. I'm never far from a PC so that won't stop me getting the phone, especially after reading the new review on this sites home page. I currently own the Armani and this is a great improvement, the operating system works really well and I love the 'widget' menus on the home screen.

  • pekpek

I really don't get it why some people makes a big deal w/ wifi. I have an 8gb N95, with wifi, and guess what? I barely use it. When I am at a wifi zone cafe, I'd rather use my laptop than my phone to browse the web. Oh yes, I forgot to consider that not a lot of people can afford a laptop, so they have to settle with their phones to access the web. Personally, the most important extra features that I find really useful with celphones would be a good quality camera and an mp3 player. I could care less for wifi, I have my laptop =)

  • amroabadi

Hello everybuddy,
Seems a wonderful phone and I can't wait to buy it as my best search result till now.
Lack of Wi-Fi is a Uh-Oh! I agree, I hope some future updated version will include Wi-Fi.
Do you know what OS this phone is based on? Symbian? (Yes I have heared of 'TouchWiz' but is is TouchWiz a new OS or just some UI system based on some OS)