Samsung F480

Samsung F480

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  • ghalia

out look is nice but i purchase this phone was not better than my nokia

  • bang bang

André, 06 Apr 2009when i got the phone at my local dealer they checked on gsmarena... morejust open a document and you will see

  • Anonymous

Anyone using the DXIA1 firmware? Does this have the black background, the 2 add'l fonts, and the widget that downloads more widget, Please... I like the DX FW coz the SPACE key is in the middle not like the European FW's where the SPACE key is above the Ok button where it can be accidentally pressed instead of the SPACE key. Aside from this, the European FW's are good and stable. Tnx..

  • Campo Chica

have had the phone for 2 days and have found it easy to set up. My only problem is that I'm unable to receive SMS from anyone who is not using the same provider as me "Yoigo". Does anyone have their settings?

  • ellie

amazing phone i paid 200 for it and never regretted it

  • Thandazo Langa

Mads, 06 Apr 2009How do I sync ALL my calende entries? Currently only takes 100 w... moreI just love it.

  • Dylan

I've had my F480 for a week. It has its ups and downs, but generally I don't like it.
I have owned only Nokias in the past so I thought I would give something else a go. I also have an iPod touch and have heaps of friends with iPhones.
What I think about the F480...
- Looks cool
- Small and light
- Pretty good camera (although haven't used it much)
- Widgets are a good idea

- Menu navigation and touch scrolling massively inferior to iPhone and iPod touch
- Muffled speaker quality when calling people
- Can be fiddly to type text messages (especially when drunk); easy to bump the wrong button
- Menus not as intuitive as Nokias
- Web browser just difficult to use if you're already used ones that are better
- Mine sometimes freezes for a few seconds under certain circumstances
- Not as user-customisable as Nokias or iPhone

I haven't used the music player yet so I can't comment... But put it this way, right now I'm trying to get myself an iPhone instead. Anyone wanna buy a largely-unused iPod touch? Hehe.

  • runmaker

i heard this phone was rubbish.
my k850 has a better camera as well

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2009thanks, i hope it's free.ok lets purchase it

  • Mads

How do I sync ALL my calende entries? Currently only takes 100 which is not sufficient. I cant seem to choose which 100 either.

  • André

when i got the phone at my local dealer they checked on gsmarena and told me there is a document viewer on it but there is not. why would they spec it if there is not a document viewer on it. i neede a phone with a document viewer on it for email retrieving but it look to me that it is just a simple java phone.

  • ujjwal

great phone.if you wanna install games then here are the links:-
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  • ujjwal

great phone.if you wanna install games then here are the links:-

  • Charlie

To Aaron. I`m getting this phone soon. I know many guys who is having this phone so it is for boys and girl (in pink)


  • Anonymous

My friend has a new Samsung F480 and the battery is running out very quickly. Most likely there is a music aplication running in the back ground. Can any one tell me how I can shut down ap's running in the back ground.

  • suzan

this phone looks awesome im getting it

  • fiddy

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970da touch games r crap dont even work


Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970ill av a look cheerz

  • jonnyboy

i have just purchased a parrot bluetooth kit for my car, when i start the car it automatically finds my f480, but i've got to keep accepting the connection on my handset which is a pain, is there anyway of automatically connecting handset to bluetooth without doing this???

  • Chiara

Can you change the keyboard when typing a message so that it is like a qwerty keyboard?