Samsung Galaxy A20

Samsung Galaxy A20

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  • Anonymous

does it have AOD?

a20 is a very good set...display is crisp...battery is superb ....can play videos in working properly...dint face ny issues till now..

Kaan, 01 Jun 2019Bought Samsung galaxy a20 yesterday. And the battery is dra... moredude empty ur battery 1st nd then switch off ur mobile and charge it for 8 to 10 hours continously...i 2 have a20 nd its battery is superb.....its better than m20 battery

  • Kaan

Bought Samsung galaxy a20 yesterday. And the battery is draining fast.. Is DAT how d phone is or I need to update it?

A20 can play HD video in Netflix because A20 has Widevine L1 Support

  • Anonymous

Samsung a20 or Huawei psmart 2019?

  • Beatles

Anonymous, 28 May 2019Does it has EIS?It does not but you can always use google photos to stabilize your video

  • Anonymous

How is the battery performance of your A20 unit? Bought mine last week and I think it drains faster than my J7 Pro.

  • hurricane

michaemia, 16 May 2019Samsung and Infinix. The obvious answer is Samsung especial... moreOne major difference between A20 and the s4 is the 32mp front camera of the s4 is a beast. It dust off the A20 like a small kid.

  • Anonymous

manoj , 21 May 2019I buy a20 yesterday... but I am facing slow internet speed ... moreTry to change your preferred network type/network mode to 4G/LTE
Cellular/Mobile Data ON.
or sometimes need to make sure you are connected to the right Access Point Name on your device.

  • Anonymous

Does it has EIS?

  • Anonymous

John, 26 May 2019Is it worth buying this phone for $200australian dollies Yeah $199 dollies good does what need

  • Josh

Anonymous, 27 May 2019Yes it's worth it Is it good for like playing supercel games

  • Anonymous

John, 27 May 2019For like jeneral things like calling textingYes it's worth it

  • John

Anonymous, 27 May 2019Depends on what kind of user are you For like jeneral things like calling texting

  • Anonymous

John, 26 May 2019Is it worth buying this phone for $200australian dollies Depends on what kind of user are you

  • John

Is it worth buying this phone for $200australian dollies

Anonymous, 22 May 2019What is the difference between the A20 and the M20 and whic... moreActually, I would prefer A20. The cameras are identical. The bigger battery (5000mah vs 4000mah) of M20 means more battery life but also means that it takes more time to fully charge for M20 and M20 is heavier (169gr vs 186gr). Actually, the chipsets are the same (14nm, 2x Cortex A73+6x Cortex A53, Mali G71MP2 GPU) but the CPU of A20 is downclocked (1.8Ghz vs 1.6Ghz for A73 cores, 1.6Ghz vs 1.35Ghz for A53 cores).When it comes to screen, M20 has higher resolution (FHD vs HD) but resolution itself doesn't mean M20 has a better display. Because, SuperAMOLED screens are better than their IPS counterparts especially on energy consumption and dark color reproduction. A20 may even have better battery life than M20 because of the more power-efficient screen, lower screen resolution and downclocked CPU. The lower resolution also improves gaming (Samsung Game Tuner allows you to lower the resolution on games which means you can lower the resolution of M20 to HD on games. In this case, these two phones will be equal.).

  • Guest20190525

Suppose to support USB-OTG, but nothing happens when pen-drive was plug-in.

  • Anonymous

i have decided to buy this. hope i wont regret this