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Samsung Galaxy A51

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Anonymous, 28 Mar 2021Will Factory Reset resets the android version too??No, not at all.

  • Anonymous

Will Factory Reset resets the android version too??

  • RPR

V Poor sound quality while talking.It is good looking and attractive but don't buy.I feel dispose A51 after one month of usage.

V, 22 Mar 2021I just bought this phone last november 2020, and so far eve... moreYour wifi probs just suck

How to get android 11 in galaxy a51 in pakistan

  • aviatorjohn

LOVEMACHINE, 02 Mar 2021Just updated to one UI 3. All good EXCEPT i "think&... moreDamn, lost it too after update.. hopefully they'll bring it back.

kingwicked, 23 Mar 2021I have a Note 20 Ultra and just bought A51 few days ago for... moreI am using A51 for quite sometime and with android 11,its significantly smoother,also if you change animation speed in developer mode to 0.5x or less it becomes even smoother and faster..Absolutely okay with my phone ,battery and all ..will use this phone for another term or more,dont need any updates if things working so well as of now coz dont want any accidental bugs

  • kingwicked

I have a Note 20 Ultra and just bought A51 few days ago for a secondary phone. i dont know what you guys are talking about who say phone hangs reboots battery drain. I have one UI 3.0 Android 11 and the battery life is superb. 90 percent of time such problems occurn due to user or a not so technical user the reboots and hangs. For heavens sake learn also how to use and optimize a device also .

  • V

I just bought this phone last november 2020, and so far everything is ok except the wifi signal! I've read some comments that they too have wifi issues. If you're a big fan of mobile games, stay clear of this phone. I have samsung j7 prime for 4 years, xperia x1 for 3 years, samsung a30 for 2 years and yet they have stronger wifi signal this this piece of trash phone. I love mobile games and this is really a bad move for me. I shoule have read comments first before buying this phone. This is by far my worst purchase ever in my life. Even after ugrading to android 11, wifi signal is still trash

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Whatever you choose Poco X3 NFC you should avoid because of the issue you described. It is really annoying and make this phone useless in my opinion. Worst of all is there are no solution for this unless you want to waste time rooting and using custom Roms. Not worth it.

mazu, 07 Mar 2021Have been using this phone for 1 year and 1 month now, the ... moreI bought mine in February 2020, i have the same issue. Suddenly restarting. Hoped Android 11 will solve this, but no luck. I factory resetted twice, still not solved

  • Anonymous

Smooth, 15 Mar 2021Really disappointing phone. I previously had a Samsung Gala... moreYa.. I had the same feeling when I switched from IPhone 12 Pro Max to iPhone 4..

  • Dusan

Its trash of phone plastic housing is unprotective if you broke phone you can fix it but you will miss most likley front camera and few sensors plus bottom board and your phone will charge much longer.. Overall experience is 0 is slower then Xiaomi competitors and much less ram and also battery is not so good last long enough if you use your phone like gransma also exynos and samsung are disappointing me never again i will choose samsung phone only if it have metal housing and snapdragon.. my s7 edge exynos last me longer but this is ...

Good phone

  • Jurkob1928

Francis, 08 Mar 2021I really agree with you,I don't know why others give s... moreI agree with you,just rececive last uplate to android 11 and ONE UI 3.O and now workks eveven better,camera,baterry,gaming is just fine,buy New for 300 euro.What more to sam.

  • stonie

On A 51, Galaxy Samsung phone, to buy a screen protector how do you if the phone is 5 0r 6 gb? SR# R58N61JJdm.

  • Rian

Francis, 08 Mar 2021I really agree with you,I don't know why others give s... moreApproved, this phone is awesome.. from me just a user,

The camera is just horrible

  • babak

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2021which is better a51 or a8 i just bought the a51 junk it... morei have a51 and dont have any issue. if you want something better but note 8 pro or note 9s,they are a bit faster

  • Airman

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2021Hey, just wanna ask if updating my phone to Android 11. Wil... moreI just switched to Android 11 today. The A51 phone seems to run faster and smoother than on 10.