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  • Asif

Still no android 11 update

This by far is the best Samsung phone I've used after a long time, I ditched my S10 for this cause of the extreme poor battery life on my S10 even after the android 11 update. I bought it with not much expectations but it turned out to be gold!! Great screen resolution, superb cameras same as on the S10 & the massive improvement is the battery life, I charge my phone on alternate days that too with over 30% juice left. If anyone's planning to buy the A51 just go for it & you won't regret.

  • sings

GombelX23, 03 Mar 2021A51.. I just wonder about loudspeaker output Anyone please... morei am plan to buy a 51

  • V

I bought this phone last year November 2020, well so far everything is ok except for the weak wifi connection. I'm a moba addict and my fav is ml. Ever since I bought this phone, my connection to ml is usually yellow or red. It does go to green but sometimes only. I gave my other phones to my children and whenever we play ml, i'm the only one who gets the yellow connection while my previous phones all got the green connection. My other phones are j7 prime which is 4 years old and sony x1 which is 3 years old and they're both green when it comes to playing moba games.. that sucks. I wish I could have researched a bit more about this phone but it was too late. Will buy another phone next year and hopefully, it doesn't have a weak wifi connection.

  • Nik

After the update of Android 11 One UI 3, fist few days were very good. But after that battery drains more then usual. But 1 thing the Bluetooth is always ON. Would that be the reason for that. Also I had reset my phone yesterday 02/03/2021 nut still the same.
Can anyone please guide me for this.

Thanks for the help in advance.

  • GombelX23

A51.. I just wonder about loudspeaker output
Anyone please kindly inform me
Plan to buy it

Freezing occurs regularly before and after One UI 3.0.Did factory reset twice. My one is from Switzerland. I have no intention of buying a Samsung with Exynos processor ever again.

  • Lon

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021Superb Battery Life....fingerprint sensor is very poor...ov... moreI had some issues the first day or so but I figured out it was because I didn't follow the on-screen prompts properly. Make sure you have the finger you are printing vertical with the phone for the entire process. After I followed that rule I don't have any issues with the fingerprint sensor.

  • Ethan

I'm actually not android user but I used to buy this stuffs to test the capacity of android units. However, maybe, I can recommend it someday with my genuinely and honest opinion to all the android users.

Just updated to one UI 3.

All good EXCEPT i "think" I lost the 60fps video recording? I could have sworn i could shoot 60fps. Now the only option is 30fps.
I have the Philippine version of the A51.

  • Anonymous

Sam799, 26 Feb 2021Just updated it to android 3 with February security patch.So far am satisfied and i received one ui 3.0 update,but before i install it i just want to here your feedbacks especially can i screen mirror with my tv after?

Frs009, 01 Mar 2021With Android 11 & OneUI 3.0 this A51 becomes a real bea... moreExactly!! No need to shed extra bucks for the S series, this phone is as good as the high end phones now 😊

With Android 11 & OneUI 3.0 this A51 becomes a real beast. It's so much faster, smoother & even the battery life is clearly better.

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021Superb Battery Life....fingerprint sensor is very poor...ov... moreFor me finger scanner works like a charm, 100% better than previous S10.

  • Ayush sharma

Samsung A51 is amazing device with good camera and space. It doesn't hang bcz it has 6 gb ram with updated softwares. Overall it is nice phone.

  • Anonymous

Superb Battery Life....fingerprint sensor is very poor...overall great phone.

  • troll detector

sorryIboughtSGA51, 28 Feb 2021I truly regret buying the Samsung galaxy a51 phone. It has... moreSo you have to even make your name to give the extra hatred and write fake stuff??

  • sorryIboughtSGA51

I truly regret buying the Samsung galaxy a51 phone. It has too much bloated software. It is very proprietary. Not user friendly. Buttons do not work when in an otter box. It has downloaded software that I don't want. The screen will go black, and I can't restore it. I'm returning it and taking the hit on return fees. It is just to frustrating to use. I'm looking at I-Phones.

  • Guzzi

Loudspeaker weak

  • Rimon

Not satisfied with the battery backup? Get your phone updated to OneUI 3. You'll be pleased for sure. 😍