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I had this phone for 4 months now, before this phone i had a LG G6/G5 and V20, and these are flagship devices, they don't even compare in performance as well as camera, this is a great phone given the price tag, I cannot see why people are bashing this device on this forum, even the 4GB variant is insane, it doesn't even heat up like my devices im referring to above.

Remember, this is running cortex A73 as its big cores for heavy lifting , those cores were specifically developed to maintain performance over a long period of time while gaming, watching videos etc, bottom line, i dont have complaints, its amazing.

  • Jigsaw

using this phone from last 1 month, best phone with premium look .
I wanted to know,whether I can use 18w or above charger for this phone ?

  • Rafa

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2020A51 is for youBuy anyone , but not the A51, it's a poor optimized phone

worst phone ever, good for only 1month, always keeps restarting, going in safemode, google error, keyboard error, google service error! even flashing to the latest version (binary 3), give me back my money!

  • Nik

Hi everyone it has being 10 since I bought this phone and I have a problem. This is the 1st Samsung phone where I am facing issue with battery drain at the high level. Is there any thing that I can do to reduce the battery drainage in the phone. It reduces 10% overnight even if the wifi is ON OR OFF. Also I don't use data at all. Auto sync and Location service is always OFF.

P40 Lite and A51 have the same price its ridiculous, I dont see a reason to go for A51

  • Rai Ali Haider

Saeedhu , 15 Jun 2020I bought this phone recently and it is functioning well. I ... moreI think phone is overall well but it is slightly expensive

  • subu negi

i bought this phone recently and its front camera is not good as expectation.
over all this phone is just ok.

Sk A Brothers, 15 Jun 2020When will Samsung bring the A51 8gb 256GB variant?If you've read the specs there is no 8/256gb variant

  • Rafa

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2020A51 is for youBuy anyone , but not the A51, it's a poor optimized phone

hey i found something.i put prints of FOUR fingers in one finger print slot.and all 4 of them are working.when you are registering the finger print use every finger which you may use occasionally and register up untill it reaches 100% with different fingers.
Previously I had my left thumb and right thumb in two fingerprint i have registered four finger prints in one slot and two slots are empty.cheers

  • Saeedhu

I bought this phone recently and it is functioning well. I don't use finger print and I don't play games. It is fast and I like it very much for the price. It is android 10 out of the box. This is good phone.

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Check now you will get the update.Still no updates...

  • Sk A Brothers

When will Samsung bring the A51 8gb 256GB variant?

  • Rabia

I bought this mobile few days ago.Its fingerprint sensor is very annoying. I always find error only sometimes it works. Camera is also just ok not so Impressive. I think samsung should improve its fingerprint in latest updates

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2020Im stuck between buying samsung, iphone 7 plus or nokia 7.2... morego for a51.i phone's battery is not user freindly.

Utility pappi, 10 Jun 2020Good morning guys, please I need a candid advice. I have be... morei also updated my one to one ui huge changes.but i feel like it has affected the battery I'm feeling like samsung does this intentionally to make their customers to switch to new devices over the time

Nonny, 10 Jun 2020A51 or S8 plus?S8 plus(brand new)

  • Anonymous

SpLaTT, 12 Jun 2020Still didn't get the April update, still on the February se... moreCheck now you will get the update.

  • Nasir

Logenzo5, 10 Jun 2020Hi everyone, I'm stuck with making a decision, whether to c... moreUsed Galaxy s9 definitely